End game: Self-Love Manifestation

endgameloveIn my last article Self-Love: a key to transformation, I discussed the demands of these new frequencies on the lifestreams of the awakened. If everything is coming apart lately, you’re on pace with the Shift. Anything which does not assist your ascension path is being removed. This energy reveals all the deep, dark places where unconditional love does not exist in your life. It can feel awful, unfair and draining, but it doesn’t have to be as dramatic as some are experiencing.

The game of HUmanity on 3D earth is coming to a close. If you have a pre-incarnational agreement to awaken, and chances are if you’re reading this you do, then it’s time to make the final moves of this game. Mastery is not sudden or easy in this realm. That’s why we chose to be here during the Shift. I know you hear this a lot, but let this sink in:

In your Mastery, you have created every circumstance and challenge in your lifestream. Take responsibility for your lifestream and do the work you intended to complete. This is your end game for this reality.

In ten short months, many of us will be experiencing a radical shift in frequency. The alignments occurring in December complete several cycles ranging from 26,000 years to 230 million years to 16 billion years. Time is cyclical once you emerge from the confines of 3D, and galactic cycles are very long. This is a big opportunity to experience evolution first-hand, awake and aware. If you have chosen to expand your consciousness during the Shift, then the lessons presenting need to be addressed quickly. Wayshowers and lightservers get to experience the hard lessons first, so we learn and integrate in order to assist others. I still sense this self-love hurdle must be dealt with prior to May, but March is lining up some surprises so it’s best to get this done right now.

The lesson of unconditional love must be learned within before we can manifest permanent change in our reality. I see many examples of UNauthentic behavior lately, which is troubling. The veils are so thin now that it’s almost insulting when someone from the metaphysical crowd is being disingenuous. I also wonder what is going on with some of the awakened – apparently there is a kind of “glass ceiling” effect where some embrace the power of awakening, but get stuck in righteousness or the limits of past knowledge. That’s fine for an armchair view of the Shift, but if you’re not into being a spectator for the end of this game, let’s break through that ceiling. We must embody authentic unconditional love if we expect it from HUmanity.

We’ve heard about the “last stand” playing out right now, but this reenactment of the last days of Atlantis is occurring at a very different point in the galactic cycles. This window supports the ability to clearly recognize our free will and step out of the game. Our choice to embody fully-functioning unconditional love is our last stand. Our end game is the Mastery of Love.

The external love visualization

By now you may have tried the experiment from the last article – eliminating all external sources of love. If you had no discomfort whatsoever in losing everything, congratulations, you’re a walk-in! For those who felt the grip of safety mechanisms, loneliness or survival issues, let’s get to the core of the issue. Make a list of emotions/reactions you felt in the visualization, or are finding in your life right now, and take a look at them. Don’t judge them, get a grip on what they trigger.


If we’re going to embrace living in 5D, our 3D/4D muck cannot come with. Think of it as passing through a fine filter: the more density you have stored in your emotions/mind/ego/lightbody, the longer it will take you to get through the filter. Knowing that 5D is available, while your density has you stuck in the filter, will bring about all kinds of suffering and imbalance in the body vehicle. We need to engage solutions to this density once and for all.

Shifting to Self-Love

Here are a few exercises, daily practices or techniques which oust self-hatred. The trick is, you have to actually DO these things. Scanning this list or saving it for later will not do yourself or HUmanity any good. Walk the talk and get yourself free from the nonsense of the last 12,500 years. You can do this. We all benefit when more people live authentically in self-love.

Prioritize Manifesting Self-Love: Take the focus off manifesting things and situations, and begin to use those manifestation skills for the highest lesson of Self-love. This dream of Self-love takes focus. See it, feel it. Take it through the five stages: Spiritual, Etheric, Mental, Emotional and straight into your Physical Level. Trust in the Universe to show you how to manifest this dream.

Keep a gratitude journal: This instantly shifts your energy and opens your cells. Keep it handy, change the gratitude list often. As you live in the moment, opportunities for gratitude present right then and there. Be in the now with this; it’s not yesterday’s thank yous. Witness the grace in your lifestream, and don’t fall for the good-things-only trap. Read the Gratitude Stream. See the love lessons everywhere; the neighbor’s annoying dog, the cheating spouse, the money problems, the gang-bangers in the park. All of this exists to show us ourselves. Thank you for the lessons, I love you.

Permission: Give yourself permission to be right where you are. Plans, relationships, jobs, lifestyles are breaking up all over this planet. Make it okay to be with this process which you created. Take responsibility – not blame, shame or emotional spinning – for these lessons. We’re experiencing so much right now: magnetics are releasing, realigning Gaia which release and realign our emotions, solar flares are working our nervous and cardiovascular systems, the astral collapse is warming our weather and elemental patterns which can be disorienting, and etheric phenomenon keeps us alert day and night. But none of that can prevent or hinder your ability to learn Self-love right now – unless you let it.

List of the last: Make a list of the last vestiges of self-hatred or doubt. Write it down. List “What I don’t love about myself” and dig deep. What’s going on there? Is it all external nonsense? This life or past life baggage? How much of it is the truth? (I’ll give you a hint: None.) Can you let it go in order to ascend, to experience a different way of being? If so, drop it. If you can’t drop it now, how long do you need to hold onto it and why? Using suffering as a safety mechanism to stay put rather than face your higher self is over. Freedom is your safety now. Love everything you are, right now. Let no external judgment – or your own ego – prevent you from experiencing the truth of unconditional love.

Self-love right now: Ask, “How can I love myself right now, today. How can I honor and respect myself in this moment?” Now take a look at the choices your mind presents: if it regresses to chocolate, procrastination, laziness, etc. as signs of self-love, you’re in an old paradigm habit. Yes, by all means have fun, but be sure that your self-love actions are supportive of the ascending you. Meditation for your consciousness and health, rest and self-care when needed, time in nature, time to do something you may be putting off, micromovements toward a dream or clearing work are nurturing to the true self-love we want to experience. Be present, don’t practice old tricks for feeling self-love if they don’t serve you any longer.

Balance: Realize when you’re out-flowing too much. Wayshowers and lightworkers tend to do this, giving too much without stopping to refuel and integrate. As a therapist and healer, I can get very drained when I don’t balance the giving/receiving. It’s difficult in a year when people are expecting more, more, more from us. Keep the energy balanced. Respect your gifts. Make sure your energy exchanges are equal to what you deliver – be it monetary, goods or services. We don’t want to feed the old “everything related to awakening should be free” construct. Poverty and martyrdom do not accelerate value and integrity on this planet. We want energetic prosperity. Keep your days balanced, show yourself how important you are. Clear enough time to care of yourself.

Lower level contract: Print this, sign it, post it up. Your ego, mind and emotions don’t want you to learn Self-love. Teach them it is safe. Teach them a new role in your ascension.

Emotional clearing: I’m always surprised when clients don’t do their emotional clearing when I suggest it. This is a foundational step in releasing your kharmic, family, genetic and soul group beliefs, agreements and constructs. DNA can’t evolve into a crystalline structure if dense emotions are locked up in its carbon base. Fear and density are frequencies which cause vibrational mis-match as new energies penetrate our cells. Emotional clearing frees the cells and DNA of lower vibrations so that ascension may occur. If you don’t know how to do this, book a session with me or read these articles from 2010. If you want me to post the steps for clearing with some details on my site, make a donation.

Commands and Affirmations: Confirm your commitment to yourself daily. I begin every day with welcoming in my higher levels, activating ascension codes, speeding up my vibration, connecting with my divine entourage and invocations for the day. All of them are about Self-love; the highest expression of Source which I may attain. This where pure service is manifested – in order to create and maintain unconditional love, we have to experience that within. Welcoming the day with the intention to embody love is a powerful move for your end game, and speeds up the ascension process for all of us.

Real-life testing: Smile when you walk around. Breathe in Self-love all. day. long. Be okay with yourself. It attracts more of the same, might as well make it easy for the energy to find you. Step away from disempowering behavior, habits, colleagues, friends, family. Chances are they are gone already. Shake the habit of negative self-talk or chitchat. No self-depreciation as a joke, social construct or way of communicating. We’re done. Let it go. Teach people to love themselves by example. You will be amazed at how people melt into authenticity when you’re around.

Free will is a Universal law. Frequency supports evolution, but it does not instantly transform entire races into a higher dimension without their consent. We each choose how to play the last bit of this game; splintering into how long, how difficult, which dimension we will linger in until we learn the higher frequency of unconditional love.

Ultimately, this game comes down to you versus you during this window. Mastery of Self-Love first, effective change in the collective second.

If you need assistance with this step, try my counseling services.

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  1. Beautiful and powerful words to inspire.

    Fear is an incestuous deterrent and keeps us caught in traps on an hourly, moment to moment basis. I am constantly challenged to worry and fret over simple things despite knowing that 57 years of experience has only shown me how much I can survive and how today I thrive more spiritually than ever before.

    Thanks for the reminder

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