The Merge Happens in the SUN

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Gratitude to all who aligned with the Cosmic Trigger shift last weekend with clear intentions intact. Powerful is too small a term to describe its effect on our journeys. Even the Geo-awakened were surprised at the sudden burst in activity. I feel forward to the time when Galactics and Geo-geeks work together on the Shift. Kindwhile, the Team provides the intel and we respond accordingly in service to the collective. We are now launched into the Equinox Gate with consistent energetic activity. The next four weeks demand focus, clarity and Mastery-level engagement as our journeys merge with the esoteric.

Mystery School Parallels

This week’s article will be a live conversation on Lauren Galey’s Healing Conversations broadcast. Join us Thursday, August 27 at 3pmPT for a deep look at the parallels of this journey with the Mystery School path. I AM opening up my Gatekeeper journal to reveal some of the visions, experiences and wisdom attained which serves our transformation. It will be a deep activation for many of you who have explored the Mystery Schools in past journeys.

Lauren is also offering an Ascension Path deal through her website. Register for the Healing Conversation here: (offer expired).  You will receive a link to the show via email just before the broadcast.

Ascension Path call replay and September protocol

For those participating in Ascension Path, be sure to listen to last week’s Connection Call replay. We had a profound sharing, with a unique vibration that was highly encoded to support our entry into the Equinox Gateway. Everything is aligned for our embodiment. I AM so honored to share this journey with you, thank you for walking the Path with me.

I AM creating a September protocol as maximum preparation for the final Equinox-Blood Moon Gateway. Please join the next class call on September 2 for an overview; notes/video link will be posted in the call replay section next week. Be sure to practice your Multidimensional Merge sequences as we integrate the Cosmic Trigger energies.

In Love, Light and Service,

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