Utilizing the October 23 – 25 Trigger

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Gatekeepers, Gridworkers and those in Service to the New Light: Get clear, relaxed and ready to unify. I AM sure many are sensing this upcoming acceleration on October 23 – 25; it looks like a wonderful opportunity for the Shift and Ascension timelines.

As we step into our true Creator skills and operate in the highest interests of all concerned, we are capable of assisting the collective consciousness in powerful ways. The New Light supports unified intentions of Divine Love, Peace and the Shift to Higher Consciousness. Let’s take advantage of the intel and make this as powerful as possible.

Gateway Trigger dates: October 23 – 25

Gatekeepers: Opening October 21, anchoring through the 26th. Gold, Diamond, Crystalline Gates.
Gridworkers: Focus on acceleration of the Shift. Gold/Christed light infusions.
Light Servers/Lightworkers: Unified focus on Unity Consciousness, Unifying HUman Hearts of Divine Intent.

Tips for Unifying with Higher Level teams and Gaia to deliver/take in as much Light and amplification as possible:

Get clear and purify/cleanse/vibe up as much as possible. Pure conduit = stronger influence of intent.
No drama/anxiety: Let’s make it an easy, beautiful trigger; like a Divine 5D LoveLight bath. The timelines will respond appropriately.
Expand yourself first. Crystalline grid level, bigger if you can maintain focus.
Anchor/amplify intention with crystals in/on the ground prior to the Gate. Link them to all involved, ask the Higher teams to assist/use them.
Keep it simple and without stray requests. Acceleration of the Shift in the highest interests of all concerned.

Gifts Available to Receive with this influx of Light

More Ease

It may be difficult after so many challenges to go gracefully, fully into the ease of the New Light reality. Even though resistance is laughable during photonic bombardment, accepting the New Light reality is key. A new level of ease may be unsettling as the old constructs attempt to fit expanded consciousness into small, old boxes. We are coping with the death of coping mechanisms. Breathe.

Wayshowers Leveling Up

Wayshowers are able to show the way because we face the unknown ahead of the collective. We now converge as one heart, one unified field of expression. A unique creation happening within the boundaries of a unified level of global consciousness. We are merging in a Divine sense, as a Divine expression of the Christed HUman. The Solar Cosmic Christ is a template provided as a bridge to where we are headed. A wise template-builder once said, You will do all this and more. First, the All this. Then the More.

These levels of light may make for an ungrounded experience. This is a unique passage with new things to show us about ourselves. Share it with your Higher Levels, Gaia, and telepathically with the HUman grid. We surge the new experiences into the collective mind.

Pineal and Higher Light Upgrades

The High Heart, Pineal, Crown, Vagus Nerve (ears, throat, heart, solar plexus) may be getting a workout as the New Light increases since the Equinox-Blood Moon Gate. Also intense amounts of Light; it is extremely bright with the eyes closed. The shifts in side-effects over the last month are too plentiful to list; trust your Higher Self with the amplifications. Take care of the vessel as it adjusts – these symptoms are unique to your journey.

Tired-and-wired continues, that seems to be the new normal. The lines between waking and dreaming dissipate as the veils dissolve. It is what it is, welcome to unity consciousness. Higher Self suggests enjoying cave-time, in little bits, to let the body reconstruct into its true reflection of Self.

Perhaps you have noticed the pinpoints of light which begin with eyes open and expand if you close your eyes. I have several beings breaking through the veils, at my request, to be more visible to me (5D or above). They understand how I would like to communicate and are building those bridges with me. I highly recommend communicating – out loud for clarity – with your Team as they present in your consciousness. They respond to your level of creativity – this is a co-creation – so design it as you like. It makes it easier now that we have eyes-open interaction.

Telepathic communication

Grounded telepathy – HUman to HUman – takes practice, and I encourage playing with it. You may have noticed the nudge to connect with someone, then when you get together it seems everything has already been shared. Get used to this; our Higher levels are getting more acute in their energetic exchanges as the grid of awakened HUman hearts gains energetic momentum.

Telepathic merges with higher states of consciousness seem to be getting clearer and easier since the last Gateway. I hear it will be easier to interpret/transmit telepathic downloads – which can be vast amounts of intel – after the next Cosmic trigger. I sense it is our unified mind which will strengthen in its desire for Love, Peace, Balance and Purity, rather than a need for more information.

Using the Cosmic Trigger

While the collective consciousness cannot sabotage a wave of New Light, it can be steered into using it for a positive acceleration, or falling into fear. We have the rule book now, beloveds, as well as the upper hand due to the 5D vibration in our consciousness.

Feel into this message and hear the Higher calling for action during this wave. Much of it is telepathic; comprehension of New Light intelligence is growing, the acceleration will become more streamlined since so many are cosnciously connected this way. Keep clear. I feel a turning point in many of our lifestreams; let us share our highest intentions and put our new skills to benefit the Shift and all concerned.

In Love, Light and Service,

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