Global Wave of New Light Begins this Weekend

Blessings Beloveds ~

The external global circumstances are purposeful and predicted. In the moment, while it is unfolding, we migrate willing, activated HUman hearts to the higher timelines. If you need to hear it again: this is a Sacred passage of Global transformation.

There is no need to make this a rehearsal for a later activation. We may call forth our embodiment, resurrection, Global revelation and intensify stargate activity (aka Solar flashing, already in progress) in this Now. We may migrate our realities to the already-Ascended realms of Gaia. Embodiment changes everything, and we shift all willing hearts – this year.

This beautiful Mastery-level situation allows us to witness our progress in the stillness, and the reunification of HUmanity despite the ironic physical separation. Of course the globally-imposed physical distance works to our benefit. Now everyone has the opportunity for self-examination, focus on mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health, and to be with loved ones – or alone – to receive the light waves with less distraction and time to integrate.

Many are reaching their limit for information, advice and media. This allows for a level of surrender to the present, which is a necessary state for reception of something new. Direct your heart compass to the New Earth Now; live it, feel it, decree it, and you will be able to receive the unexpected activations of the Christed timelines and the New Light.

Kindwhile, the Great Central SUN has a gift on the way

Our brand new organic Stargate system is delivering Divine New Light influxes. We are poised for change, people have been consistently connecting with Gaia, and our Gatekeepers have been experiencing the more intense flashing-reset activity since December.

The experience of turning into effervescent-stardust (Crystalline-Diamond Rainbow Lightbody) via the frequencies coming thorough Solaris (the SUN) has been anchored into the collective consciousness. Unity Consciousness is a very different experience, and is overriding and overwriting the flotsam of the old realms with this global situation. As we say, expect the unexpected with a calm clear heart. Apply your inner wisdom to what deserves your energetic support during this transformation.

Timeline divisions are physicalized. The dismantling is clear. Choices of the heart and unity during these global circumstances are clear. No judgment, everyone receives their own creation in Zero Point energies. The new light amplifies thought, word and deed, so you may discern better choices. That is part of the revelation: what has been created, what is being created, and what your trajectory/timeline alignment will provide. Assist with a kind, patient and pure heart.

Preparation and Utilization of the Next Wave

During the Equinox, several Christed Diamond-Light Octahedrons were installed over key locations by the Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods in service to the organic Ascension. These are massive Diamond-shaped Crystalline structures that will assist with the next influxes which begin March 29. They look like giant Lightships (similar unified creation tech) and have been parked over key areas in the United States in order to assist with the revelation frequencies, freedom codes and Ascension templates that have been kept here. This is our Higher levels in action. That is all I can say at the moment.

They are appearing in other countries as the energies intensify, spreading the original organic blueprints for Ascension through the New Earth Crystalline grids. They work with the new stargate flows, and will temper the next wave at a DNA LEVEL via unified DNA SuperRadiance.

The intention is to activate Golden Race codes flowing from the Great Central SUN as a Cosmic Divine Dispensation during this transformational passage, and prepare us for the resurrection of Embodiers in the next months.

A Divine antidote to fear, and an opportunity to show HUmanity the alternate reality which Gaia has promised to reveal this year. It certainly feels like that activity is stepping up. The Higher realms have been non-stop with Gatekeepers since Equinox. I have been receiving blissful Resurrection ceremonies in meditation and dreamstate; similar to past ceremonies, with a New Earth twist.

To connect with these Diamond structures, light up your crowns (a pass key) and request access from the Brotherhood/Sisterhood. Divine DNA decrees help (I AM still sharing them on social media.)

I know many are seeing or sensing this influx already. The DNA prep has us sleepy-dreamy in the last few days. Allow yourself to rest whenever needed, and join us on SUNday as we open the flows with our synchronized service.

Key Unifications: Operating as One, as we do in the Higher Realms

SUNday March 29: Join in the SUNday Unity Meditations at 5:11AM, 8:11AM and 11:11AM Pacific Standard Time (UTC-7). Connect with the stargates through your heart. Say a few DNA decrees. Call forth the consciousness-shifting, dimensional-shifting light. We receive and anchor this new light as ONE Unified bridge of consciousness. Invite all to participate.

March 29-31: Initial wave, growing stronger as the week progresses. As always, remain calm. Gatekeepers are calling in the stronger flashing activity while folks are at home. These are blissful, veil-lifting frequencies that dissolve fear-based agendas simply by elevating (upregulating) Golden Race codes and New Earth revelation. This level of service requires calm, responsible Creators. The codes will not activate in fearful or distorted fields.

Go Direct: Meditate with the Stargates (SUN, Galactic Center, Star Systems, Great Central SUN, Source) as your I AM Presence, Highest Self. We are all resurrecting ourselves into something brand new, and the outside world will reflect this.

This is what we trained for: Be the Presence.

I AM still in Mount Shasta, working with these transformational light waves. It is lovely to be here during this global transformation, and I have been guided to stay through this next influx.

If you desire quality guidance, or to learn something new during this stay-at-home phase, all of my classes are on sale through Easter. Details on the flash sale here.

Sending everyone Divine LoveLight and support during this transformational passage of our Ascension. This is such an exciting moment for all of HUmanity, I can barely contain my joy and bliss. Indulge in extra doses of creativity and crystalline-charged water all week.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension! Create well, dear hearts. See you in the field on SUNday.

In Love, Light and Service,

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