Synchronized Events for the Equinox Gateway March 20th

Message updated March 9 with new Light codes

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

We have a major Gateway opening on the Equinox, Thursday March 20th at 9:57 AM PDT, 16:57 UTC. (Check your local time for the Equinox here.)

The energies we are experiencing right now are the prequel to this new light wave – and it is 11 days away as of this post. It is that vibrant! It continues through Solstice, with amplifications in April and May. It is a perfect storm of Ascension energies. You might feel like you’re standing aboard the great ship Gaia as she sways in this new light wave.

This new light provides BALANCE, ORDER, PEACE and SOLAR COSMIC CHRIST initiations. Since we all have the game book now, we may utilize this cosmic trigger to accelerate divinity, purity and a cosmic dissolvement of all which does not compliment the whole. This is not about judgment. Ever. It is about BEing the Christed Light. Vibration = Vibration.

Our participation assists the collective

We have tremendous support at the Ascended Master, Archangelic, Supreme Light Creator and Galactic levels. As the high-vibe tribe understands, Cosmic Law must be obeyed – so the collective consciousness can only receive the maximum benefit of any incoming light by welcoming it in and transmitting it to the collective and higher realms.

In order to receive this new light which holds codes for Divine Will, Divine Love and Divine Unity, we must send out the same to all of creation. To every Brother and Sister on the planet, in divine neutrality. The focus here is on HUmanity – we welcome in and broadcast this pure lovelight as it enters on the Equinox in a Unified way. Separation is over, we have to prove that we desire that reality, right now.

Light servers, Feel into this message

I know many have received *pay attention on the Equinox* messages, however we have an opportunity to anchor pure light and amplify it – that means welcoming the light and being in a state of reception and transmission on the Equinox itself.

Preparation includes everything we have been writing about – purification of body, mind, ego, emotions and a focus on heart-based peacefulness. End all of the conflict and disharmony possible within your own beingness. Do not attack others or throw opinions around. Stop those energies in their tracks, resist the push-back or sharing of unsolicited advice/opinions. Those energies will get the full boomerang effect of this new wave; Zero Point dynamics are going to become intense for many with distortions or disharmony in their fields or body vehicle. We’re beyond the put up or shut up cutoff point, please get through whatever keeps you from your Mastery.

Be Masterful in your expression and intentions

Please, no drama or symptom talk – set all the emotional triggers to rest for yourself and others – and be heartful when you speak about the Equinox. I AM not guided to create a global event page on facebook or anything of that nature. Why? Because many people are triggered by light encodements when they have baggage or unresolved issues, which leads to them getting too fired up (panicky) or asking a lot of questions when our focus needs to be Peace, Stability, Harmony and Balancing the incoming light. These energies will get intense, let us focus on the grid of HUman hearts and our intention to serve the collective, making it as easy as possible for all to experience the divine Christed activations. You may feel like you’re in a love bubble – that is 5D/6D activations. Set aside the symptom talk and focus on the incoming Divine Light.

Equinox Unified Intentions

All Sources are encouraging GATHERINGS and UNIFIED FOCUS on the Equinox itself. Get together right where you are placed – find the local collective (hang up a flyer, try, holistic centers, anywhere awakened folks tend to gather). You will be surprised at how widespread the awakening has become. No assumptions that your town or neighborhood is asleep. That is impossible at this point. Let’s all step into the Leadership roles with grace and harmony.

The new light creates a sense of urgency because it is targeting crystalline cellular structures. As they vibrate faster, the emotional body can get triggered. Be the calm. There are many on the planet who are capable of assisting in a harmonious way; no judgment if you cannot. Breathe. As Gaia always says, it is a birth not a funeral. If you are guided to a Sacred Site, gather with others in Peace and Unity consciousness. Any kind of peaceful meditation at the Equinox hour is appreciated. As always, visualize the harmonious new paradigm in the Now.

Gridwork, Gatekeepers and Benevolent Intentions

Let’s use our high-vibe creativity and plan on being in meditation – perfect inner balance and harmony – for the Equinox. Gatekeepers and those in service to the new light, we will be anchoring for the usual three days before/three days after this Gateway.

On the Equinox

As awakened and Ascending beings – wayshowers – we have a Gateway which holds light-encodements, electronic surges, photonic-magnetic demands, and a big acceleration of the Solar Cosmic Christed state. All of these can be in your anchoring intentions before, during and after the Equinox.

On the day itself, be offline and tune in to the collective intentions for Peace, Love, Light, Harmony, Balance, and the Ascension of HUmanity. We know it is easier to work with elementals and kingdoms, however our focus is on HUmanity, who are the main decision makers for the planetary experience (that’s YOU and everyone around you.) We may provide beautiful balancing and stability if we are able to Unify in Oneness. As this wave comes through, everything is changed. Permanently. We can amplify this for everyone on the planet by BEing in our Oneness, Grace and Higher BEingness.

We are proving to the Higher realms and our Higher beingness that we are ready, willing, and capable of holding more light and peaceful intentions. If we hold this intention in our meditations, ceremonies, and gatherings, the amplification of that light will be miraculous. Vibration = vibration. Higher vibration = Higher vibration. Give more lovelight = receive more lovelight.

Please share or repost this message in Unified Intention to receive and transmit the embodiment of Divine Love, Peace in all nations, Balance in all systems, and Divine Will in the hearts of all of HUmanity. <3 Blessings Be <3

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