Resolving Conflict: Mastery Evaluation and Practice

Blessings Beloveds ~

Every time the external reveals amplified distortion or polarity, the guidance for resolving conflict within steps forth. A lot has been said on the topic of war, polarity, dismantling, and its causes. Avoid virtue-signaling, choosing sides, galactic blame games or fire-drill remedies. It is a passage for changing our reaction to inorganic stimuli, in order to diffuse unnecessary suffering.

Creating consistent peace, and taking action from compassion and Divine Neutrality requires practice. We seek understanding and peaceful solutions which benefit all, and that requires patience, careful consideration of outcomes, and communicating from heart-based perspective. Seize this now moment as the energies intensify to resolve and release any distortions or conflict within. Every willing heart is capable of radical change as the veils drop.

Remember the actions, thoughts, feelings, and creations of an embodied I AM Presence and Infinite Kryst Heart have more influence on collective outcomes as the realms divide. Use your Heart and Presence wisely to create ease and grace as the Ascension frequencies intensify.

Support for Resolving Conflict and Gaining Clarity

Gift from the LightLetter this week: Here is a new Mastery Evaluation in PDF form, including journal prompts for clarity, core intent, and resolving conflict or distortion within.


Text version for the PDF download-challenged:

In our Mastery, we take inventory along our journey to resolve what was previously created, and consciously make higher choices.

Everything we do affects the whole, in stronger ways, as the frequency and light level rises in these realms. Unity Consciousness is a radically different system of creation: it unifies higher vibrational choices and amplifies them.

Meditate on these questions. The mind may have memorized responses. Let the truth of this Now moment arise from the Heart.

Journal your responses to light-ground them into these realities. Witnessing your written answers is a powerful practice.

Cosmic Perspective: Be honest with Source as your primary authority.

All responses, feelings, and insights are okay. The willingness to evaluate your journey is key. Detach from worthiness and perfectionism; don’t reject what you have created. Mastery requires consistent refinement and practice until the Source flow is restored within.

NOTE: This is a simplified version of an exercise from the Mastery Intensive course. For Ascension studies, visit

Gather paper, pen, and a quiet moment.

Open the Crystalline Stargate of the Heart, open your Ascension Column, and expand your Infinite Kryst fields.

Decree:  Almighty I AM Presence, reveal my choices, intentions and trajectories in order to resolve any old, outdated, or uncomplementary creations, beliefs, thought forms, egoic constructs, fears, or emotions. Provide clarity as I evaluate my journey in this Now.

Proper Use of Life Force

Am I holding, or am I currently creating, any disharmony, conflict, judgment, or discord in these areas:

Physical Body:

Mind/Thought Forms:

Ego/Fear-based Survival:

 and Feeling states:

Relationships: Past or present monads, family, friends, coworkers, Soul groups, community:

Service: Employment, Creations, 
Thoughts, Words, Actions, Feelings

Habits and behaviors

Any unhealthy/uncomplementary habits or behaviors that need resolution?

How often do I pause to accurately feel my emotions and resolve any distortions, imbalance or conflict within?

How resilient is my nervous system? Do I freeze, disregulate, or recycle coping mechanisms that no longer serve? How quickly do I come back into balance when events or energies change?

How may I clear, release or upgrade my physical space, activities, and practices to support a new expression?

Temple of the Crystalline Heart

How does Source/God/Infinite Creator feel in the temple of my heart?

Am I willing to expand my heart to its full radiance? Any resistance?

Can I release the cause, core distortion, record, effect, and memory of outdated creations to open the Crystalline Stargate of the Heart for Source?

How easily do I qualify the Light, transform with the Light, open and feel my Heart center as a Divine flow?

Core Intention Check-in:

What is my core intention of my Ascension; why I AM pursuing Ascension and Mastery:

To Become:
To Experience:
To Assist:
To Create:
To Serve:

How does it feel in my heart, can I sense it there?
Sense short term outcome, long term outcome, collective outcome, Gaia outcome, cosmic outcome of my intention and pursuit of Ascension.

Is it based on a present experience or a future outcome? Both?

What experiences are between this Now moment and that outcome?

What needs to happen Now to energize these creations and experiences?

What actions will I take in this Now to heal, resolve, and embrace my organic Ascension, in order to support and assist the Global collective?

Thank you for using these private prompts to support Global resolution through your own journey.

SUNday Unity Meditations: Clocks go back this weekend

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I AM sending Infinite LoveLight to all during these realm-shifting challenges. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,







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