Unity for the Eclipse Passage: Three Offerings

Blessings Beloveds ~

These rising energies are beautiful, and sometimes overwhelming.Radical expansion at all levels, paired with deep release. Density is falling away, fading from our existence here.This is a unique realm shift for Gaia, and I weep with gratitude that I AM here to witness it.Thought pattern shifts, emotional releases, lightbody expansion, spaciousness in the new light, and completion energies have us walking in many realms at once.Many are requesting guidance to stay balanced, and I received pages of advice for this passage that cannot wait for the Convergence in May.Feel how quickly this accelerates in just a few weeks!Unity is a powerful elixir for the Heart and Soul right Now. Here are three offerings for this transformative passage:Free YouTube Live EventSaturday April 23 at 9AM-10AM PDT

How are you dealing with the increasing energies? Keeping up … or overwhelmed?A perfect moment for clarity on what is occurring, and to ground our collective experience for balance and comprehension.YouTube Live this Saturday with guidance for the NOW:– New effects of biophotonic transformation (radiating crystalline cells!)– Experiencing the Realm Shift– What to do when you don’t know what is next– Prep for the intense rise in Eclipse Season energiesSubscribe to my YouTube channel for the live event.Replay will auto-post to my channel afterward.Crystalline Convergence in SedonaMay 14-15 at the Creative Life CenterThe final eclipse of this passage lands during the Convergence.We are called to be out on Gaia together, so I added private shuttles for our SUNday evening ceremony on the Redrocks (now included in your Convergence ticket). Cosmic alignments provide a simultaneous SUNset and Full Moon Rise, right before the eclipse.I feel it every time I AM on the Redrocks: the organic Stargates are flowing through our DNA and Hearts. We will serve as conduits for the Crystalline energy influx on this Sacred land, as One representing all.Dear hearts, feel into the unified connection with our live group. Global Grid and Gatekeepers are ushering in a brand new experience of Gaia during this eclipse passage.We still have seats available at the Convergence for all who are called.*Details and Registration HERESUNday Unity Meditations

Here we glow; a perfect moment to utilize the emerging new consciousness.Join us at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-8) for Global Synchronized Meditations. Focus for 30 minutes on Peace, Unity and Ascension.Details, free guided meditation, time converters and more HERE

See you in the field of Divine Love.  Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,


*Gate & Gridkeepers called to Sedona for the Convergence & Eclipse:
We support you getting here in person. Receive $111 off in-person ticket with code: FREEDOM


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