Second Amplification Nearing Completion

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The second amplification wave of 2016 completes on April 20. As mentioned before, that will be the end of cave time for many Wayshowers and first embodiers. Take advantage of the next two weeks. Enjoy the deep reconstruction of the Resurrection phase. Do the inner work that has presented with this latest amplification; photonic frequencies always raise what needs to be removed in order to ascend your consciousness. Surrendering to Divine Will and the work, the new, the next, with an open heart  is necessary for embodiment. Yes, the visions, experiences and sensations are getting other-worldy. Enjoy the lifting of the veils; let yourself bathe in the experience, it only happens in this way here on Gaia.

Some Intel worth Repeating

Many have asked about darkness and the apparent chaos unfolding. Goodness there has been enough intel for the past few years saying this was going to happen – and that it has nothing to do with the higher reality. Watch the puppet show if you want to be entangled with that program, however much is going to shift this year as the collective chooses the new, the next. Understand that from the embodiers perspective, we see that is just the old shadow of 3D playing out – and has nothing to do with what we are accomplishing with unity consciousness. Let folks play out their games, and anchor yourself to the higher Ascension timeline. Now.

Many will Transition

Gatekeepers saw many transitioning this year, and that is unfolding each week. It is what it is, Beloveds. There is no judgment on whether your body can handle the light. It is a Solar consciousness embodiment and that means the heart center is especially vulnerable. This is why we spent so much time preparing, clearing, training ourselves to interface with our bodies and calm it when the light gets stimulating. Parent your body vehicle, talk it through the weirdness when the uber-blasts take hold of it.

The vibration is not going to step down. Bizarre (and often uncomfortable) symptoms are what they are; be present with the changes and never ignore an intuitive or body-motivated push to rest, move, anchor, or change your path completely. You know what is occurring. Be in your spiritual maturity and Mastery with this part of the journey, Beloveds. No force is out to get you, it is just the intensity of Divine Love. And for many, true Divine Love is an unfamiliar sensation. True Divine Love is not blissy, spun-out, ungrounded stuff. It has a mission, and in our service to the Ascension, we are becoming conduits of this pure light.

Our bodies and consciousness are revealing alignment or misalignment in each moment. For some, the body is not willing to go the full route. It is not an easy ride. Many will drop body this year, we have already revealed that. Pay attention to the highest possibilities, honor your brothers and siSTARs who have chosen to dis-incarnate and let the rest be.

Excerpts from The Intensity of Divine Love

We have included parts of a message from 2014 (in italics below) as a gentle reminder of what is unfolding. You are learning what pure Love truly feels like, and what is does to lower vibrations. Photonic light dissolves lower vibrations, and we see that occurring on the planet right now. If you focus on the lower vibe dissolvement, you will be sucked into its demise. As your vibration rises, all of your focus goes to the higher light. By staying in the heart and not getting sucked into worry, drama, judgment, or the past, you automatically join the millions actively co-creating a higher reality, which burns off the lower vibrations more rapidly. Hear this, learn this: Put all of your focus on bringing in, creating, and embodying the Christ/Unity consciousness and the lower reality will burn away more quickly. Parent your thoughts and your process with patience, compassionate detachment and grace.

Get out on Gaia often where the codes are flowing freely through the newly activated Solar grids and HUman heart grid. The only block between you and those activations/leveling up is your Lower consciousness. We are making the Christed state available to everyone, however it is your individual conscious choice to do the work and embody the New Light. That is the free will principle in action; no more control, no more manipulation of your personal journey – it has to be your choice to experience the old paradigm, as well as the new one.

Some asked about feeling stuck or held back; that is simply cave time. I had a beautiful Gatekeeper experience yesterday as thick clouds miraculously cleared in a giant open circle around the Gate on the mountain. All is well. Nothing blocks a pure conduit. Remember the So it is principle; Magnetics are heightened, so may I suggest focusing on raising the Christed light rather than fighting darkness.

The Intensity IS Divine Love

While the ascending collective has a responsibility to receive, anchor and engage with these new light frequencies, the physical sensations can become intense and sometimes distracting. If you have been following this journey for a while, you know that the consistent message is *the energies will not be slowing down*. Rather, they will be steadily increasing to raise the vibration of our current collective reality and assist ascension initiates in profound ways. Gridworkers may feel like they are on a bumpy plane ride as we assist in magnetic balancing; Gatekeepers may have the elevator-rushing-to-the-top-floor sensation as we merge with our Higher Teams in conduit work. Masters, we are leveling up faster than ever. Try not to overthink the new intuition; it feels different as our perception aligns with the New Higher Self. Be a conduit, loosen up the mind and align with the heart.

When we serve as reflections of the higher realms of consciousness by sending them Divine Love, Divine Light, and request Divine Will be done, we serve as conduits for Divine Intervention. We utilize free will principles by sending Divine intent to Source, our I AM Presence, Higher Self, and divine aspects. When we send this Lovelight to our higher levels, we grant permission for our prearranged ascension contracts to fully activate. It is our active participation in becoming true creators – Divine HUmans – which calls forth the accelerations of the Shift in consciousness. As more of us step into this alchemical mastery, the more intense the clearing of the old shadows of the past paradigm becomes.

The intention of these current energies is to reveal what is true in the new light, to activate dormant areas of the brain, new DNA, higher communication systems and the multidimensional operating systems to support them. It is fascinating to experience what used to be theory and predictions. The ascension process is accelerating exponentially now. It continues to be unique as our true self merges with the physical self. For me, there is a keen awareness of the deep recalibrations occurring in my physical vehicle in order to keep up with my consciousness. I know the physical needs a tremendous amount of support as I expand and attune my perception to the new light. The day-to-day integrations are unpredictable; some revelations and activations are instantaneous, while others take rest and nurturing to process properly and become the new norm.

Divine Love Intensity: More than we could fathom

These intense levels of light activate gateways which were planted (holographically) as possible options for our experience. Our future Self, now present Self, and Higher Teams planned for best-case-scenario. We knew we would have to honor free will. We knew we would need help recovering from our spiritual amnesia. We knew that no other off-world or dimensional collective, no star family, master or guide would be allowed to interfere with this mastery journey of ascension. We planted metaphoric clues to assist in remembering what we are here to achieve, until we merged the higher and lower self. The Higher Self, the future self which now becomes present, creates the conduit for Presence (Source) to facilitate Divine Love.

As our skills intensify, we become channels and conduits for new levels of love. These new levels of love may not feel like the flowing, compassionate, blissy levels of love we often experience during this ascension process. We are feeling in the physical what pure Source Light Intelligence feels like and what it is capable of. It systematically removes density and lower level thought forms, programs, memories, and distortions from our personal and collective realities.

Those who have attained and maintain that level of consciousness will begin to feel the more intense aspects of Divine Love. In the old light, Divine Will was interpreted as a crushing, slash-and-burn vengeance by the Godhead. In the new light, we fully comprehend the through-line of this intention of highest interests of all concerned. The light does not choose, it is autonomous in its mission of harmony. You may find an intense quest for harmony showing up in your personal lifestream, as a reflection of what is occurring on a global level.

While there is a bit of struggle in those choosing to perpetuate disharmony, this is not a concern of higher levels of love. Use this as your litmus test for where you are in your process. The teachings of detached compassion and unconditional love demonstrate the difference between judgment and discernment, between separation and highest interests of all concerned. Feel the difference, understand the mechanism of Divine Love straight-from-Source.

Many feel compassion for those who made lower vibrational choices in the Earth plane. Perhaps you feel the feet-to-the-fire dynamic as the light intensifies. All is well, and I encourage any being in service to disconnect from the lower dimensional shadow of the old paradigm, especially during these revelation gateways. There is so much to be discovered in your personal journeys. Many are seeing and feeling their new true role in the Shift. Some are remembering the higher-level architectural work of designing disclosure, financial resets, and new systems. Let it present or let it be; those designs are in play for the least amount of drama possible. 

As the new light activates on a global scale, you may notice mainstream efforts to trigger the truth speeding up. These are attempts to balance cosmic karma as the squeeze of Divine Love intensifies. The new DNA resonates at the level of Divine Love and Divine Will. It is the true HUman genome, and is accessible to anyone who chooses to raise their consciousness, prepare the physical vessel and open themselves as a conduit of pure intention to serve. It is an untouchable vibration of consciousness which cannot be affected by lower vibrations.

My Personal Process

While I feel obligated in service to address the collective’s concerns about intensity and what is unfolding this year, I AM also guided to share the vivid expansion of my personal process, after these last days of cave time are complete. Take advantage of the last of this inner-work energy, Beloveds. We will be thrown out of the cave at the end of the month, and a massive wave of service/creative energy will reveal – and support – the Wayshowers in a new light. Be prepared, drop what does not serve. Let go of any judgment energy and be in Divine neutrality as this month presents the New Self.

Please Note that two Master classes from Ascension Path were released this month to youtube. The first is a detailed overview of the Christic Ascension process, and the second is a comprehensive class on the Tube Torus and Ascension Column alignment. Feel free to share them.

In Love, Light and Service, 

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