Solstice Earth Spin

Today is the Solstice “Earth Spin” event, happening wherever you are! The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill is a huge issue this year, so let’s set our sights on spinning some healthy waters.

Here’s how you can participate:

Create something that reflects how you want the world to be. Artists are very skilled at altering reality. Today we are “spinning” reality to our desire for a healthy Ocean. Put your spin on reality and create something positive that represents the world as you want humanity to experience it.

Use your strongest medium. Make a painting, write a poem, draft a building, write a play, perform a monologue, make a short film, sketch a doodle, anything creative that expresses the outcome of a good, positive intention.

The Gulf of Mexico needs our help today. Paint clean, healthy Gulf waters with thriving wildlife. Sketch the sea creatures and birds surviving, frolicking, nesting on the shores. Design a wildlife viewing center with clean beaches along the Florida coast. Write a monologue or sketch about the success of cleanup efforts. Make a video demonstrating the fantastic success of an underdog resolution to the spill. Anything that expresses the best outcome as reality.

Treat the success as if it has already happened. Celebrate the new reality through your art. Feel the emotion of it, express your “spin” as fact.

If you are unable to create something during this longest day of the year, lend your thoughts to our efforts and imagine a clean, healthy ocean and fully recovered Gulf of Mexico. Picture it as now, present day, today. Feel the joy of it.

Please spread the word and share your creations on your blogs, even if it’s a sentence or two. It all adds to the collective intention for change.

Happy Solstice and Happy Earth Spin!


2 comments on “Solstice Earth Spin

  1. I am so impressed that someone is being proactive.
    The short-sightedness of the powers that are
    have just made a mess of the future.

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