Creative Coalescence and The Power of Intention

Collective consciousness, collective action?

Throughout history there have been eras of creative coalescence, when the collective consciousness focuses on a certain topic. Recently we have seen a surge of books, films, and conversations about the power of intention, and I wonder why this is occurring right now.

The more research I do for my next novel, the more synchronicities I encounter when it comes to power of intention. I wrote The Creator State around the same time the authors of The Field, The Secret, and What the Bleep do we know? were creating their books and films. In the pre-publication days (the original copyright for The Creator State was in 2001), I blocked out any influence from other sources and kept myself in writing mode. Since the release of these works and my own, a flood of creative material, studies, and groups dedicated to the subject matter of the power of thought have emerged. Besides the goosebumps it gives me to be connected to this body of work, what does this mean to the creative collective mind?

The Creator State explores coalescence in the Unified Field as it relates to art: the characters in the story discover that their experiences are actually a widespread phenomenon. My book toys with what might happen if artists conducted an experiment to shift world thought to a more peaceful existence. They enter a state of consciousness that can be attained when a performer “gives in” to the natural creative state of consciousness, where doubt is eliminated and the pure creative force is engaged. This coalescence of thought intention is “magnified” in the book by the power of artists to enter the same mindset as whatever force creates our reality. They conduct an experiment to see if they can affect the collective mind. I won’t spoil the outcome here, so you may discover the story for yourself.

Writing a book of this nature at the same time others were creating similar works is more than coincidental, knowing what quantum physics has revealed about the Unified Field. Since the book came out in 2008, I have been introduced to many different groups who conduct actual experiments in the power of thought. When I first heard about these groups, I was shocked speechless (this does not occur often). Members of the global organizations I belong to voiced the same enthusiasm for the collective creative soul of the population. Some physicist friends claim that they too experience the “creator state” in their work. I am sure we all have felt this phenomenon in some way. But is there some kind of heightened creative activity occurring?

Global shifts in consciousness

A woman who is reading my novel wrote me to say that she “saw something regarding the dissemination of sacred information in the collective unconscious: First the mystics receive the sacred information, then the artists receive the sacred information, then the scientists, and lastly the politicians.”

I think that creative activity strengthens the union between our reality and the universal mind, opening us to receive “sacred information” or the wisdom of the universe floating around in the Field. That ease of connection is explored in my novel’s proposal of using the “creator state” to change a population’s consciousness. The application of the power of intention in The Creator State unites creating a work of art and creating a new reality. The Secret explores improving your personal life. Eckhardt Tolle teaches the presence of deep connection in his work. But regardless of the core idea’s expression, this coalescence around the power of intention may be a step in our evolution.

Changes in our worldwide structure are being forced to the top of the agenda, due to our actions in the past and current abuse of our planet. Perhaps for the first time in history we can perceive these small evolutionary shifts taking place. These shifts are viewed with clarity, unlike our ancestors who were victims of their circumstances. We now have the ability to control the outcome. Our challenge is to keep up with the changes or witness our own extinction. We must adapt or die. We see the environmental damage and can choose to stop it, repair it, make it better, make a change. We see our educational system failing to deal with the changes in our children; we must stop labeling our offspring with disorders and realize they have different gifts. We must change our schools to meet their new needs. Our technological enhancements are growing at a furious rate, powered by the collective knowledge of generations. We need to shift the purpose of our financial systems from profit-based ego to worldwide unification. The old school of greed disregards the collective, and we must kill it off before it drags the majority of our society into the abyss of its inevitable extinction.

First steps on the new shore

There is a fast-growing population who are aware of these changes. This conscious population serves the world through their collective intention to gain higher ground above the destructive behavior of the systems in place. They have learned not to judge, not to blindly obey, and to question everything. They refuse to be brainwashed by the old marketing system; an old and complex system of selfishness, advertising, and manipulation which keeps people wanting things they don’t need; it keeps people dissatisfied with their looks, lifestyles, lovers, possessions, clothes, cars, homes and ultimately, themselves. This traps the general population in a stasis of disenchantment, so the system can sell more whatever. But we are now witnessing the extinction of the old chaos, the gradual end to the era of a mind-numbing politic. The conscious population is getting a foothold, and the creative collective is delivering the message all around us .

The surge of creations surrounding the power of intention may be a step among many small steps in our evolution. The collective consciousness is crawling out of the sea of chaos, leading many onto a new shore. It may take lifetimes to be able to breathe freely on this new beach of promise, but at this moment I know the first tracks have been made; the change has begun.