Death, Dissolving, and Higher Realm Sensations

Blessings Beloveds ~

The heart-opening energies of this Gateway through May 29th are also amplifying death of old constructs. Sensations of freedom, dissociation, death, dissolving, or disappearing are widespread.

Last week I saw thousands of Souls making a higher choice-point right now. Many are transporting themselves to the New Realms of consciousness in vibrant Ascension columns filled with Crystalline DNA.

A massive activation has occurred in the Crystalline Grid and Stargate systems. If you have felt the intensity uptick this week, and the new state of Presence opening in the Heart, this is probably why.

Choice-points can express as physical death in our circles and monads, however many are Ascending their consciousness to resonate with Gaia’s new realms. Departure from the old realms of dense creation.

Unity Consciousness is a radically different state of beingness. It requires radical shifts in thought, emotion, perception, ego-mind, lightbody, heart coherence, DNA, and actualization through the physical expression.⁠

The illusion of density dissolves and we mourn, grieve, and release the old realities. The sooner you resolve, forgive, release, and transmute those old creations, knowing the past is no longer applicable to the new, the sooner the experience of self-revelation may present.

Many are feeling and integrating more refined Infinite Kryst Light levels. The Heart opens as a conduit of the I AM Presence, and we receive the simultaneous, multidimensional experience of expansion, freedom, and rapid dismantling.

We are witnessing Divine Will; Source’s intention for Ascension, and your own free will to choose a new experience and be part of this extraordinary shift in consciousness.

The recalibrated Crystalline Stargate of the Heart opens to interpret the New Light. Activated Crystalline DNA may then create a new experience; free from the influence of density, in harmony with Source LoveLight Intelligence.

Walking in a radically new state, in the radiance of the higher realms, requires our focus, clarity of Source intent, and direction of the journey.

Death and Transformation

Knowing WHY this predicted theme of death is so widespread and transformative may provide some comfort.

Death of the dense Self, the old path, uncomplementary timelines, beliefs, and limited or dense creations is a necessary step in the resolution, revelation, and resurrection process.

All of the Cosmic factors are present right now for acceleration. We deal with physical death as it comes to our Soul groups and monads. It is helpful to witness which aspects, emotions, or entanglements are being freed, honor the exchange, and release them with gratitude.

Death, just like life, is never just one thing. Maintain cosmic perspective and see the positive purpose.

As we activate the New Light Concept (use the guided activation in the May Presence replay), we are capable of interpreting pure Cosmic Kryst frequency (Source-as-Self) through our upgraded Hearts.

It dissolves the bonds with dense creation, and the old methods of creating and perceiving reality itself. This is why so many feel rapid dismantling of the old self, paired with spaciousness, blankness, or sensations of dissolving into the Infinite LoveLight.

Employ inner wisdom to maintain balance through this bizarre and beautiful transformation. Resistance to change or the Soul’s higher path causes greater suffering as these energies intensify their Divine purpose. Do the good work, moment by moment.

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SUNday Unity Meditations

It is Divine to feel the Cosmic Heart within as a unified shining SUN of Source brilliance.⁠ We have practiced the skill of Unity Consciousness every SUNday for the last seven years.

See you in the field for the SUNday Unity Meditations and synchronized infusions of Infinite Kryst LoveLight, peace, and Ascension. Gratitude for your dedication and participation in this brilliant Now.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

Crystalline Convergence
September 23-24, 2023
Equinox Gathering in Sedona AZ


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