Birth of a new Cosmic Force in the Collective

Blessings Beloveds ~

Strong Cosmic forces continue to intermingle in our Crystalline Hearts, Fields, and activated DNA. Leaps in vibration and trajectories are unfolding, including another shift in our collective experience before Solstice.

All has shifted again, and will continue to accelerate, with this widespread recalibration of the Crystalline Heart, Crystalline DNA, and Unity Consciousness.

I know how challenging it can be for Wayshowers in this Now. We temper the importance of this passage with compassion and patience, knowing the widespread transcendent experiences are transforming realities moment by moment. Revelation through Grace rather than sensationalism.

Stargates flow with a brand new quality of Light now.

Unprecedented pure Light penetrates all life with supercharged photons, light-encoded Crystalline plasma, and unique Cosmic Rays that bring pure LoveLight consciousness. As always, use the geostorms to receive.

Supreme source light is birthed within us as these cosmic forces converge in our newly recalibrated Crystalline Hearts.

Beyond the confines of duality and density, there is a expression of your Krysted Self attuned to these Cosmic forces. Know this, connect with this Cosmic Kryst Self.

The Crystalline Stargate of the Heart opens the door, Crystalline DNA is rebundled, and new harmonics un-veil the Cosmic Self.

This indwelling Presence brings bliss and rapid change. The old creation of self must align to the new light, or the ego-mind-emotions get too confused, too attached to loss of old self, or too afraid of a new way of creating.

Remember the heart and mind must unify. Your Soul’s intention, the internal feeling state, and external behavior must align – or the vibrational mismatch will tear the old structure apart.

Cosmic Mother returns to birth a New Light within us

I AM eternally grateful for the unified experience of Light Conception shared in our PRESENCE event. I love that these feel like a mini-Convergence event; just imagine what will be co-created in the physical this September!

This new Cosmic Light activation births expansion and reveals our new trajectory in unity consciousness. Deep gratitude to all who participated and continue to use the activation replay. I discover a new facet and more light each time I re-listen to the guided experience.

May PRESENCE recap:

Light Conception: Birth of a New Creation in the Heart
Guided activation for birthing a new harmonic within, which opens the internal gateways, and shifts the unified external experience.

Death, Dissolving & Disappearing
The widespread experience of departure in the Ascending collective: Why this is happening, how to integrate this surreal experience, and our next steps.

Frequency Jumps and the Event
Palpable Cosmic forces combine within us before Solstice. All of the choices & shifts made with Equinox-Eclipse Gateways are now actualized for an external shift which reflects the internal changes.

PRESENCE replays:

SUNday Unity Meditations: Cosmic Mother Focus

SUNday is Mother’s Day in USA. We will honor the Cosmic Mother and beloved Gaia during our meditations.

See you in the Unified Field of Crystalline Hearts, offline in your own meditation style, for the SUNday Unity Meditations at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM PDT.

I AM sending everyone Infinite LoveLight to receive this New Light with ease and grace.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

Crystalline Convergence
September 23-24, 2023
Equinox weekend in Sedona



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