Divine Intervention: Creating New Everything

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

What a magnificent end to July energetics ~ Stimulating, heart-opening, expansive Light. Our next Cosmic Gateway is August 4 – 12, however I AM excited for the NOW of this Light and what is has to show all of us.

Clearing the Path for MORE

My dear 2008 Mac, a parting gift from my last employer, reflected my desire to create the brand new and stopped being of service last SUNday. As Divine Will would have it, this happened the day after a deep conversation with a friend when I shared that I wanted to spend August focused on this New Light and all it has to reveal to me. New Moon manifestation said *SO BE IT!* – Mac gone, no more creating with the tool that graciously supported me through this transition into the New Light. And a big YES to taking the time to experience the powers of August, which prepares us for another trigger-like energetic shift first week of September (what a fine Birthday Presence!)

While my Divine Team and I manifest the abundance for a new computer, which will enable the creation of the brand new work (very excited, more on that when the moment is right), my online tools are quite limited. Purposeful and brilliant.

Some had commented on the Mac dissolvement with the old energy response of *It means spirit wants you to quit*. (Pause for Higher Realm laughter… ) To them I respectfully say *Oh Beloved, We are just getting started!* My Higher levels show me that the New Light requires more powerful tools, a better space (Aho to that, bring it on), and more outreach than ever in the coming months. I feel that the new skills awakening in me (my goodness beloveds, I had a channel the other night that contained 12 voices at once, and somehow I comprehended all 12 simultaneously) require new creative platforms.

New Earth Communication

This phase feels very Earthy, very New Earthy to me. I sense it is the integration of the Galactic aspects grounding in with the New Light expansion. Remember the previous mentions of enjoying the experience, and how valuable it is to the Higher Realms as we sort out new roles, new leadership attributes, new skills, new levels of Ascension itself.

We communicate differently; you’ll notice this in the vibrational mis-match of social interactions with awakened ones, the subtle moment of, *Hmmm … There’s nothing in this exchange for me.* In our Mastery, we graciously dismiss ourselves from many conversations to focus on the experience of New Light. It is not isolation – it is Divine Neutrality and Divine Self-Empowerment in a balanced, peaceful state of beingness.

Our vibrations are changing so dramatically during this passage, yet we are still in the Bridging the Worlds phase. There is a lot to contemplate as the new creativity takes root within us. Focus on the patience to welcome this expansion gradually, completely, in a full integration; it is important to working in alignment with these New Light energetics.

Flowing with the power of August

August is typically powerful with Lion’s Gate energies, Arcturian Corridor dynamics, and Solar activity. The Revelation Gateways continue and I AM guided to share some personal observations. I AM still able to post articles, however videos, photos, etc. will wait for a new computer.

I AM guided to spend most of August in the exploration and experience of these revelation energies. Plus, it’s one of the few months in Shasta of pleasant climate on the mountain. I intend to take advantage while the weather is nice.

I have a more technical article coming in which I intend to post this weekend. Until then, I send Divine Light and Love to all of us during this potent passage!


If my work has assisted your journey, and you would like to assist in the manifestation of a new computer, I gratefully accept donations!



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