Gaia is Shifting: Preparing for the April 13-19 Influx

Blessings Beloveds ~

This is a level of expansion your heart has never felt,
your mind has never considered,
and your body has never experienced.

I feel the Kryst Realms are spot on with this message.

Personally, I AM feeling a brand new level of consciousness and heart center expansion. Brand new perspective and vision, partnered with overwhelming bliss, joy and compassion. And yes, occasional fatigue, spaciness and time distortions.

Rapid detoxification is a side-effect of being able to embody higher light. You may support this transformation with 1-3 day fasts (just water if possible), detox cleansing, and plenty of extra pure water.

Support the frequent organ flushes with the light application exercise from the last PRESENCE event (link below).

Remember we are in alignment with a very different version of Gaia.

Unity Consciousness is a radically different state of BEingness, which brings new awareness and new experiences.

Next Influx in this series of three: April 13-19

Last month’s Gateway was a bit showy; it opened with the strongest geomagnetic storm in years. That was launch day for this new level of heart openings.

The cosmic energies shook, flexed and then penetrated the magnetosphere. Gaia answered back with a brand new level of heart-opening and perspective-shifting frequencies.

With the organic Stargate system fully functional, we are now reconnected to the multiverse-wide Cosmic Flow. Pure Source Light returns. This means Gaia herself has become a different entity; a Krysted BEing once more. The planet now generates her own new light, and emanates higher frequencies of the Cosmic flows. A little closer to her goal of becoming a Spiritual SUN.

This changes the way we co-create our realities, no longer inhibited by the lower vibrations. Higher vibration overrides the lower with Divine coherence (hence the intense heart changes) and proper use of this renewed life force energy (Divine Perfection).

We are in an acceleration: These passages unfold quickly. I AM witness to the palpable, permanent upleveling of my lightbody, heart and consciousness.

Gaia is officially emanating her Cosmic Kryst expression – and those new realms we saw in March will continue to brighten, override, and shift our EXPERIENCE of being the Presence. Radiant purity, and new awareness of Self-as-Source.

I keep hearing of similar expansion experiences from our Global network of Gate and Gridkeepers.

Take note of going into the next Gateway with your Divine Intentions intact. We are witnessing the rapid increase in thought-feeling-intention-manifestation.

It may be a good moment to revisit Core Intentions. What is the core intention of your Ascension process?

To Experience:
To Become:
To Express:
To Co-Create:
To Serve:

Infinite Gratitude to all who are visiting their power spots, preparing for these influxes, opening and assisting with these intense realm-shifting waves, and keeping the heart center wide open to the Divine New.

Kindwhile, The Crystalline Convergence is just 36 days away!

If you have felt the need for gathering with like-hearted Souls, expanding your skills and co-creating in pure unity consciousness, join us live in Sedona on May 14-15.

These radical shifts are so predominant, so new, and happening so quickly that the topics, skill upgrades, and group activations have amplified for our Crystalline Convergence event.

Saturday’s keynotes and co-presentations are loaded with guidance, techniques and skill shares for these rapidly shifting internal and external changes.

SUNday’s immersion and co-creation in the Crystalline Field will be even stronger with these influxes. The last of these three Gateways occurs during the Convergence weekend!

Experiencing unified Kryst activations, during an eclipse, on Sacred land, with open hearts in Service, is Divine Perfection in action.

Details and Tickets HERE

See you on SUNday for the Global Unity Meditations. We are learning to become the Presence, to be responsible Creator BEings in all realms.

Decree Freedom for ALL willing hearts. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

PRESENCE event replays at⁠
Last week’s article: Three Key Mastery Skills to Revisit in this Now is HERE


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