Mastery Evaluation: Choice-Point Check In

Blessings Beloveds ~

In our Mastery, we evaluate our path, resolve what was previously created, and consciously make higher choices to create the New.

Everything we do affects the whole, in stronger ways as the frequency and light level rises.

Unity Consciousness is a radically different state of beingness. We use these choice-point jumps in vibration to shift our journey quickly, and with as much ease and grace as possible.

Self-Evaluation Prompts

Meditate on these questions. The mind may have memorized responses. Let the truth arise from the Heart.

Journal your responses to light-ground them into the physical realms. Witnessing your written answers is a powerful practice.

Be honest with Source as your primary authority. All responses, feelings, and insights are okay. Willingness to evaluate your journey and shift where needed is key.

Detach from worthiness or perfectionism; perceive what is real in this Now. Don’t reject what you have created. Mastery requires consistent refinement and practice until the Source flow is restored within.

Core Intention

What is my core intention of my Ascension?

To Become:
To Experience:
To Create:
To Serve:

How do these feel in my heart, can I sense these intentions there?
Feel and visualize the short term outcome, long term outcome, collective outcome, Gaia outcome, and Cosmic outcome of your intentions.

Proper Use of Life Force

Am I creating disharmony or discord in any of these areas:
Relationships: family, friends, coworkers, community
Service, Employment, Creations
Thoughts, Words, Actions, Feelings

Releasing the Old Self

What physical, emotional, mental, egoic, or spiritual habits are no longer serving my Ascension?

Any relationships, partnerships or projects that no longer serve my journey?

How resilient is my nervous system? Do I come back into balance quickly when changes present?

Name some positive actions to take in this Now to shift any outdated narratives, habits, or practices.

Source-Revelation in the Heart

How does Source/God/Infinite Creator feel in the temple of my heart?

Am I allowing the I AM Presence to direct this journey, or at least inform my path?

Am I willing to expand my heart to its full radiance? Any resistance, fears, or trust issues?

How easily do I qualify the Light, transform with the Light, open and feel my Heart center as a pure conduit of Divine flow?

More Support for your Journey

I hope these prompts have provided some clarity on your current choice-points.

This is a simplified version of an exercise from the Mastery Intensive course. For advanced Ascension studies, visit

In Love, Light, and Service,
Sandra Walter


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