Abundance-Share Program

Blessings Beloved ~

Here is a new way to share the comprehensive, activating and heart-based online courses you love, and manifest some abundance to support your journey!

Resonance Requirements and Agreement

Abundance Share Program participants must meet the following guidelines:

– Participated in  Ascension Path, Wayshower Empowerment or Crystalline DNA Mastery class
– Have a group, website, email list, shop, center or social media platform from which to share your special coupon code
– Have an active PayPal account to receive referral payments

Provided by Sandra:

A unique-to-you $111 off coupon code that your referrals will use at checkout
$50 to you for every completed purchase that utilized your code
– Abundance payment made to you via Paypal, paid on the first of each month with a referral code report
– Coupon codes are valid through the end of 2020
– Maintenance of participants while enrolled in the class

Provided by You:

– Completed Abundance Share application (questions below) sent via email to Sandra
– Graphics, text or links for your posts. Be creative! Images, descriptions, testimonials and links can be taken from the class site to be used for this referral program

All purchase Terms & Conditions apply:

– No refunds
– One year of access from purchase
– Classes do not include private sessions or counseling from Sandra
– Coupon codes can only be used on full-priced classes, not combined with other offers
– This program is not intended for single-use discounts

Classes applicable to the Abundance-Share Program:


Sandra’s signature training class in Ascension and Self-Realization. This complete step-by-step guidance of the Ascension process. $444 for a full year of access.


This class is for New Paradigm service creators, to help you discover your unique skills and stay in alignment with your highest expression. Loaded with tools to co-create the new as a core value. $333 for a full year of access.


An in-depth Mastery class in Crystalline DNA 144-strand activation.
A complete training: How it works, how to do it, and why. $333 for a full year of access.

Abundance-Share program Application:

Copy and paste these questions and send via the contact form (or reply to the Newsletter email).

Which of Sandra’s classes have you taken:
Website address or Social Media platform link:
Offline Group, Shop or Center:
Paypal email address:
Agree to the program terms and conditions:

Once you are approved, your welcome email and coupon code will be sent!

In Love, Light and Service,