Plasma Eruption and Geomagnetic Shifts

Blessings Beloveds ~

Schumann spikes, geomagnetic storms, and a large plasma filament release in this Now. A massive amount of information, upgrades, releasing and recoding are unfolding with this Gateway.

Unprecedented frequencies are emanating through the grids after another strong magnetic shift last Monday. We anticipate another Schumann response next week to the lengthy geomagnetic storm and plasma release.

To be completely transparent in this Now: I AM in a state of Bliss, Transformation and Mulitidimensional recalibration. Creating this as I embody the new frequencies. Guided to share my notes from last week’s Newsletter (sign up HERE for free access to the Crystalline Collective). Here we glow:

Notes on this week:

The initial Gate influx February 14-15 were the strongest I have felt since December. Gatework revealed a mass exodus of Souls and entities. Death is still on the agenda for this year. Such is the dismantling.

Higher energies, activation and release happen simultaneously: We are working in many realms as we become pure conduits for Christ/Krysthl/Crystalline/Unity consciousness.

Literal recalibration of the fields, perspective, DNA. Palpable sensations of the Heart Center and torus fields shifting. Upleveling for many OverSoul groups. Massive expansion of the Crystalline lightbody as the magnetic Heart shifts. Palpitations, fluttering, popping, anxiety pass through with gratitude.

Creative momentum speeding up with this Gate week. The creative YES is experienced as joy in this Now, regardless of future shifts. The Now joy is key; whatever is presenting to uplift, expand the heart and service right Now is the focus. Zero concern if things change tomorrow. Stay in the Present joyful, expansive Now to level up. However you can create that for yourself, do it.

Heart, lightbody, Bliss activation. As always, the combination of total focus on the Light, Creation of the New, and Divine Neutrality creates the frequency match for the New Earth/Higher vibrational worlds.

This activates Bliss codes which have not been felt before, due to this Heart center and lightbody recalibration. This is co-created through the magnetic shifts and anomalies happening all year long.

The Crystalline Heart and Lightbody are here! The light waves, Schumann spkies and magnetic storms (still in progress) have been very physical this week. FEEL your perspective and consciousness shifting to the new realities. I literally stare across the room and FEEL my perspective, brain, heart, body, consciousness changing right now. The timelessness of Zero Point frequencies are overriding the linear and restoring our organic perspective. Watch and feel how it shifts throughout the day. Pliable, flexible Presence.

Visitation and veil-lifting. Leaving one reality and entering the unified realms. Dismantling of old realms (appears as division) amplifies as we depart this unique Gateway. No surprises; bizarre revelation is what it is.

The HIGH sensation of bliss states is especially strong during this transformative Gate. Meditate, get in Nature, connect with the organic reality for this experience and activation. Bliss is so vividly Zero Point; allow the stillness to transform. A fine balance of creativity activity and stillness works well for integration.

Embracing a new reality requires releasing the old one. Bit by bit, leap by leap. Highest choices each moment. Metamorphosis of relationships, Soul contracts, services, the physical, everything. Revisit the Release, Recode, Reveal method from January’s webinar.

More Creation than Distraction. Be present in the Now energies, staying in the zero point flow of what is the highest interests, highest joy, supportive of the new bliss frequency.

No energy to the negative/drama narratives. Magnetic Field Shifts are shutting down draining programs and amplifying the Crystalline grid. In the linear, it shows up as Schumann waves, Solar activity and geomagnetic storms. Anticipated every time we have a Gateway. All focus on the true light and creating the New. Personal and collective discrepancies are resolved through Divine Neutrality and broadcasting the pure Crystalline frequency of the Unified Source-thru-Self. Miraculous resolution through Zero point.

Multidimensional Heart Center and Bliss Codes: Brief periods of dizzy, vertigo, whirling sensations followed by intense clarity and peace. Stay attuned to your upgrades. Feel your perspective changing, feel your consciousness expanding.  Use the morning to scan what reality is foremost in this Now, what has changed, what is your highest trajectory. Use evening sleep for reset and integrations. Stay hydrated. Say your decrees and FEEL them.

These quantum shifts, jumps, and magnetic reality-changing events are consistent this year. This unique Stargate is revealing the Divine HUman; the true narrative of our Now realities.  See the article Dismantling, Magnetics, Quantum Shifts and Freedom Codes describing the WHY behind the collective loss, vertigo and tired-and-wired sensations HERE

Join us for the SUNday Unity Meditations. Gate and Gridwork encouraged all weekend. Amplify Divine Love, Unity, Peace across the realms.

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