Cosmic Trigger: Assisting the Acceleration

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Cosmic Trigger passage is upon us, with the energies beginning today (Thanksgiving here in the US), and peaking on November 27 (SUNday). This provides additional support for the accelerated timelines. Alignment in thought, word and deed with the higher experience of Divinity, Purity, LoveLight and Ascension is key. There are deep shifts occurring in our consciousness and lifestreams; be sure to honor the new direction as it presents.

Currently I AM in Mount Shasta after three months of travels and gridwork. It feels surreal to be back here, like visiting the past. Obviously I have gone through several transformations in my travels, and it feels like the travel has not ended yet. I AM still being very present with myself and my journey; simplicity is key as these passages unfold.

Cosmic Trigger: Collective Activation

All Gatekeepers, Gridworkers and Lightworkers in Service; we will be getting out on Gaia to receive the incoming Solar codes and DNA-shifting photonic light. We focus on peace, stability, and the highest good for HUmanity. As conduits of pure light, we watch the effects of our unification; the purification and revelation energies are intensifying. The principles of this photonic light – order, harmony, evolution – penetrate everything. Let it purge your lifestream of disharmony, especially as we experience a great disconnect from the lower realities. Our choices are powerful now; be sure to use this trigger to call in pure LoveLight to yourself as well as Gaia, kingdoms and elementals.

The two etheric bands of light around Gaia may present in your visions and meditations; these are part of the acceleration, and preparation for the Solar transformation. Let them be, let them do their work.

Breathe, Release, Breathe

As anxieties rise and fall in the collective during this powerful passage, I wish everyone alignment with their Truest Highest aspects. The inner world and outer world seem very different; it can feel like Creator observing the creation. Remember that things are not as they appear to most; keep the cosmic perspective on the unfoldments. Source has created and un-created many worlds, many realities, many beings, planets and Stars. Our Ascension is a beautiful process which appreciates all aspects of Source, even as some creations dissolve. Non-judgment is Mastery; let love and compassion command your consciousness.

Your focus is greatly amplified during this passage; let us call forth the beauty, love and creativity of the Ascension with ease and grace.

In Love, Light and Service,

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