Your creative contribution changes everything

LCA view 1If you’re making art, you’re making a contribution to change the future.

Your creative activity fuels the collective global consciousness. No act of creation goes unnoticed. Whether it’s a sculpture made in your quiet studio or a monologue rehearsed to an empty theater, your expression activates the law of attraction. Like attracts like. Your art magnetizes more creativity to your creative power with each action you take. It broadens your creative bandwidth. Even if you intend to create something only for yourself, your art affects the global consciousness.

Every act of artistic expression benefits you as an artist, and your expression also adds thought energy to the collective consciousness. We are all connected through consciousness. Your creative activities may inspire someone halfway across the globe!  Inspiration, that mysterious influence which arrives unannounced at our studio, desk, or rehearsal, is rooted in the collective consciousness. This invisible core of creation needs our nurturing, our energy, our positive thought to strengthen its resolve. Feeding the collective consciousness enables the population to become more creative, more perceptive, and more receptive to change.

Create for yourself, for the world, and for the future.


4 comments on “Your creative contribution changes everything

  1. Hi Sandra! This is a lovely post and I never thought about the perspective that “my art changes everything…” I’ve received so much inspiration from Kelly Rae’s e-course and I really do feel it resonating! So happy to connect with you and find your blog! Love & Blessings, xoxo Valerie

  2. Hi Sandra! In this post you have articulated something I have come to believe but have not been able to express so clearly. I try to approach everything I do with the awareness that I am connecting with the loving energy that is the truth of who we all are. I want that energy and love to radiate out to everyone I come in contact with and to everyone who experiences my artwork.
    Thank you for this website. I will pass it on to those I know who will love it as well.

  3. Thank you, fellow flyers! Most of us create art with intention; the possibilities for tapping into the power it may hold are only beginning to be revealed. what an exciting time to be an artist!

  4. Have found this post today, just over a year after you first wrote it. It is very profound. These days I notice even more clearly how artists (whether they are painters, knitters or potters) are drawn together by their common creative interests and become relaxed in each other’s company….even if they’ve never met before. It matters not whether someone is a tentative beginner at woodwork, or a well-seasoned accomplished painter….all is contribution. Inspiration from the collective consciousness…..that is very powerful.

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