Deepening of the Next Wave: Pay Attention

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The consistent message for the last few articles has been focus, focus, focus. If your timeline choice is embodiment, it can be greatly amplified by this upcoming Solar eclipse (March 8). Solar Cosmic Christ, Solar energetics. Solar Logos. Solar gravitational shifts. Solar Grid migration and acceleration. Solar consciousness. Solar heart center. SUN Gods. Golden Race. Gaia as a Spiritual SUN. The merge happens in the Sun. Receive this message, Beloveds. Go back and review what is unfolding if the Solar aspect is just starting to break through the veils for you.

You are making Soul-level, Solar-level cosmic decisions in this now moment which affect the outcome of your Ascension process. Please note the multi-level emphasis over the last few months – it is the Now moment which ends the Resurrection phase for many Wayshowers. The articles, interviews and Ascension Path class have described and guided that process in detail over the past year. Our Wayshowers are now poised for a big shift in Service, level of consciousness, and true showing-the-way of what an embodiment looks and feels like.

Solar Eclipse – Deep in Preparation already

The week prior to the Solar Eclipse on March 8 (Maximum at 5:55pmPT with the New Moon) is a passage of deep choices, the Solar aspect of Self, and focus on full unification with the highest outcomes possible. It sets into form the unfoldment of those choices over the next few months. Purge any remaining thoughts of fear, worry, doubt – you will need to surrender to the higher consciousness completely, if embodiment is your personal quest. The eclipse provides pure magnetics, and we may use it to our advantage.

This phase demands your consistent interaction with the higher timeline of Ascension – Love, Service, Merging of Higher and Lower Self, embodiment of the Crystalline consciousness. Some have received glimpses of what that will be like; a complete shift in vibration and conscious thought, feeling, and service. We are completely capable of this, Beloveds.

How to Serve: Highest Outcomes

Many ask about the best way to serve Gaia during this passage. Hear this, feel this: This month is about launching us into embodiment of the next level of consciousness. It sets into motion our highest intentions of being pure conduits of Source. Working with the Solar aspect of Gaia’s grids assists your own embodiment of the Solar aspect. However, do not neglect your personal transformation by focusing entirely on Gridwork/Gatework before the Equinox. Gaia will benefit more than anyone from our embodiment; it isn’t about us personally.

The message is consistent: Embodiment will change everything, focus on Resurrecting the True Self right now. We will have plenty to do as the wave comes in. The priority of the moment is pure HUman-as-Source conduits, so the symbiotic relationship between Gaia’s dimensional shift and the HUman shift in consciousness can rise in tandem. It is symbiotic; don’t neglect one for the other.

For those who struggle with decisions or waiver in their beliefs/choices: It would serve the collective to let go of that this month. Give it up. Forget about the grounded worries of finances, politics, and energizing the big bad negative reality. The division of realties strengthens as the next wave enters mid-March. In our spiritual maturity, let us understand that dramatic experiences in consciousness happening within our Light Tribe would not be occurring unless a division in experiences were approaching. Vibe with the positive, find the Love, forgive everything, create kindness. Now. The proof is within your own purified heart, not the puppet show of the low-vibe external.

We all pray that the light, the photonic energies of this cycle, will create a new paradigm for everyone – eventually. However, someone needs to go first into that unfamiliar state of consciousness and Wayshow the Tribe – from a grounded, integrated and heart-centered balanced state of beingness. That is what we are creating in the Resurrection phase. We reconnect our Higher Self consistently to the Lower Self, unifying with the multidimensional Self, our Solar Self, Divine Mother-Father Source, and demonstrate that Christ consciousness can be an attainable, permanent state of being.

Another Sojourn into the Cave

Resurrection phase, while deeply supported by the high-vibe collective, is still a deeply personal experience. Whatever wild and wonderful practices you have for deepening your connection, this is an important few weeks to fully engage with the spiritual Self – actively. As always, this is not asceticism; it is a Christic, balanced path of merging spirit with form. Unity consciousness demands new communication in our Tribe (review this message from last year.) However, if you need permission to dive into the well of spirit in a profound way, let this serve as that nudge. It is the perfect time to do this, our decisions are amplified right now, and the energy will be quite stimulating (distracting for some) after Equinox (March 19 at 9:30pmPT). Best to heed the advice of the Higher realms and do the good work. Have a beautiful few weeks of transformation and Self-realization, Beloveds. I hold you in my heart.

In Love, Light and Service,

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