Unique Gate Opening Occurring: Post-Choice-Point

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Gatekeepers will be opening for the November 21-25 influx starting with the New Moon, Saturday 3:42amPT. While the light is ever-increasing, this Gateway has a unique quality to it, mainly because of what was experienced during the Light Tribe choice-point phase. The Cosmic Trigger of November 23rd initiates the Sacred passage of the December/January influxes. This is not an open-and-closed Gateway, it is the opening for the seven-week transformational passage for forerunners/Wayshowers of Ascension.

It has been a strong year; we open our hearts to the unknown, yet intuitively felt, embodiment of the multidimensional Self at the New Earth level. Solaris has been strong in my awareness all week as well; an indication of Solar Cosmic Christ support on the way.

The Light Tribe Choice Point: Mastery Test and Bifurcation Side-Effects

The Light Tribe choice point comes to a close with this Gateway. Many felt -or are feeling – this choice point in a profound way. The disconnection from Secondary timelines over the last few weeks took us to a deeper understanding of the Ascending Self. The sense of detachment from the old Self, old realities, emotions, even the heart-center for some, was a strong test of Mastery. It may have challenged fears, habits or beliefs. Old coping mechanisms may have surfaced. Most of that is the physical, mental and emotional levels grasping for an old reality which is gone. The hang-time between absent lower timelines (dissolving platforms) and a fully anchored new reality makes the lower consciousness uncomfortable. It searches for the familiar and finds nothing to cling to. As always, we are paving the energetic pathways to the new experience.

If we are to become beings who can go into distorted realities and transform them back to pure Light, we must experience Mastery of that function here. When all is veiled, clarity and guidance are stripped away, we discover our True Self. Mastery dispels doubt from our core to reveal our faith in ourselves, the unconditional power of Love, and the omniscient Presence of Source. This is a unique experiment in consciousness, and all will be tried and tested on behalf of other systems and realities.

For those emerging from the Light Tribe choice-point phase with the unshakable core knowing I AM Divine Love, I AM Source, no matter what; we are prepared to receive the consciousness-shifting, reality-changing experience of embodiment. We open as conduits, as Avatars of the next experience, infuse the collective and grids with that vibration, and let the Higher Self/Higher Light aspects take over.

Some of the surreal sensations are caused by the timeline bifurcation itself; the neither here nor there sensation. The Primary timelines do not feel time-based, it opens us to the pure experience of absolute Presence. It is an unexplored phenomenon to do this on a global scale during a dimensional shift.

The choice-point clearing is a reflection of the Solar-system-wide reorganization into Divine Order. Embrace this perspective of Unity consciousness; we are not separate from any of these unfoldments. We are having a vivid experience of the journey from Creator, to Creation, and back to Creator.

Opportunities to connect as One

Let us Unify for highest possible outcomes. Surrender the internal and external battles, hold your heart as pure LoveLight, and find solace in Divine Service. We are holding a huge space for transformation, let the busy-ness simplify for maximum ease and grace. Call forth maximum wonderful for all.

Saturday, November 18: New Moon at 3:42amPT – Gatekeepers opening for the influx next week. Open your heart, surrender lower timeline attachments. Individually, you make the choice to end attachment to old realities when you are capable. Collectively, we are moving forward to align with this Divine opportunity.

SUNday, November 19: Unity Meditations at 8:11am, 11:11am, and 5:11pmPT. We hold this field of pure Light for all. Join us. Christ Light activation mp3 and details HERE. This is a weekly opportunity to exchange light codes and DNA upgrades. Ask for support before meditating if you need it, provide support if you can. We are becoming one force of Source. Gatekeepers, thank you for holding space for these divine exchanges and upgrades to occur. You are witnessed.

Tuesday, November 21 – November 25: the initiation of the Sacred seven-week passage.

Thursday, November 23: Cosmic Trigger. All available Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Lightworkers, Wayshowers, High-Vibe Tribe, get out on Gaia with your crystals to receive and infuse the grids. We open as pure conduits for the highest amplification, in the highest interest of the Ascension. It is Thanksgiving in the USA; gratitude to all who step away for the good work. Connect with Solaris, it feels like unique codes will be flowing in.

Positive Head Podcast replay

The episode of the Positive Head podcast is available now. I truly enjoyed connecting with Brandon Beachum. We had a heart-expanding conversation about Gatekeeping, timelines, Unity consciousness, and the bizarre and beautiful journey of Ascension.  I AM loving these new connections as the Tribes come together with open hearts and minds. Blessings and bows as the fractals reunify, and share the stories of our journeys. iTunes and replay links can be found in yesterday’s post HERE.

Gratitude for All Willing Hearts

The intensity and surreal sensations show us where our heart and intentions are centered. As always, use the Light to amplify the higher experience of Love and transparency within. This is a profound passage for self-realization. Realities will self-correct as these consciousness-evolving frequencies grow stronger, and as the Light Tribe transforms into pure, authentic crystalline conduits. Kindwhile, let us support and interact with these Divine Light influxes as the Divine BEings we truly are.

In Love, Light and Service,

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