Freedom codes and Quantum shifting via Magnetic Storms

Blessings Beloveds ~

It was an intense frequency week. Geomagnetic storms. Schumann spikes after magnetic adjustments. Perhaps you felt the quantum realms shifting our realities – again.

This is the area of space we are currently traversing; pure Source-encoded crystalline plasma bombardment. It is engulfing our Solar System, flowing through the SUN, and recoding our realities.

The Quantum realm codes, which provide a true experience of unity consciousness, began to infiltrate our Solar system last June. The SUN was recoded and realigned so the organic ascended realms could begin to physicalize. A great leveling up of frequency began, and the way we exist in the body (going lightbody). This recoding of realities and brilliant new frequencies increased their flow in mid-December.  These unique codes streaming in as crystalline plasma make quantum consciousness readily available. Quantum recoding affects many realms simultaneously.  A reunification of organic realms and our crystalline choices.

As always, the experience is anchored through many starseeds who have the resonant biolandscape and consciousness to integrate these crystalline consciousness infusions.

It has been revealed to many that a new level of quantum beingness is already anchored in the collective DNA field.

As the distractions of 2020 dissolve, more will realize this powerful shift gaining unstoppable momentum. Ascension is inevitable. That is the quantum outcome; no matter how many possibilites you put into the formula, the outcome is always Ascension.

This is why the last-grab on the collective consciousness occurred last year. Take note of the forces that require separation to exist, forgive them, and practice unity at every turn.

Dismantling happens through all of us, it does not happen to a select group. This is the wisdom of Oneness; to witness, create solutions, and transform when disharmony presents.

Dismantling and death across the realms

You will feel the uncomplimentary and inorganic realities drop away. When this occurs, there is a moment of mourning, sadness, or loss. Then, just as quickly, it feels as if they never existed.

The new level of photonic (Source-encoded) plasma is intensifying every day. Some hear the new harmonics. Some hear what the harmonic frequencies are doing to their body and lightbody. Crystalline structures activate, and receive more information, more tones, codes, light. Rewriting HUstory into harmony, peace and unity requires these codes. They literally overwhelm and overwrite what was – at a Universal, quantum level.

Currently there are entire OverSoul groups – hundreds of thousands of incarnates (Souls expressing through bodies) – leaving the collective trajectory of New Earth realms. Some leave in form (death) and others disentangle their inorganic influence from the collective.

Empaths will feel these OverSoul groups as they disentangle from the collective. No judgment, it is what it is. We have been walking side by side in this journey of form. Energetic support for distorted inorganic realities has been dropping off for many years. This new level of plasma speeds up the process which affects many Soul groups. It may be felt as sadness, dizziness (magnetic releasing is active right now) or the sensation of quantum shifts (knowing in the heart that something major is unfolding at the universal level).

The more we become aware of Oneness, the more we experience the fullness of the Source experience. The dualistic good guy/bad guy scenario fades, and we feel vast sections of the whole organism being dismantled, rewritten, recoded, or alleviated of expression and influence.

Some may be surprised by how this feels; it has a profound depth to it. We know it is collective, and we may feel collective sadness, collective loss, or the impending death of many expressions. We may weep without linear cause or attachment. We may feel it deeply in our core as our HUstory is realigned with the organic ascended realms. It does feel like cosmic loss, however there is also a sense of purpose, expansion, clearing and major quantum shifts – that echo across the realms of collective reality shifts.

Kindwhile, the bliss states become purer and more profound. Equilibrium. Both sensations simultaneously. Oneness.

These quantum shifts, jumps, and magnetic reality-changing events are consistent this year. For those focused on creation rather than distraction, it is a fascinating phase of our transformation to Crystalline/Christed/Krystal/Unity consciousness.

Positive shifts in the magnetic fields, collective narratives, and Freedom codes are intertwined. Magnetic polarity shifts lift the veils. Use this to expand your perspective. Many are experiencing a new level of contact. Maintain your personal Ascension practices; optimizing this opportunity to learn, expand, and go lightbody is upon us. Apply what unfolds at the collective to your personal lifestream. All is One.

Freedom Codes Flowing

Stay conscious in your flow, dear hearts. Recognize and override the uncomplimentary external narratives.

How can you feel 10% freer in this Now? Light-ground those thoughts, feelings and dreams with physical action.

Be sovereign in your reality choices, this is a revelatory passage for every expression of Source.

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