Magnetic Flux and Emotions, Upcoming Shift

Blessings Beloveds ~

If you felt exhausted or emotional during the magnetic fluctuations during Monday’s stargate opening, you were not alone. This will be consistent, since magnetic field fluctuations have been strong and constant.

This affects our emotional fields, which are based on magnetics. Gaia responded with a few strong Schumann bursts. The charts are fun, but they only document the linear correlations.

Remember this is happening across the realms; the experience in the physical is always a reflection of what is happening in multiple dimensions and densities. Apply quantum wisdom and awareness to everything!

A point made earlier this year that I would like to revisit:

You can feel it through the distractions: something brilliant is happening. Something unexpected. And it has nothing to do with old agendas or outcomes.

The opportunities for how the Division of worlds/realities and Ascension itself will unfold have expanded. It’s a good moment to focus on the higher thing happening with our collective consciousness. Crystalline Lightbody upgrades and DNA reconnection over the last two years have co-created new bridges to multiple realms of Gaia/New Earth.

In brief, this Ascension can unfold in new and unexpected ways. New experiences present with expansion of Divine Light; the zero-point encoded frequencies which command more radiance, more expansion, more possibilities. The magnetic shifts in our local star system and planet are supporting our highest co-creation. That in itself is an active Freedom Code; expect the unexpected.

Our collective consciousness is incredibly powerful when the Crystalline Stargate of the Heart is open, aligned, and actively participating in the Right Use of Life Force.

Practice this with every thought, word, deed, creation. Amplification of intent is a powerful tool; amplify the realities your heart desires. Freedom rather than energizing of negative outcomes, please.

If you have participated in the Crystalline Convergence or Level Up Mastery Course practices, this is a crucial time to implement the Kryst/Christ Frequency. Apply that knowledge and skill. Operate as a pure generator of reality/realm-shifting LoveLight. Let the frequency transmute all distortions, internal and external, with Divine Neutrality in Heart.

This is the key to Division of Worlds; the splintering off and dissolvement of distorted use of life force. When we do this collectively by amplifying the light, the process accelerates.

Upcoming Key Passage: July 23 – 29

A Full Moon, a Stargate opening and alignment, the Day out of Time and Mayan New Year, anticipated intense energies and shifts. We are being prepared for it already.

Encoded Crystalline Plasma is powerful. It is flowing with great intensity in this Now. Note the magnetic adjustments and Solar Expansion. We prepare for the next Gateway, July 23-29, which brings strong revelation energies.

Apply revelation in your own journey now, in service to the whole. What POSITIVE agenda can be revealed in this Now, through you?

Join us on SUNday July 18 to launch this passage with Divine Intent.

Global Unity Meditations at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM Pacific Daylight time.

Distribute Freedom codes to all willing hearts. Open up, get into the feeling state of Freedom, and surge the collective with this Divine harmonic.

Freedom Codes: What they are, Why they are here, and How to use them

Read this month’s in-depth article¬† HERE

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

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