Ready for Solstice: Global Meditation and Magnetic Shifts

Blessings Beloveds ~

Are you feeling the deeply spiritual energies of this powerful Solstice week? New frequencies are expanding Gaia’s crystalline core, opening the fields for a pure realm-shifting, consciousness-shifting experience for open hearts.⁠

Solstice peak is on Thursday, December 21 at 7:27PM PST /10:27pm EST/ UTC – 8.

Join us for a Unity Meditation for 30 minutes, offline, during this auspicious alignment at Solstice peak.⁠
 Open as a pure conduit of Source LoveLight Intelligence and let the light flow through your heart center. If you can be outside on the land to connect with the cosmic flows, all the better.

You may feel more of YOU flowing in with these new energies. Honor the days of transformation from Solstice through Christmas (December 21 – 25) with ceremony, meditations, gratitude, and practices for receiving. This mystic passage is a long-honored alignment for spiritual growth and deep insights. Cosmic alignments provide unity with the higher realms, cosmic forces, and organic Ascension gateways. Spiritually intense energies deliver pure LoveLight Intelligence during this passage.⁠

Use this week to fully accept your New Self, and resolve the old. Every Kryst path experiences death and rebirth. In our modern journey of the return of the Kryst, we experience this as a collective. Unity Consciousness changes the field, we experience Divine reunion with Source, and rebirth into a new realm, a new experience.⁠

The unique alignments during Sacred Season cause core magnetic shifts. Not the scary pole-flip narratives; a shift of the magnetics which hold our realities in place. More flexibility, more gateways opening to the higher realms – the new expressions of Gaia.

These magnetic shifts open Stargates during Sacred Season within and without, providing powerful activations, visions, insights. revelations, resolution of past distortions, and resurrection of the Infinite Kryst Presence.⁠

Take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade. Create the conditions for Divine alignment, and open to receive.⁠

Read the full Sacred Season article with practices HERE

Infinite LoveLight to you and your loved ones during this auspicious Sacred Season. Gratitude for shining your Light brightly in these realms! Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,



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