March Amplifications

The last days of February brought in a huge surge of new energies and downloads, after an unusual attunement disguised as illness. These are BIG changes being experienced by many of us on the Ascension path. Let’s take at look at the chronological progression of the last few months.

November 11, 2011 – Return of the Christed Light; anchored in the planet and in every HUman heart center.

December 10, 2011 – The eclipse began the clearing phase. Anyone who taken on a significant amount of light in 2011 got hit with a complete purge of the lower levels, past life contracts, agreements, beliefs. All uncomplimentary structures broken apart, revealed and brought up for review.

January – February 2012 – Clearing phase, Lower level dissolvement. Solar flares and magnetics released a flurry of emotions in an intense storm of lower-level cleansing. As above, so below/As within, so without, darlings. If Gaia has a magnetic storm to balance, so do you.

February 2012 – Dissolvement of false self-hatred matrixes and anchoring of Self-Love. This serves as a connection to our I AM blueprint and our last move in this End game of galactic drama. The Self-Love card is the REmembering of your sovereign self-acceptance and the unwavering embodiment of unconditional love. Lower 4D manipulations have no effect on a consciousness authentically centered in the heart. Checkmate.

February 2012 – Adjustments to the high heart/throat chakra/third eye complex. Communication system upgrades. Some experienced this as a wicked throat illness – only in the throat and sinuses – with vibrational flu-like tiredness in the middle of it. I haven’t been sick like that in years. As synchronicity had it, the call with Suzan Carroll had to be moved to March because she had the exact same illness, and came to the exact same conclusion about its purpose:  Communication system upgrade. It’s working, too. I was in my illness, not knowing this was happening to Sue, but intuitively asked the Arcturians to tell her, “We can move the call,  just take care of yourself.” A few minutes later, Sue sent an email telling me she was sick, and “could we move the call because she needed to take care of herself.” She posted the next day about her throat illness.

February 25 – March 1, 2012 – 6 days of activations. Surges and pulses of energy, especially in the vagus nerve, base of the spine, crown, hands and feet. Vibrating, heart-pounding at times, surges travel from head to toe, like you’re plugged into a charger.  At first it was fatiguing and I had to rest a lot, then sleep was short but deep.

The vibrations got very intense by Day 2 (February 26). I sensed the timelines had made another jump apart; the choice of love versus fear seemed to rip apart in the collective consciousness. The disconnection from 3D/lower 4D life simply didn’t matter anymore as my body shook.

Downloads took on a new level of meaning this week. On Day 3 I took an epsom salt bath that was downright painful. Whatever was coming in was pushing out everything that was in the way. My hands, arms and neck burned as the magnesium sucked out uncomplimentary energies. The surges continued afterward, and Source revealed that a brand new creation would be constructed within me. This is a co-creation with Source, Masters of Light and Arcturian/Pleiadian brethren. I cannot discuss it until I know more, but if you received a similar download, please email me privately.

On Day 4, I awoke and had to flee to nature. I had no idea how long the surges would continue, so I threw some overnight items together and headed out. Despite the cold, I spent several hours outside meditating, receiving, anchoring and integrating this intense download in the company of Gaia. I kept stepping inside to warm up, then back out to be in the Sun, on the ground, holding trees, walking on the Earth and breathing in whatever was happening to me. By sunset I was stabilized, still buzzing but calmer. I continue to take epsom baths, do my I AM meditations and write down all that is presenting each day as this adjustment settles in.

So what is happening?

Well, it’s 2012 and it’s March already. Nine very short months until we hit the “birthing canal” of the 12/12/12.  Less than ten months until we experience the long-awaited and hyper-charged 12/21/12, which brings on a myriad of phenomenon ranging from microwormholes to days of darkness to portals to the fifth dimension. The changes are your free will in action. If you choose to experience ascension at this level, you do. Preparations are occurring so you can receive the maximum amount of light and evolutionary energies available. You get what you can handle, what you agreed to, ask for, and sometimes a little more.

March Energies and changes

Communication upgrades: More veils-a-lifting. Expect clearer contact with your Divine Entourage (Angelics, Archangelics, Masters, Star families, Benevolent brethren). Light language, geometries, images, tones and interaction with higher realms picking up.

Emotional clearing: Easy, practically nonchalant release as things come up or present in your lifestream. Clarity on what is ours to release versus what is collective, planetary or none of our business.

Timeline Division: Timeline 1 (Ascension, New Earth) and Timeline 2 (3D/lower 4D collapse) made a wider division on February 26. Expect to feel like you’re an invisible being walking around a madhouse on some days. Old paradigm seems out of touch, past life and nonsensical. Don’t watch it burn, let it go. Get on with creating and amplifying the new rather than trying to rescue or convince the old. If you are having a hard time with that, give yourself permission to drop the need to convert/save others or fuel those fears until April 2013.  Drop it already, you’re missing the good stuff and energizing controlling behavior on the planet. Let it go.

Reconfiguration: Body changes amplified, and symptoms are celebrated! Move that energy (move your body) or it will pool and create dis-ease. Take care of your heart, the solar flares can wreak havoc on the cardiovascular system.  The 13-20-33 auric field can be stabilized with minimal effort. See Anrita’s invocation for the 3/3/12: An orange ray of transfiguration is anchored which merges science, spirituality and intellectual levels.

Collective Anxiety Build-up: Many folks are anticipating economic melt-downs, weather changes, disclosure and government/corporate shake-ups  to happen any day now. The collective anxiety over when, where and how this will occur is near boiling point. It is amplified by the magnetic storms and repolarization of the planet.

On a galactic scale, release of these anxieties is futile while the last stand of the dark plays out. An energetic shield of sorts is being used by those assisting HUmanity to prevent all sorts of WWIII and unnatural disaster attempts by the dark. So there’s a bit of a planetary bubble-type shield preventing massive loss of life through dark manipulation. It makes it a bit of a pressure cooker for us; there’s no relief when things are buffered this way. But let’s focus on gratitude for the intervention on our behalf, and how good it is going to feel when all the interference and mind-scrambling frequencies are finally turned off. Disconnect from that collective anxiety anytime it creeps into your consciousness. Breathe in your Mastery and know that it’s almost over.

Integration of 5D/6D chakra systems: The reconfigurations of January – May support this integration; you can’t get to 5D with a 3D structure. Read Aluna Joy’s post on rebooting our nervous system and it’s alignment with the Mayan calendar.

New creations: Repetition may feel uncomfortable as your inner knowing kicks into high gear. Habitual behavior might feel like a time-warp: Didn’t I do this yesterday? We’re still doing this? Our work in dreamtime can also create that feeling of old paradigm burn-out. Step away from the lizard-brain activities, they’re dissolving and you’re going to feel it (see madhouse reference above). Recreating yesterday may feel too deja-vu as we move into zero point presence.

Expression takes on new forms, new mediums and new levels of expansion now. Creatives may find their specializations too limited for their new ideas. The career shake-ups of the last few years now align people with their authentic acts of service. Rather than forcing the new creation to fit in the old boxes, take a leap into the unknown.

March through May is going to feel like a locomotive of energetic change for the awakened. By June it may feel like a runaway train; an exciting adventure for Timeline 1!  This is not about anxiety or fearful scenarios. This is about enthusiastic anticipation of the New Earth and our present participation in our own evolution.

Noteable dates for Gridwork:

March 8 – Full Moon
March 20 – Spring Equinox
March 22 – New Moon
And every day in between oxoxox

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Sandra Walter is an Author, Ascension Counselor, Life Coach CPC, Lightworker, Clairaudient and Claircognizant guide, Artist, Reiki Practitioner and Medulla-Pineal Activation Practitioner. Sandra assists people internationally through private sessions, articles and books focused on the Shift in Consciousness, and a poetic and conscious Twitter stream.

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4 comments on “March Amplifications

  1. Hi, Sandra – sending you gratitude as always. I’ve taken time out from my 3D-job today, so much did this part resonate with me:

    Timeline 1 (Ascension, New Earth) and Timeline 2 (3D/lower 4D collapse) made a wider division on February 26. Expect to feel like you’re an invisible being walking around a madhouse on some days. Old paradigm seems out of touch, past life and nonsensical. Don’t watch it burn, let it go. Get on with creating and amplifying the new rather than trying to rescue or convince the old. If you are having a hard time with that, give yourself permission to drop the need to convert/save others or fuel those fears until April 2013. Drop it already, you’re missing the good stuff and energizing controlling behavior on the planet. Let it go”.

    I keep being reminded of a scene from the film Contact with Jodie Foster. I don’t know if you’ve seen it? At one point she’s in a ‘spaceship’ heading through a wormhole. To keep herself safe – in control – she’s been tightly strapped to a chair with numerous seat-belts. The faster she goes the more the seat vibrates to the point that she feels like she’s going to shatter into a thousand pieces. Her team on earth tell her to hold on more tightly. But what does she do instead? She lets go. She trusts her own instincts and takes all the belts and straps off. And she floats. Without all that control and constriction, she finds there is no gravity in the cabin and she floats. That’s where I feel I am at the moment. There is such anxiety and chaos, even within the ascension community – do this, do that, watch out for these dates, ignore these ones, listen to this channel, don’t listen to that one – it’s endless. So what I feel like doing is letting them all go … and listening only to myself and the silence.

    And your helpful guidance of course 🙂

    With love,
    Sue xx

  2. Blessings Sue,

    The letting go is so essential, isn’t it? It’s funny how we demand that all of this control and manipulation end on the planet, affirming our sovereignty, and still refuse to let go on the simplest of levels within ourselves! The Contact movie is fun – the device that Jodie is in is an exact replica of the Lookinglass device which the dark folks attempted to use to bust up Timeline 1. it’s modeled after the pineal gland, or rather the energy fields which it uses to look into the future. Just as we surrender to our true skills in order to experience the truth, so does Jodie in the film. Very potent!

    i agree with the endless shoulds and have-tos within the ascension crowd. “Ascension threats” are so far from the vibration of New Earth! It seems many folks are letting the collective anxiety control them. As a lightworker/wayshower, I realize I can only do so much when it comes to swaying them into letting go and amplifying their own individual expression; their higher self. Certain groups are focused on light love and compassion and have beautiful group services anchored in the new light. Others are still playing the control/fear cards. I lost a writing job this weekend with a huge leader in the Shift because the teacher was still locked in old paradigm “ascension threats.” I just couldn’t do it.

    Listen to that inner compass. The new sun rises on the heart within oxoxox

    In love, light and service,

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