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Beauty SurvivesI’m finishing up my Etsy shop makeover and am very excited to reveal the new look and content. The shop will focus on creating with intention, with the first series of paintings infused with visualizations for healing the Gulf oil spill. This is the first time I’ve shared the direct intentions behind my paintings. As an abstract artist, I’ve left the interpretations up to the audience unless they inquired. Online galleries and sites like Etsy have changed that practice, and now we’re getting an intimate glimpse into the creative process of artists with each listing. It’s fascinating to me, and I am excited to share this step in our creative evolution.

By sharing the story behind the painting, the original purpose of the art –  to create a shift in reality by creating with the power of intention – the creative process is revealed to the observer. As I wrote the descriptions yesterday, I noticed the emotion of the original intention was very present. Then I recognized that not only was the painting going to serve it’s original effort, but the intention to heal, to love, to recover could be utilized by the observer and applied to their own life circumstances. If it is all energy, thought energy, that image could take on a personal meaning for the owner and retain the original energy. Perhaps the intention could not only magnify positive thoughts for the Gulf, but remind them to feel the love of healing every time they observe the work. By experiencing the intention of the painting, they may be able to energize that feeling in their own heart, and improve their own situations. Which ultimately leads to more positive thought energy in the collective consciousness, which leads to more positive action in the world.

It’s a pleasure to share these intentions with all of you. If you create with intention; creating art to promote peace, healing, and a connected global consciousness, please share your shops and sites with me. I’m putting together a community page next month to share my discoveries and promote those who promote peace through art. Have a wonderful day, go create something with intention!


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  1. Love this blog and the concept of creating with intention. I especially appreciate the work intended for the Gulf Oil Spill. Though I live in So Cal, I call the Gulf Coast home.

  2. Thank you, Kimberley! I have always lived near water; Great Lakes, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and value the beauty and serenity of our waters. This series of paintings is especially close to my heart.

  3. Sandra,
    Intent is powerful. As you infuse intent into your work and then add the transparency of the words that express the intent, you are indeed magnifying the power many-fold. Healing intent as a regular part of our lives and businesses is one profound lever by which to shift the results we are generating.
    Thanks for this great insight!
    Bobbye Middendorf
    The Write Synergies Guru

  4. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on creating with intention. I find that when there is a story behind my art, I am more passionately invested in its creation. And, I love sharing the stories behind them with others–it gives the piece history. That was always my favorite thing when studying art–learning all the stories behind the piece. So glad you are opening up and sharing this and I absoluting love the phrase “creating with intention.” Very nicely done, fellow flyer. I’ll be reading your blog often!

  5. Thank you, Carrie! I am happy to find so many artists interested in the “new stereotype” I mention in my Manifesto . I’ll be posting on the specifics of creating art with intention next week. I like your mention of history; I do hope these oil spill paintings are recording a time of change for the better.

  6. Sandra so beautiful!!!!!!!! I grew up in Tallahassee and the gulf is a very special place to me as with so many. Love that you are sharing the story behind your art. Ah the power of healing through creation! Sandra what a special gift you have. I will for sure be back.

  7. My gratitude, Cynthia! With so many changes happening in the world right now, the energy is flowing for new ideas and creations. Art heals in so many ways already; this next step should be a natural development.

  8. Oh wow… this blog continues to blow me away – it is soooo inspiring and I find myself saying “Yes, yes!!” to every word. I too believe passionately in creating with intention and in using art to spread a message of hope and potential for transformation. Kelly’s course underlined this for me so powerfully, when before I was kinda nervous of sharing the actual meaning behind what I create for fear of causing offence or appearing ‘preachy’. But I believe we have all been called to such a time as this, a time when we are required to listen to the promptings of our heart and soul. We each have a special message to declare and a part to play within humanity – these are exciting if challenging times.
    Thank you so much, Sandra, for being such a powerful catalyst and inspiration.
    hugs hugs xxx

  9. Jo, that means so much to me! I am also feeling empowered; for months I had been feeling that urgency to “get the message out” (I still do). I am sure it is part of the massive energies of the shift happening right now, and I’m delighted to be part of the push to a more creative, compassionate society. It’s also intimidating at times – there are many clinging to traditional thinking, traditional ways of creating … and dismissing the NEW completely. That’s why this site is “Creative Evolution”; maybe for the first time in history we are not only aware of the changes happening, but able to do something about our future by taking action in the present. We know in our hearts what works; enabling that truth, expressing it openly, and practicing what we preach is the brave leap we must take.

    Thank you for your enthusiasm! Your work is BEAUTIFUL!

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