Crystalline Convergence Replays and More

Blessings Beloveds ~

Infinite gratitude for our Divine Crystalline Convergence!

I cannot accurately describe the reality shifts and energies of our weekend. I AM overwhelmed by the true LoveLight, Unity and dedication in our assembly. A weekend to remember, celebrate and send into the quantum field for the Ascension.

The level of Mastery and Presence in our collective is clear. I AM so honored to facilitate what unfolded at the Convergence. Photo above: Look at our in-person participants glow!

We were ready to step into the next level of co-creation, and I feel we accomplished a major step in pulling that into the Now for many.

The energies, activations and reality shifts continue to amplify. Deep integration is needed, as well as honoring our journeys as they adjust to the new realms launched during this sacred passage of our Ascension.

Kindwhile, the final deliverables are complete.

Replays and more are now available

The Livestream was broadcast in ultra high-definition. Many reported it was like being in the room, a truly immersive experience.

The replays are edited to adjust sound quality, as well as compress the huge video files into watchable videos for most computers and bandwidths. The high-definition quality from the live version is compressed for ease of playback on the website.

The replays have been divided into segments, with the biopauses and lunch feed removed. You may watch the replays as often as you like through the end of 2021.

In-Person Attendees, Login to your product to receive:

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– Hortensia shared her lunch ingredients with us!

Livestream Replay Access:

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Replay access may be purchased through November HERE

In this Now, Integrate the New

I AM taking next week to integrate and regroup. So much has shifted for many of us. Have a beautiful integration of these immense energies.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,


SUNday Unity Meditation information HERE


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