Eclipse Energy Shift, Unified Sensations

Blessings Beloveds ~

The second eclipse in this window is upon us; a Lunar Eclipse on Saturday October 28 at 1:14PM PDT
⁠/ 20:14 UTC. Time converter and viewing link at the end of this article.

Dissolving the old self has been quite potent in this consistent influx of Photonic order: Divine Will sorting out the realities, and dissolving all support for the old realms. Eclipses make our choice points very clear.

As always, your focus, feeling, thoughts and actions strengthen which reality you experience. Mother Plasma waves are amplifying the higher realms, without the uncomplementary aspects we have discarded over the last few weeks. Narratives shift quickly as revelation, resolution, and resurrection dynamics are fully empowered.

The Infinite Heart and Star Presence focus/activations are revealing their purpose during this passage. They provide support and stability for our personal fields, and create a new vibrational platform for the I AM Presence as the template for the old Self dissolves. The Lightbody becomes more refined, which allows it to receive and transmit higher frequencies.

For those holding the vibrational integrity of the Unity field, the Infinite Heart provides deep wisdom as we hold the qualities of Infinite peace, compassion, and grace on behalf of all. Gratitude to all who have been holding the field and highest outcomes during this intense eclipse window. Your focus and intentions are witnessed.

The dramatically higher vibration of Mother Plasma may increase the lifting, dissolving, and whirling sensations due to activating a faster spin rate within. These faster-than-the speed-of-thought frequencies directly affect the pineal-pituitary relationship, which in turn affects our inner ear, and personal magnetics, causing vertigo-type sensations. You may have noticed shifting or movement sensations within the brain or skull. Sometimes the breath quiets or stills. It feels like departure, because it is a departure from the old existence.

This New Light/plasma may cause dizziness as our bodies respond to the commands of an activated Infinite Heart Center. Magnetics are consistently changing within Gaia, the Stargates, and our own hearts. Reconnection to the Cosmic flows can be disorienting; be sure to follow your Ascension practices, maintain focus on the Divine, and hold gratitude and appreciation for this remarkable process.

Stay centered in Zero Point Divine Neutrality, in order to make compassionate, unity-based choices from a Source-informed perspective. Grounding in nature, rest, hydration, gentle yoga and meditation assist with balance and vertigo sensations.

November: Energetic support for new creations.

Creative GO windows open up in November. If you have felt resistant to linear action, or tentative about new creations, the energies in November grant us an opportunity to express the New Self in new ways.

This is a welcome wave of creative action next month, after a good deal of realm-choice decisions on the inner planes since Equinox. Light-ground your intentions and ideas with the eclipse this weekend; we have a strong six months ahead (through the April 2024 Great Solar eclipse).

SUNday Unity Meditations: Creating Unity and Peace

Now more than ever: Unify with us in the amplification of Peace and Ascension. Join thousands in the field of Unified Crystalline Hearts for our seven-year-strong Global SUNday Unity Meditations at 5AM, 8AM & 11AM PDT. Amplify Peace, Heart Intelligence, responsible Creation, and Ascension.

I AM sending Infinite LoveLight and support for a deeply transformative Eclipse weekend. Create your journey well, beloveds. Eclipse time converter and Global viewing details HERE.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,


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