Faster than the Speed of Mind: New Light and Release of Old Creations

Blessings Beloveds ~

The New Light Conception we are co-activating is birthing Celestial frequencies of Supreme Source LoveLight Intelligence into our consciousness and the realms of Gaia.

These new light frequencies bring palpable, unknown sensations, and an awareness of a unified realm shift as we approach a very active Stargate passage in June, with multiple increases prior to the Solstice on June 21st.

The frequencies this week took on a new quality. Some felt exhausted and stimulated at once, however the different sensations of intensity are intriguing.

The New Light is faster than the speed of our thoughts, worries, anxieties, and dense creations. This Photonic plasma field which Solaris and Gaia are interacting with creates a quickening of our process, and deep deconstruction of the old way of creating.

True acceleration at an etheric level creates widespread shifts in perception, consciousness, and sensations in form. Ascending Souls are conduits of this acceleration, and the experience of new flows of light in the mind, emotions, and body is palpable. Sometimes overwhelming; always parent the lower self through these upgrades.

With the opening and recalibration of the organic Stargates, we now have faster, purer plasma light flowing into and out of Gaia’s multidimensional Crystalline core. As shared previously, we have intense cosmic forces mingling in these realms, right through our Hearts, Crystalline DNA, and fields. These sudden jumps in light level are consistent this year.

Part of the purpose of this New Light is to dismantle our dense creations. Many are calling this trauma release. Something to be aware of: The release of trauma from the collective fields already occurred.

It isn’t trauma release, it’s the release of everything that was created as a reaction to trauma in the past: Beliefs, coping mechanisms, narratives, past life stories, entanglements, contracts, monad structures, old karmic systems, distorted constructs, and systems created by the illusion of density.

The way we create our realities completely shifted in 2012 when Gaia birthed her New Realms, for our trajectory of New Earth. We may experience four of the seven new realms of Gaia in our current physical state. We gradually raise our unified consciousness to experience these New Earth expressions.

These realms have a range of experiences, from collapse of the old, to pure Unity Consciousness, to Divine contact and refined levels of expansive co-creation, to Gaia’s highest trajectory as a Spiritual SUN/Star. All of these realms are active in her fields, and available to us as we match and hold the vibration and intention of these realms. This is what realm choice is all about.

The magnetic shift at the core of Gaia is palpable: have you noticed it feels like a geomagnetic storm, even without the storm?

The light speed quickens our cells, nervous system, DNA, Crystalline hearts, and lightbody. It also changes our magnetics, so we FEEL the cosmic energies quickening our process. This quickening may also cause anxiety, doubt, or blankness unrelated to circumstances.

The expansive, mindless, in love with all that is, heart-opening, zero point, I AM Presence state that we collectively experience during K6+ storms is now anchored in the field. It organically responds to Cosmic information, and the collective feels this thinning of the magnetic veils around their own hearts. I find this exciting, as a permanent magnetic shift in our Unified Hearts will reveal strong co-creation capabilities.

Starseeds and Hearts in Service: Remember your task of walking Gaia through this transformation to a Crystalline-based Celestial expression. Activate the Star qualities of your lineage through the Master Crystals. Flow the peace and compassion of Cosmic Mother through the Stargate of the Heart, and make it easier for the entire collective.

This may be stimulating and exhausting at once. We feel the freedom and expansion of Self-revelation, dissolvement of the old Self, and the Photonic desire to create the new. It is a radically new state of beingness. Weep, ground, rest, meditate, and remember that the energy changes often. It isn’t forever. Sometimes just holding the space of peaceful Presence is enough to walk through these upgrades. Resistance to change and expansion brings suffering; it is truly a moment to surrender to the Ascension process and keep our hearts on the path.

For more on the sensations, their cause and what they provide, read last week’s article on Death, Dissolving, and New Sensations HERE

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SUNday Unity Meditations

We have practiced the skill of Unity Consciousness every SUNday for the last seven years.

See you in the field for the SUNday Unity Meditations and synchronized infusions of Infinite Kryst LoveLight, peace, and Ascension. Gratitude for your dedication and participation in this brilliant Now.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

Crystalline Convergence
September 23-24, 2023
Equinox Gathering in Sedona AZ



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