Ascension Preparedness: Questions for the Path

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

We are in a purposeful and profound passage for our Ascension. The consistent reminder has been to forge ahead with the creation of the New, rather than watch the old realities burn. Remember this, as entanglement in the illusions playing out become challenging for the unawakened (and for some on the path as well).

Many are attaining the goals of their Ascension process, which co-creates new realities to be available to the collective. This is an act of Wayshowership; blazing the paths which others may follow by choice. Our experiences are Divine, and often bizarre, as we expand the parameters for our realties. We continue to expand into new experiences, consistently releasing the grip of the old illusion. The past is disappearing. Time becomes very fluid as the emotional attachment to the past or the future dissolves. All becomes the Now, in order for us to become pure conduits in the Now of absolute Presence.

Be the Gatekeeper of your own Heart

To prepare for a new experience in the higher realms of consciousness, we apply core Ascension principles in pursuit of Divine Neutrality and Pure Service. This keeps us open and aligned with the New as it presents. Every Soul has an agenda for their Ascension, which often depends on how awakened the lower Self becomes along the journey. Once the Lower Self consciously chooses to participate in an Ascension process, the journey accelerates to accommodate higher and higher levels of consciousness. Willingness and active participation keep us available to the New as the Shift progresses.

The key to every Christic Ascension process is Love; the frequency of pure Light and its application across the multidimensional realms of experience. We are consistently challenged to raise our vibration, the level of photonic light within our cells, fields and Heart center throughout the process. So how do we know if we are accomplishing what our Soul set out to do here?

Questions for Ascension Preparedness

The following Mastery questions serve as a guide or gauge for where we are in our process. These are questions which every initiate asks themselves as they level up and prepare themselves for Ascension. The answers are a deeply personal experience; take care to meditate on them, feel them, and adjust your path where necessary.

Do you love and honor Source/Creator/God completely, realizing that Self-Love and Source-Love are One in the same, and express this in every thought, word, deed, and interaction?

Acknowledgment of the Creator, and yourself as a fractal of that, ends separation. Experiencing reunification is a profound, glorious sensation; this is not a mental exercise. You heart opens completely to serving and honoring that which joyously creates all that is.

Do you honor all of creation as reflections of Source? This includes the kingdoms, elementals, Gaia, Humanity, other beings, races, timelines, positive or negative experiences … all of it.

Do you see the big perspective and respect all experiences and creations, regardless of how they appear to the lower Self? This heals all that has occurred here, both individual and collective journeys.

Do you love your neighbor as yourself? (The lesson of Unconditional Love)

This classic question challenges us to love one another as a primary function of Divinity, and a key to the Gateway of Higher existence. However it also demonstrates a full comprehension of discernment rather than judgment. Judgment is the dualistic habit of deciding what is right/wrong, good/bad, yes/no. Discernment utilizes wisdom to choose what serves the highest interests of all concerned, including your own Ascension experience. The lesson of Unconditional Love demonstrates whatever is within shall be reflected in your external reality. The Universe of Ascended SourceSelf you are creating revolves around the pure vibration of Unconditional Love.

Have your surrendered all old operating systems of duality; the lower dimensional negativity, fears, doubts, belief systems, repetition, personal akashic and collective past?

This is a question for dimensional-shifting preparedness. Many are addicted to the old reality, old beliefs, old fears and use it as their default experience. When you disconnect from old programs, your reality becomes a completely different experience. There is a profound sense of freedom, and a tremendous clearing of cellular structures, which opens us for DNA transmutation. This is the *Walking in this world but not of it* state. Review your remaining entanglements and agreements. Your lifestream is energy – monitor where that energy flows; Do your thoughts, activities, purchases, conversations, relationships flow to the New structures rather than the old? 

Have you unified with the mission of your Higher Self, choosing Ascension as your primary goal, exercising your higher wisdom and Divine Love in every situation, every challenge?

Ascension is a choice. Are you actively challenging yourself to connecting with your True Self, being the Presence of Source, willing to speak your truth, feeling and expressing the divinity emerging through all expressions of Self? This is a feeling – it does not matter if you cannot *see* your Higher Self. Knowing oneself and exploring the True Self’s desires and path is a sensation; an intuitive, feeling state of beingness.

Are you completely dedicated to Service to others and the mission of Divine Love?

Divine service activates the Creator Self, pure Love, and releases the old dogma of martyrdom or savior dynamics. This is dedication on a cosmic scale; you experience freedom from the waiting game, engaging with Divine patience, neutrality, highest interests of the collective and Gaia, and an active participation in the creation of new realties. At some point in your journey, Service to others and Source will be the only thing that makes Sense.

Maintaining Focus on Stability and Expansion

The questions are intended to give perspective on what is being accomplished here on Gaia. They are basic to the Ascension process. With the distractions of the current frequency influx and timeline shifts, it is good to realign with the nigher intentions often.  We focus on stability to balance the collective angst, we send forth more LoveLight and Unity to raise the collective into the New realities available.

In Love, Light and Service,

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