Pure Light for Pure Conduits

Notice the change in the Magnetosphere’s reaction to the recent X and M flares. These waves of light are different – they cannot be measured by traditional electro-magnetic standards. The KP index doesn’t show the usual impact of a typical CME or flare activity – for days and days now. It looks like the chart is broken after watching the impact of past flares. So what is this?

Incoming waves of photonic purity

The current wave of light frequencies, which will become much more intense beginning this week, are highly refined particles of light. These purer photonic light waves are the answer to our questions Why do I feel like something wonderful is about to occur? and What is the purpose of my need for solitude, isolation, silence?

The merge passage is upon us. Personally, I have noticed a big jump in (5D and above) lightbeing activity. This is a perception change; quite simply I AM seeing more, hearing more, feeling more of the frequencies because the new light supports it. All of these beautiful beings are more present because I AM taking the time to merge more deeply with my higher aspects. The companion piece to this new light was the preparation for it: the clearing, the detoxing, the silence, the willingness to be open to it. All of that work is paying off. The experience of consistent Unity with these higher realms is absolute Grace. I AM watching aspects of myself coagulate in preparation for something new.

The November Merge

November keeps presenting as a vital window for an intense stage of the merge. My Higher Self seems to be involved in the technicalities of the merge (a fascination of mine – as above, so below). I AM blessed to be relieved of mind-level processing right now; all of my direction is about stillness, silence, writing down what presents. It feels like something that will be helpful later, like trail markers left behind for others on the same path. True Wayshowing is very straight-forward: demonstrate how this is done, share the experience along the way.

How to walk through this passage

I still feel that this passage – now through December – will be glorious for those on the Ascension path including Wayshowers, Gatekeepers and those in Service to the Light. Why single out a group of the awakened? Because the folks who have opened their lifestream to be out, open and leading the collective through this Shift have set up a magnetic which draws the new experience right into their expression. By sharing the journey, doing the work, and embracing the change, we turned ourselves into conduits of the new light. Willingness to walk into the unexplored passage gives you the KEY to those unopened doors. Some walk through, some watch others walk through before moving forward. No judgment, that’s just the roles we agreed to play.

For some, becoming Guardians of the New Light demands surrender on a Galactic or Universal level. In this passage, the lower expression (in-carnate) must give up any attachments to what was, is or will be. All of us will have a unique role, unique experience during the merge. Let us remember that we have not done this before in the body. No matter what you have heard (we are Masters already, we’ve done this before, it is inevitable, it’s already happened), the merge is to be experienced as a unique expression of Source.  So be it. There will be collective experiences and side-effects (symptoms), however we must honor what our Higher Levels want to create.

Enjoy your unique experience. Know that everyone feels a little lonely right now. Know it may feel freaky. Going sane feels a lot like going crazy; give your higher levels the opportunity to take over. We’re not leveling up with our ego, emotions or mind-level in tact. You need to give your Higher levels a chance to create the miraculous. Honor it with whatever makes you feel connected to your Higher Self, and be flexible as the merge unfolds. Be in nature to receive the pure vibration, and sleep (lay down, be still) so the integration/adjustments can occur. Meditate.

Higher levels of light translate to higher levels of creator skills, so be aware and conscious of your choices right now. Amplification will pick up during this window, and I do not feel this is the time to create anything complex other than the merge itself. Isn’t that enough? Convince your mind/ego/emotions to be satisfied with just this experience. They may rebel out of fear; engage your spiritual maturity and let the nonsense go.

Creating in alignment with the true you may have to wait until significant shifts occur in early November. Give it some space to show you what you are truly becoming. Surrender the doing and busy-ness if you can; I promise it will be profound if you focus on your Ascension process.

Experiments in Isolation

My guidance is asking for several days of fasting and isolation. I understand why, and know this is the best way I can support what is happening collectively in the higher realms. When I look at it, it feels like the last great purge of a collective dynamic – both painful and profound. Gatekeepers were released from collective density, now it feels like the body vehicle will undergo some major energetic changes in order to support a full embodiment of spirit (higher levels). I will write when guided to share – I see an update prior to the November 3 Eclipse as the waves come in this week.

Obviously something wonderful is about to unfold. Let us hold each other in our hearts as these waves of light honor our magnetic intent to become the NEW.
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