Ascension and 2020: The Surreal and Divine Now

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Most of the 2020 Ascension webinar intel will be released in these articles throughout the year. If you would like the in-depth overview of what is anticipated, the webinar link is at the bottom of this article.⁠

2020 carries many energetic codes

The simplest interpretation of 2020 is a new level of clarity. Revelation of internal and external distortions allows for better decisions in alignment with the New. Whatever serves the collective awakening, and your own journey, shall present.

As they say, Hindsight is 20/20.  As the lower realms are deconstructed, there is a requirement for deep evaluation of what has been created. Another opportunity to un-create and self-correct through higher choices, unity and alignment with our higher purpose in these realms.

2020 is a leap year (more like a quantum leap year), with much acceleration and collective timeline-leaps.

The January Stargate and its effects

We spoke of this initial Gate opening bringing global effects. January is already showing the new light influence and its intense effects on many levels.

The vibration of clarity allows many awakened to perceive what we have talked about for years; that 3D and 4D are technically gone. Those realms are running on old light loops circulating in the collective consciousness.

Many gain the clarity that the New Earth realms are already here. This is wonderful, because as a collective we get to witness the old creations dissolving before our eyes. For some it is freeing, like a revelation. For some it is disorienting until their compass is redirected to the new realms. Anticipate that conversation spreading, even in the awakened communities.

Keep in heart: Your perception of, and reaction to external events demonstrates your level of consciousness.

Astral collapse and the end of Solar Minimum

Astral planes of consciousness are held in place by magnetic fields within and around Gaia. As the magnetosphere diminished during Solar minimum, it allowed cosmic energies and brand new frequencies to penetrate Gaia. We reached Solar minimum last year. SUNspots changed polarization, signaling we are rising to Solar Maximum again.

All of the Gatekeeping and Gridwork of the last 30 years focused on utilizing the weakened magnetosphere to open, reconnect and reunify Gaia with the cosmic Stargate system of the higher planes of light. That work completed in 2018 when the Crystalline grid merged with the New Earth Grids.

As of January 13, 2020 we have a brand new Gate and Grid system on Gaia, which reconnected us with brand new Cosmic Stargate flows. They open us to the organic Ascension as a very lucid, physical, and somewhat surreal experience.

First Embodiers are anchoring this non-linear New Earth state. Embodiment changes everything, for the individual as well as the collective. It accelerates the dismantling of outdated creations, and healing events on a global scale.

Now we rise with the SUN and enter a new phase into Solar maximum. This is very exciting for Gatekeepers, since we work directly with the SUN. As Solar flares and CMEs return, you will notice the stronger stargate system and energies they provide. I had a direct experience of the new Solar flashing activity in December; it is glorious and transformative. More on that soon.

The astral planes assisted in our co-creation of 3D/4D and supported those collective memory fields (torus fields.) As those structures dissipate in the New Light, our collective thought-forms, emotions, and creations break down. Our DNA is a record of that, and the fields/strands which supported the 3D/4D begin to reflect the larger operation just as Gaia is doing in this Now.

As Gaia’s old creation dissipates in the new light, our DNA does the same with our choice and support. It fades from our perception, because we have chosen a new point of focus, the New Earth realms of love, peace and unity.

The Physicalization of Dismantling

Ascension cycles bring dismantling and deconstructing of what was, so the collective consciousness may evolve and experience something new. All is created in the etheric/spiritual realms, then becomes physicalized for the denser in-form experience.

As the Christed Ascension timelines and new cosmic frequencies become physicalized, they bring the dismantling of the old. After slow-drip revelation for decades, we enter an accelerated passage that physicalizes the Ascension which has already been created in the etheric planes.

Of course all is happening simultaneously, so it is a change of experience, perception, focus and energetic support for what we have already created. We begin to feel all of it at once; past, present and future. With a heart-shift to the desired outcome, the DNA will partner with Gaia to reveal New Earth. Look through the heart and the truth is revealed.

In this Now, the physicalization of the dismantling energies is evident. On a global scale, the political, social, economic and environmental choice-points are presenting. Timeline choice becomes quite physical this year. Your actions are the physicalization of your higher choices.

This phase may feel surreal or disorienting because of the strong influence of death. Death of old structures, old creations of Self, collective memory fields, linear time collapse, the old grid systems, and yes – physical death of plants, animals and HUmans. Many are moving on to other realms this year. Some deaths create mass healing, or a pause for self-examination of priorities.

The splintering of timelines is fully supported by these dismantling energies; everything assists in choice of reality. Feel the Divine purpose, the higher perspective. You are experiencing an Ascended planet shedding her old creations, just as we are.

Physicalizing the Spirit Self

The Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of Light presented some key transformation points for 2020. For the moment: Remember this is a breakdown of the illusion. It looks like one thing, when something else is happening. Anticipate and celebrate the unexpected.

We are physicalizing these New Earth realms, and overriding the lower vibrational realms through our Embodiment. This is amplified with the assistance of these new stargate flows. The projection of Self is becoming a new expression; this is a strong focus for the Ascending collective.

When you see physical representations of dismantling or tearing down of old structures, open up to the cosmic perspective. We are one BEing having many experiences, appearing separate to the lower consciousness, yet all unified.

Seize the opportunity in the moment for evaluation: What part of this orchestra of Self is out of tune with my heart’s desire, or attempting to get in tune with something new? Knowing that your reaction is your reality, what is revealed right now for your journey and expansion?

Embodiers know the death-to-resurrection sequences well; the merge of Higher and Lower Selves is a beautiful, challenging phase of Ascension. The body, mind, emotions, ego, thoughts, actions… everything is overwritten by the physicalization of the Higher Self.

It doesn’t happen in a day, it is a process. It is guided by your own Soul, produced by your Divine DNA to the level you can handle in the moment.

Many times during the Ascension process there are experiences of death. You witness and feel the old Self slipping away. It can be sudden; a strong awareness that the old Self is dissolving. It is followed by the sensation of being on a higher trajectory. This happens consistently through the process.

With the 2020 Gate shift and amplification, this death experience becomes physicalized through the collective. Old timelines and dimensional expressions are dismantled. The old creation of Self experiences death, because that is the memory of how we used to transform from one expression to the other. It is a pattern in the death-to-resurrection experience that is being transformed with our Ascension process. That pattern is being transmuted, because we chose to have a physical Ascension experience.

Many of us feel the absence of the old Self already, yet not fully embodied in the New. The die-off of the old is palpable experience affecting mental, emotional, egoic and physical levels. Embodiers, you will feel all of your creations across the dimensions and parallel realities – simultaneously.

This is where we are in this Now. Feeling a deep sense of Source and Divinity, while simultaneously feeling nowhere, everywhere, joyful, mournful, surreal and empowered all at once. New Earth now, dear hearts; we are realigning with our Creator skills by wiping the slate clean, moment by moment.

We consistently redefine our realities, our expressions of Self, and level up. If you feel like you’re coming apart, use your tools and practices to maintain balance during the dismantling. Many of us are weeping as if in gentle heartbreak, but there’s no emotion or cause attached to it. Another reflection of the dismantling energies. Death of the Old Self and old realities.  Clearing the way to be a pure conduit of the New Self.

For Embodiers, this comes with the simultaneous euphoria of bliss, reunification with Source awareness, and an overlighting sensation of freedom, creativity and acceptance. We work in tandem with the death sensation, releasing and surrendering to the surrealness of the New Earth realms.

It feels like a lot is happening, while the stillness of Zero Point halts our linear experience. The time-stop sensations are consistent now, the higher reality shining through the DNA. The stillness is overwhelming the linear. We are complete with everything that was created prior to this in the old consciousness. That includes transformation of the Death-to-Resurrection template into a collective experience.

Some of our Gateways in the next five months will provide support for a physicalization of the Resurrection experience at a collective level. You probably sense this already as things become more surreal and detached from the old creation. Focus on the feeling state of your highest version of Gaia, take action on it, and stay in the peaceful calm of the heart.

Articles on the major themes of 2020 below will be released over the next few months. Kindwhile, the webinar replay is available, including:

  • Death and Resurrection experience
  • Embodiment Now: March Equinox, April Gateways and the June Shift
  • The New Gate and Grid System: Everything shifted January 13.
  • Message from Gaia: Revelation of New Earth
  • Magnetic and Electric Anomalies, Solar Maximum and the Lightbody
  • Self-Realization, Embodiment of the Creator State
  • Solar Gateways and experiencing the new flashing activity

The 2 hour replay of last weekend’s webinar is available HERE.

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