Essence of Self and the Convergence

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

A powerful, mystical and path-shifting Full Moon week to all. We unite with highest intent during this passage, utilizing the Spring ceremonial energies to open all willing hearts to the truth of the Divine within. Join us live at the events below, or in the unified field on SUNday for our global mass meditations.

Yeshua on the Essence of Self

For those experiencing Embodiment, the very real sensation of losing personal identity can be challenging. This has been happening slowly over the last few years, to ease the collective into a new state of unity consciousness. Psychological fallout was always a concern, however with the energies of 2020 overriding lesser timelines, and the Embodiers shifting the global grids, we find ourselves in a new experience once more. You may have noticed that the frequencies coming in with the tri-wave influx (February, March, April) has strongly amplified the loss of identity.

As I present at conferences this month, the balancing act of becoming the Higher Self and maintaining enough of a sense of self to deliver presentations is a unique experience. I spent a few days in the desert before the Sedona Cosmic Awakening conference, fully immersed in the expansiveness of the higher self. Blissful. Then, like all of us, we switch gears and embrace the linear task of delivering service, while still maintaining the strong Divine Presence we feel in the blissful states.

The toggling between realities phase is diminishing to an ember. I truly feel my Higher levels taking over the journey, and have witnessed the higher trajectory manifesting new connections, and new co-creations in alignment with a higher level of service.

The connections made at these conferences are evidence of something brand-new unfolding. As the Higher Self takes full command of the journey, the sense of personality or self-image dissipates. And yet we still have to define ourselves to be in service; I do this in my current role in the Ascension. Divine Neutrality applies here; detached compassion of unconditional love. The process is what it is. And it is not forever.

I asked Yeshua about this phase, since he was so good at being in this world but not of it. I asked how much he identified with being who he was in the body, how much of the personality was in his awareness as he walked in his Mastery. We experience surrender to the Ascension process, but it appears there has to be some kind of identity linked to the OverSoul in order to function and serve in these lower realms.

His answer was insightful, and more energetic than words can describe here. The Embodiment experience happens in phases, which increase in intensity rather quickly. When the seamless garment of the I AM has enveloped the lower consciousness, you begin to become a pure conduit of the higher realms. The projection of self serves as an interface in these realms, and is maintained by an Essence of Self. (Interesting parallel between Essence of Self and Essene.)

It is like a transparent cloak worn with the seamless garment, to allow you to interact and be visible in these realms. This Essence of Self is a reflection of the geometry of your pure light signature, which has many fractal representations in multiple realities at once. The Essence of Self is not surrendered while you interact with the lower realms. It becomes purified, distilled like a fine perfume, to provide the pure essence of the highest intent of the creator operating through you.

Support from the April Convergence

All of the beautiful beings experiencing and embracing Embodiment will be receiving positive photonic support during the April convergence. The convergence is a unification of Crystalline Grid, New Earth Gates, and the ancient structures beneath the surface, sometimes called the Inner Earth grids. This is why our Sedona event is named the *Crystalline Convergence* – this activation is launching as we gather, which is quite exciting.

These unification codes flow through our DNA, creating a new level of geometric and vibrational precision which purifies this Essence of Self. As with all of these powerful phases of Ascension, the sooner you embrace the unknown, the mystical sensations, the higher multidimensional perspective, the sooner the higher levels can provide your Divine trajectory. Everything accelerates – again.

In my experience, this overlay or Essence of Self is felt like crystalline stardust in my field. It is not the past self, it is not the future self, it is the experience of zero point, the true Now self stepping forth. More unknown territory, and yet familiar – I feel the Higher Self stronger than ever. As always, we receive, integrate, and follow the highest trajectory of Ascension. How wonderful to perceive the experience and embody the experience at once.

Exploring Mastery: Tuesday, April 30th at 5pm PDT

A significant connection was made during the Cosmic Awakening conference last week. Dr. Glen Rein, DNA researcher, was present at the event. Giselle Koy, the co-host of our upcoming DNA event, Dr. Rein and I met the next day and spent quality time in glow-ray-us conversation about DNA activation, starseed DNA and the mechanics of 12 stand DNA. He is the first scientist I have spoken with that was open to hearing the galactic intel on DNA and we found remarkable parallels in our work.

Our monthly Zoom call next Tuesday will address the very fascinating conversation that I had with Dr. Rein about DNA. It is wonderful to bridge these worlds between science and the Galactic Intel, and hopefully provide evidentiary support for the crystalline DNA structure. $33. Access to this event as well as previous Mastery call replays is available HERE.

Crystalline Convergence: Saturday April 27, 10am – 4pm

The energy is building as the High-Vibe Tribe unifies in Sedona! We have 20 seats left for our annual gathering next week. This includes the presentations, organic lunch on site, photos, Abundance gift bags and our gate activation and Unity meditation on SUNday on the red rocks. The community board (access with ticket purchase) is buzzing with side trips, house shares and connections. We are coming from all over the world – take advantage of this opportunity to make those new connections! Please reserve your seat HERE.

I wish you all a radiant week of transformational expansion! See you on SUnday for our Unity Meditations; invite everyone to participate for a powerful Easter-boosted unification. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

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