September Gateway: Awareness into Alignment

A powerful energetic wave arrived early last evening. This new light produces the heart of Source sensation, In this vast stillness, support for multidimensional alignment – beyond multidimensional awareness – is provided for this revelation gateway. Pure light frequencies attune our perception once again, and attempt to upgrade the physical vessel to accommodate alignment up to 12D.

What makes this light this wave unique?

The revelation energies, which have been entering since last June, show us our New Self. They assist in attuning individual perception to its unique purpose, mission, and service to the new light. The ability to abandon what was will continue to be a key factor in whether you are successful engaging with a brand new reality, which already exists.

The Divine HUman genome has the ability to interpret vast amounts of information and witness several dimensions at once. You are provided with opportunities for clarity via this new light. This clarity comes in the form of personal revelation, where divine aspects of one’s expression come to the forefront and present themselves for acceptance or rejection. If the individual is ready and willing to participate with Christed timelines, these aspects will assist in embodying the New Self.

Humanity is moving forward at an accelerated rate. While this may not be apparent to those focused on external validation, the internal mechanism of the Shift in consciousness is amplifying at incredible speed. It is extremely helpful for your personal journey as well as the collective experience to fully to accept the revelations in the now, and deactivate the old timelines which the unawakened (and those of lower interests) continue to use as a basis for reality. They will dissolve quickly the more the high-vibe tribe actively engages with the higher vibrational experience.

True Divine HUman DNA

The Divine HUman genome carries the ability to perceive and create in multiple dimensions at once. This is what makes this passage so fascinating: HUmanity has co-created with Gaia the experience of a third and fifth dimensional planet simultaneously. As the shift unfolds, they won’t be capable of coexisting, because the higher vibrational collective and the effects of photonic light on Gaia will command autonomy simply by drastic increases in their vibrational rate.

The new light entering at this time assists in revealing the personal, unique transformation which lies ahead for many of you. It assists with precognitive function, in a multidimensional way; you perceive possibilities and choose wisely what serves your intentions. This gateway directly affects your DNA; consciously call in and forth the new DNA available if you choose to embody these new strands. When you see elevated electron counts and Solar activity, these indicate massive plasma-based influxes of new evolutionary material. Trust the Solar light to deliver what is appropriate for our journey. The New is being delivered with these gateways and waves of light on our behalf. Gaia, HUmanity, the kingdoms and elementals are being held in a benevolent, divine space for all of this to unfold. As always, it is up to you and your level of consciousness to command into your creation what you desire.

The Creative Flow

Many of you have been receiving numerous creative ideas and intuitions because of the stimulation of the Solar Heart center, telepathic communication centers, and the pineal-pituitary complex. Your ability to receive information from the higher realms is increasing, and the grounded expression’s natural impulse is to put it into action. While it may not be possible to act upon all of these creative ideas while the linear reality is still running, please realize your multidimensional self is always creating on many levels.

Many who have cleared the lower levels are no longer running on a subconscious creation of reality – the old 3D way of recreating your experience based on habits, beliefs, and emotions. Your thought forms and creative impulses are now of a multidimensional nature and will continue to expand. It may be frustrating to receive all of this creative information and not be able to act upon it in your denser reality. Ground these ideas in very simple ways; a word, a picture, or share them with others in conversation. The multidimensional aspect of these ideas creates them in parallel or higher realities, often in more complex ways than we are capable of here. It is like gateway work – crystals and symbols placed on the ground become vast geometries and crystalline structures in the higher realms. We build bridges with these creations, and the more the merrier.

When you receive a creative intuition which feels in alignment with your New Self – aligning with where you are going with your new expression – it is an intuition to act on. Even your actions are going to feel different, because your body is going through massive recalibrations during this passage. It may be slow progress; it seems the tools are manifesting for activities down-the-line. Let the intentions rest during gateways. Your focus should absolutely be on the presence of the new light, on being in the now, and leaving the do-ing of the past.

Refocusing on the Solar System

As your multidimensional operating systems expand and your perception attunes to experiencing multiple dimensions at once, please remember your service to Gaia, HUmanity, the kingdoms and elementals right here in our local Solar system. As your level of consciousness expands to include awareness of other planets, galaxies, and star systems, billions of light particles of data flood the brain with new information that it could not interpret or comprehend in the past. Now that you are regaining the ability to interpret these particles of light, which contain information on who you are and what you are up to in other dimensions, it is important to align your focus on this journey and the Shift in consciousness. You utilize your other multidimensional aspects right here.

The new HUman, the True Self now begins to express as the presence of Source through these planetary matrixes. After experiencing amnesia for so long, after so much separation, it is easy to get lost in your multidimensional aspects off-planet, especially as things get more tumultuous energetically and physically for your expression on Gaia. While experiencing other dimensions may be fascinating, it is the through-line, the conduit you are becoming which will hold the strongest influence on the ascension of HUmanity. Always ask for information which applies to the journey right here – to the return of peace, harmony and Divine Love to this civilization. It may be tempting to escape to the higher realms as you experience more of your True Self, however the Mastery challenge here is one of unification. Escapism has its purpose in some journeys, and it is easy for the ego, mind and emotions to convince the body consciousness that is unsafe in this realm. The belief that Ascension or the Shift is unsafe in any way is absolutely untrue, and you will need to comfort your body vehicle as the planetary reality expands with the new light influxes.

The Return of the Christed You

This wave of revelation will further amplify distortion and disharmony, on our behalf as Divine Will and Divine Love. It also amplifies Christ consciousness and the realization that the New Paradigm, the New Earth, the new reality is already created and anchored here. Patience and highest intentions, beloveds. This is not a space for wavering or contracting. Every time the external presents something challenging to the body or the old consciousness of your old self, hold your heart, breathe and consciously command forth the True Self, the Christed Self and Pure Source Light Intelligence.

It is miraculous. You are miraculous. It is a brand new experience and I honor your courage and commitment to this journey. I know it takes a lot of work. Adjust your days, intake, activities as needed – be true to the intuitive guidance. Try not to default to what-always-worked-before. Many are catching on to the akashic deletion of what does not serve any longer. That has been going on for years and will get stronger, let it go. We can align with our New Self and Ascend, or attempt to refabricate the past until the energies wipe out that possibility. Some will embrace the challenges, and other souls may decide to leave during this passage. There is absolutely no judgment on what an Oversoul’s choices are during this time of revelation. Attune your perception to your highest truth and stay flexible as higher states of consciousness and expansion occur during this gateway.

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