Higher Perspective on Cosmic Influxes

Blessings Beloveds ~

Here we are at the mid-October acceleration point. More dismantling, more Divine light influxes, more anomalies in our time-space experience. Heightening of frequencies delivers a heightening of our Ascension experience.

Crystalline hearts may sense a strong pulling toward your desired realm choice. The strength of your heart can be amplified with proper focus.

What seems chaotic is actually more possibilities opening in these realms. We are accustomed to dense, limited choices of reality. The realm split opens us to more possibilities, the natural state of Divine, expansive, limitless creation. Every higher choice opens us to more possibilities. Expansion reveals limitlessness.

Keep this in heart as we receive more intense (in a good way) cosmic influxes. You may have noticed the consistent activity in the Stargates, especially in our local SUN.

This is the passage of consistent activity, adjustments, and possibilities opening up for all of HUmanity. Loosening the density always has its physical representation. Weather. Our bodies. Conflict. Gaia shakes, clears, amplifies the organic stargates once more.

We hold the field of the highest truth through all of this. Unity. Peace. Divine LoveLight Intelligence.

It is the perfect Now to prepare for the October 14th wave of this next cycle, which includes the very brief and powerful eclipse window of October 25- November 8.

Be clear about your choice of reality, and demonstrate it in thought, word, feeling, action and creation. Maintain the vibration of your intention as the lower realities struggle and implode.

Remember there is vibrational support for the higher realm expression, not the lower. Good gets better, bad gets worse. View it as Source Divinity returning, rather than judging the collapse. As always; don’t watch it burn. Get on with creating the New.

Many of us are tasked with revelation of new states of beingness. Stay open to learning a new way of living as the Presence of Source LoveLight in these realms.

Use your Crystalline senses; they will show you the truth.

Preparing for Conferences

There are so many opportunities to gather, learn, and co-create in the next few months. ⁠ Connecting with Ascending hearts, doing the good work, and expanding our light together is needed.⁠

I AM honored to be presenting twice at the World Congress on Illumination in Santa Fe. We’ll have 300 live attendees generating a massive wave of light the week of October 16. Tap in: Patricia Cotes Robles’ daily presentation will be broadcasted via livestream on YouTube. https://www.eraofpeace.org

SUNday Unity Practice

Full Moon SUNday October 9 at 1:54pm PDT. A good day to be outside, feeling the cosmic waves, and staying balanced. Full Moon fasts have extra cleansing power; use this weekend to prepare for the next wave.

See you in the field for the SUNday Unity Meditations. Join us at 5AM, 8AM or 11AM PDT for extra Ascension support and unified infusions of peace.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

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