Eclipse Window is OPEN: Transformation of Unified Hearts

Blessings Beloveds ~

Gratitude to all supporting the organic Stargate and Crystalline Grid amplification during this transformational eclipse window. The Eclipses in October provide clarity on the choices and creations we made through the Light level jumps this year. Deep revelation of our own creations, as well as the unified ability to shift realms, energies, and trajectories faster than ever before.

Annular (Ring of Fire) Solar Eclipse: Saturday October 14 at 11AM PDT.

Here is a map of the Saturday eclipse path for focus. It is a tight two-week window between these eclipses. The second arrives on Saturday October 28, a Lunar Eclipse at 1:14PM PDT.

These eclipses have a deep connection to the April 2024 USA eclipse; make it count. ⁠A passage to hold the organic Stargate pathways and Crystalline Grids open for New Light. This massive wave of consciousness-expanding, heart-opening, realm-shifting New Light amplifies with great intensity; use it wisely.

Keep this in heart as distractions present; remember our focus amplifies our reality choice. Higher levels of LoveLight and I AM Presence flow through open conduits; this is a moment for Infinite Hearts, Crystalline DNA, and ascending Creator beings to hold the Unity field in purity and grace.
 Wayshow the focus: You may be guided to step away from social media and busy-ness during this window.

The intensity described in last weekend’s PRESENCE event is clear as the energies amplify. This is a Mastery Gift to all ascending souls holding the frequency of Unity/Kryst Consciousness. The LoveLight signature of the Solar Cosmic Kryst and Infinite Kryst Heart accelerate the Cosmic rays, plasma, and harmonics flooding our Solar system in this Now. The New Light seeks open conduits, through vibrational match, and raises the realm-choice, choice-point nature of these organic alignments (Equinox, Eclipses, Solstice.)

Infinite Hearts create higher trajectories each moment. Watch for higher choices as these eclipses unfold. Of course this isn’t about waiting for the external to reveal inner change. We are in realm division; ascending Souls must learn to create and generate the new consciousness in any circumstance. This emanation of the higher realms comes right through us in action, thought, word, feeling, and creation.

Like vibrations unify, and higher possibilities unfold right through our unified creation. Source shines through recalibrated hearts to produce new realities, and lift us out of duality/density into the radically new experience of the higher realms. This activity receives accelerated support – especially through Solstice – empowering a new way of walking in these realms and beyond.

Eclipses make personal and collective choice points/realm choice very clear. For many, this is another amplification of dissolving the old self, and dismantling the personal separation experience. As always, we keep our focus on consistent infusions of peace, harmony, compassion, LoveLight Intelligence and Ascension. Holding the New Realm consciousness and Crystalline Unity state is BEing in service as that frequency each moment.

Note the totality path over the Master Crystal veins in North & South America.⁠ Freedom codes and Ascension harmonics are activated. A perfect moment to be on duty, dear Gate and Gridkeepers. Get yourself and your Crystals outside, on/in the ground, ready to amplify this Light infusion on behalf of all. Map and eclipse viewing details HERE.

Unity in all moments; unify with Gaia, nature, meditation, movement, positive creativity, unity meditations … hold and apply the higher Light in thought, word, feeling, action, and creation.

Distractions, dismantling, and revelations are what they are; practice not choosing sides with these external projections. Apply Unity Consciousness to the collective realm shift; bathe the entire planet and all of her life in the Cosmic Light. More on this passage in the October PRESENCE event replay.

SUNday Unity Meditations – Mother Plasma & DNA

With the activation of Mother Plasma during the Equinox, new possibilities for collective DNA repair and activation are present in the field. Use pure heart intent during our meditations together (the first two sessions are quite potent), and hold the Kryst field with integrity, peace and compassion. Access the Convergence replays for details on the return of Mother Plasma.

Join thousands in the field of Unified Crystalline Hearts for our seven-year-strong Global SUNday Unity Meditations at 5AM, 8AM & 11AM PDT. Amplify Peace, Heart Intelligence, responsible Creation, and Ascension.

I AM sending Infinite LoveLight and support for a deeply transformative Eclipse window. Create your journey well, beloveds.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,



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Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.