Creating Peace: Beyond the Ordinary Replay

Blessings Beloveds ~

I had a beautiful conversation with John Burgos, which may serve a salve for those desiring re-centering during this veil-lifting phase. The Beyond the Ordinary video replay is below. A true re-hearting of focus and following the inner guidance to prepare, align and pay attention to personal and collective highest outcomes.

The December influx will be profound for our Ascension process. Besides the visible palpable energetic shifts in the SUN, magnetics and Gaia, this affects our perception of reality. Revelation of what we have created, are creating, and will create come to the forefront of our experience. For those focused on the Ascension, the revelation of our True Heart, I AM Presence, and intentions for our experience become physicalized. A pure experience of the Crystalline embodiment. Crystalline states are already increasing, overwhelming, purifying our perception.

Video replay of this week’s Heart-Based conversation on Ascension, the Solar Flash, Divine bliss states, the December shifts and more.


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