Ascension Path: Annual Updates Complete

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The annual updates to Ascension Path are complete! Class participants: Here is the menu, so you may see what is new or where updated material has been added. Login to explore the New!

*** Indicates Added or Updated Materials

Module 1 The Ascension Process
Unit 1 Welcome to Ascension Path***
Unit 2 Gaia, Solaris and The Golden Race
Unit 3 Mastery Skill: Pure Intention
Unit 4 Process Check: Making the Choice to Ascend

Module 2 The Body Consciousness
Unit 1 The Body Consciousness and Multidimensional Structure
Unit 2 Mastery Skill: Commands and Decrees
Unit 3 PDF: Basic Commands
Unit 4 Body Side-Effects, Detox and Activation
Unit 5 Meditation: Expansion Journey
Unit 6 Mastery Skill: Charging Food/Water with Christed Light
Unit 7 Circuit Balancing***
Unit 8 Process Check: Body Consciousness

Module 3 Lower Level Transmutation
Unit 1 Clearing Beliefs, Shadows, Wounding and Emotions
Unit 2 PDF: Lower Level Contract
Unit 3 Mastery Skill: Agreements in the Now
Unit 4 PDF: Divine Gratitude Stream
Unit 5 Meditation: Divine Neutrality
Unit 6 Mastery Skill: Visualization & Light Grounding
Unit 7 PDF: Ascension Invocations***
Unit 8 Process check: Lower Levels

Module 4 Unconditional Love
Unit 1 Unconditional Love
Unit 2 Mastery Skill: Heart Coherence
Unit 3 Heart Center Activation
Unit 4 Mastery Skill: Neutrality & Discernment
Unit 5 Process Check: Unconditional Love

Module 5 Activating Higher Senses
Unit 1 Mid-Path Check In***
Unit 2 Torus Spin and Crown Opening***
Unit 3 Activating Higher Senses
Unit 4 Using Creativity as a Bridge
Unit 5 Mastery Skill: LightBody Expansion
Unit 6 Sacred Space, Crystals, Clearing Energy
Unit 7 Feminine-Masculine Magnetics
Unit 8 Process Check: Higher Senses

Module 6 Merging with the Higher Self
Unit 1 The Tube Torus and Ascension Column***
Unit 2 Meditation: Torus Expansion Practice***
Unit 3 Merging with the Higher Self
Unit 4 Mastery Skill: Surrender
Unit 5 Meditation: Merging with the Higher Self
Unit 6 Mastery Skill: Downloading from the Crystalline Grid
Unit 7 Process Check: Merging with the Higher Self

Module 7 Solar Cosmic Christ
Unit 1 Solar Cosmic Christ Embodiment
Unit 2 The Christic Path of Ascension***
Unit 3 Mastery Skill: The Creator Breath
Unit 4 Meditation: Christ Light Expansion***
Unit 5 Meditation: Unifying 12 Divine Aspects
Unit 6 DNA Activation
Unit 7 Meditation: DNA Activation***
Unit 8 Process Check: Solar Cosmic Christ

Module 8 Timeline Manifestation
Unit 1 Timeline Manifestation
Unit 2 Meditation: 5D New Earth Journey
Unit 3 Process Check: Timeline Manifestation

Module 9 Mission and Service
Unit 1 Mission and Service
Unit 2 Meditation: Solar Meditation***
Unit 3 Mastery Skill: Soul Release
Unit 4 Process Check: Mission and Service

Module 10 Star Family
Unit 1 Star Family
Unit 2 Galactic Interaction***
Unit 3 Mastery Skill: Telepathy
Unit 4 Process Check: Star Family

Module 11 Gateways and Gridwork
Unit 1 Gateways and Gridwork
Unit 2 Process Check: Gateways and Gridwork

Module 12 Embodiment and Self-Realization
Unit 1 5D/6D Transcendence
Unit 2 Mastery Skill: Staying Conscious in our Mastery***
Unit 3 Meditation: Multidimensional Merge Practice
Unit 4 Embodiment of the Christ: Experiences***
Unit 5 Process Check: Embodiment and Self-Realization***

Module 13 Gratitude and More Guidance
Unit 1 A Successful Ascension process***
Unit 2 Gratitude and Guidance

Module 14 Connection Calls
Unit 1 Connection Call Replays & Topic Listing

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