Gateway Acceleration: November 23 -28

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Gatekeepers opened for the incoming light yesterday. Our influx is November 23 – 28. My experience with the Shasta Gates is powerful right now; this feels like a strong acceleration. Your assistance is requested to call our Sacred Self-empowerment in and forth. The High-vibe tribe is busy balancing and calling in the acceleration.

We welcome everyone available to assist as the holiday season and dis-empowering agendas tend to scatter focus.

Full Moon synchronization would be complimentary, let us unite as One Heart in Service to the empowerment of Divine HUmanity embodying our Christed Consciousness. Note that the Resurrection phase is intensifying for many. The process itself is changing shape, morphing into a higher expression to serve the Christed Self.

Solar focus: Participation = Activation 

We are receiving/bridging with crystals in the ground (Gatekeepers use every crystal placed by a Lightworker), HUman Heart grid and Crystalline Grid. Hearts open and connecting specifically with Solaris (the SUN). We have a Solar focus right now as many merge with their Solar Cosmic Christed aspect. It serves your embodiment as well as supporting the Light Tribe creating the Christed HUman heart grid for Gaia. As above so below; connect with that Solar beingness. As always, our receptivity allows for amplification; stay focused as a few more layers of the veils are released.

Many of you are entering a new level of Self-realization; please step into your heightened gifts. Own them, and apply them to these Gateways with integrity, HUmility and Pure Intent to Serve.

Resurrection: Part Two

Most of the Part Two material has been transmitted through last week’s conversation with Lauren Galey. I encourage you to listen to my strongest transmission to date, now in video format, with footage from the magnetic shift up on Shasta. We discussed Ascension, Resurrection, Solar consciousness, quantum gravity, the dimensional Shift, what is ahead for 2016, the light pulses of 2017, the layered messages within the intel, Christed leadership, Solar consciousness, using the HUman heart grid, Corey Goode, Gatekeepers, serving in the New Light, and much, much more. Well worth the time and many questions were addressed. Perhaps you will notice the change in the frequency of my voice. Typically the videos do not get re-blogged; I thank you for sharing this transmission, if it resonates, with your friends and groups. Listen/watch the video at

While last week’s video could serve for a year, I hope to write more during the week. Yesterday’s Gateway opening brought in the purest, highest Light I have encountered – and another wave threaded its way into the Gates last night. It created a warping effect on the Gates (and my energy fields), like being torn away from all other options. A further de-construction of the quantum gravity which held 3D in place. That fluctuating pull between old and new realities felt by the collective, amplified by shifting magnetics. High-vibe Tribe holds stability, even through the lift of transcendence. Even though I called in support during the warp sensation, I was granted a further strengthening of my Christed level. We learn so much in allowing vulnerability; truly there is no battle here, simply the urgency of revelation. (Much more on that in the video replay, give it a listen.)

The Light is stimulating; recognize where your thoughts are directed, as the magnetic shifts affect how we interpret information. Vibration = vibration. My focus is on the incoming Light, as it greatly supports the Resurrection phase. We can use all the assistance available with this beautiful activity of Sacred union. Let us step into our Higher skills with ease and grace. All is incredibly well. I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You.

In Love, Light and Service,

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