Aligning with the 2020 Energies: Detox, Align, Prepare

Blessings Beloveds ~

[Note: This series of articles are from the Aligning with the 2020 Energies Ebook.]

Here we glow! The energies are thrusting us into the next level of Embodiment, where our Higher Selves merge in constant communion with the lower awareness in physicality.

Embodiment of the Christed state is a radically different state of consciousness; a brand new way of operating in these realms.

Crystalline DNA reconnects strands/fields/layers and directs the body to reflect the intentional, requested, activated experience in the Now. We work with quantum dynamics, calling the future Ascended Self to merge with the physical vessel.

The body and lower consciousness need your full support to transform into your desired outcome. We refine our process and prepare to receive. Here are a few tools for fine-tuning the brightest experience: Use your discernment for your own abilities, health and consciousness.

Physical Detoxification Now: Get the cells open and clear to receive more Light. Metal/Liver cleanses, green juice cleanse, etc. You will FEEL the difference.

Three Day Water Fast: Three days of pure, intention-activated water only (no food or juice). The classic way to reset your cells, DNA and Lightbody. Use your discernment; start with one day a week if you are new to this. Work up to once a month. It conditions and balances the body to accept the higher awareness and open the Heart field.

Emotional Detox: Embodiment requires shedding doubts, fears and the past. After years of clearing, we are prepared for Freedom. Higher light means refinement of our consciousness. Notice the higher bliss and higher clearing happening at once. Balance is required, take time to acknowledge and release, moment to moment.

Mental Detox: Unity Consciousness entails connection to everything. You feel, see, and hear more information. How you deal with it is your level of Christed Consciousness. As your Multidimensional Self becomes your conscious reality, you choose what to focus on. Direct your thought patterns to the desired outcome. Peaceful, unifying practices rather than scattered focus. Whenever you become
distracted by the distortion, pause and redirect to your preferred reality.

Space Detox: Time to tidy up, simplify and clear your space. Get rid of the old; demonstrate your willingness to make space for the New. Many are moving again; follow the guidance to be where you are needed, and open for new creations.

Crystal Clearing: Crystals and supportive sacred tools need to be cleared and opened for New Light. Do this Now.

De-stress: Meditation, yoga, music, light language, exercise, swimming, dance, flowing movement, creative play, quiet time, unity meditations, communing with our Higher Levels, be in nature where the activations are easier to receive.

We amplify the peace within to balance the effects of the external scramble. Higher frequencies are a literal higher vibration; they shake things loose from the collective density. That activity is there, but it need not be your dominant reality. Fan the Sacred fire within by staying calm, free, balanced and open to the higher reality.

Quality sleep: Getting good sleep right now is important. These are deep integration days of very high frequencies. Honor it. Dreamstate is busy with clearing. Rest often.

Hydration: Water is a sacred tool for delivering frequencies. Our DNA swims in it, our cells receive information through it. Drink plenty of pure, activated (blessed, structured, intentional) water. Plasma influxes dehydrate us; use water as medicine.

Meditation: Our DNA is receiving a new level of consciousness, which affects the physical. The crystalline structures begin to hold higher levels of light intelligence (purer information) to support the merge of the Higher and lower self. Meditation provides conscious integration of the merge, opening us the the expansiveness within. Pineal activations will increase. The Crystalline realities will be in your visions, consistently. Meditate to clarify that 2020 vision! Join the Global SUNday Unity Meditations.

Intention Alarm: Having trouble staying on point? Reset your intentions four times a day with a gentle chime alarm on your phone, labeled INTENTION. Pause, breathe, balance, hands on the heart, center yourself. State your highest intention, realign, reset the energies for your path, and move forward with creating the highest outcome.

Transparency/Disclosure Detox: The more honest and authentic you can be about your own journey, the sooner the external will reflect that reality. Many are courageous enough to share their truth with an open heart, and this is creating widespread disclosure timelines to unfold. The Ascension Tribe focuses on Spiritual Disclosure as the highest revelation, because it changes everything. Disclose with peace, forgiveness and highest interests of all concerned.

Language Detox: Speak your Mastery. Our communications (spoken, written, thoughts) create a vibrational match with your light signature when we speak as the Higher Self. Compassion, Love, Divine Neutrality, authenticity, unique solutions.

This is important as we enter a new light level amplifying free will choices. Your words are powerful reflections of your choice of reality. If your conscious choice is the Ascended experience:
– Do not create distortion, duality, separation or judgment with your words
– Avoid self-depreciating language; honor yourself and others with supportive words
– Catch yourself in negative language habits, and shift/flip the language in the moment
– Be transparent with dualistic friends; let them know that you are changing the way you speak about the world and others. Encourage them to do the same.
– Gently stop the conversation when it goes low-vibe. Don’t speak ill of others, especially if they are not present.
– Become a Heart-based communication pro: Shift the topic, pay a compliment, offer supportive solutions rather than low-vibe complaints.
– Use the SO IT IS. Say this after everything you speak, think, feel or do to become aware of what you are creating – or supporting.
– Mastery Invocations/Decrees override lesser communication. Use them to retrain your words, thoughts and Heart.
– Drop the blamethrower. Take responsibility for this realm, it is a co-creation. Move out of blame and into creative solutions. Deny access to the waiting game.

Special Note on the Language Detox: Many Lightworkers have been coerced into fueling lower realities of doom, fear, suspicion, negative agendas and slow-crawl Ascension through their communication and focus on what is wrong (a negative program which is losing steam; let’s dissolve it). Some speak ill of other Lightworkers (another negative habit; let’s dissolve it). We can all do better. Make the shift – override the fear – and focus on the Truth of Love, peace, and open-hearted, solution-based observation rather than judgment – of anyone. Offer positive solutions and notice the changes in your lifestream.

Expressing an open Heart is scary to most; face that fear. Your thoughts, words and actions express your chosen timeline reality. As our Mastery anchors in, we (literally) cannot create distortion. Practice that skill Now.

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