A Brief Message on Star Lineage and Guidance

sandra walter ascensionBlessings Beloved Light Tribe,

I was asked about creating a class for Starseeds, and wanted to share my response here. Even though the messages I channel are of a Galactic nature, they are intended to assist those engaging with the HUman experience. The Ascension Path class is direct and deeply comprehensive guidance for the Divine HUman Ascension Process. All of my service work is designed for the profound work of Self-Realization and Self-Empowerment of HUmanity. That said, you might still question, What about the Starseed aspect, the Galactic Self?

A note to the Starseeds on the Ascension Process, and why I won’t be creating a Starseed class (note the double entendre):

Most grounded folks who identify with the title Starseed have an inner longing for the stars – as if down here is not as good as out there. It is the strong sense of separation from Source, our Higher Self, which causes this suffering in density. Connecting with your Higher Self truly assists your understanding; you comprehend the overall project underway in this realm.

Since we all come from the stars, the Ascension Path class is about transforming the HUman experience, no matter where your star essence is co-exisitng. It is the process of learning to radiate divinity through the expression of HUman that is the goal. We know how to be alien already, it is not as glamorous as the lower mind perceives it to be. We tend to be attracted to the foreign experience, the person from somewhere else, because it reminds us of our need for expansion, the New, the true Creator Self we forgot about. We are creating a unique experience here, reunifying with Source in ways previously unknown. The possibility of experiencing HUman DNA is special because it is more powerful than our Pleiadian DNA, or Sirian, or Arcturian, or any other, and will eventually hold more Source light than our star expressions.

Most are drawn to my class because we are excited about – and willing to take on – the first waves of embodiment. My work resonates with awakened star folks because I AM following the path of learning to be HUman; a creation above and beyond the ET experience. I was surprised when I learned I would be embodying the Solar Cosmic Christ state of consciousness, because I thought I had too much alien DNA to embody the HUman expression! I thought I was just here to help – until my Heart activation occurred and my Higher Self showed me We are going to become this, that is the goal. It was an overwhelming amount of joy, complete with tears, to learn that I was more than a guide here. It was a strong revelation to know that I would be a part of this beautiful creation which would experience above-and-beyond levels of Source Light – more than my star selves. And thus affecting my multidimensional existence from the ground up, so to speak.

Often it is the fear of being HUman, the separation or less-than-perfect sensation due to the fall in vibration, that is our biggest challenge. I would not separate a starseed identity from the rest of the collective; that seems to be an egoic construct or emotional coping mechanism during the Shift. When star identity is rightly applied through the heart, it can motivate one to pursue Ascension of consciousness. If star identity is steered by the mind, ego or emotions, it can lead to feeling even more separation or false righteousness. No judgment; both applications can be part of the Mastery challenge. Stronger souls tend to make transcending the lower levels as difficult as possible!

If you feel you cannot be part of the Divine HUman experiment and are just visiting during the Shift, give a good listen to your Soul’s motives. Perhaps the unattached just here to help out then I’m outta here folks are not strong (brave?) enough to complete the Mastery game. This whole game is one of the most difficult and fascinating things I can remember. Starseeds, I wouldn’t second-guess the Soul’s involvement in this grand creation. Don’t doubt the capabilities of your own heart to hold Divine Love in form.

This is why the class is focused on Divine Love, rather than leaving. Home is where the heart is; we build it right here, right within our own consciousness experiencing Source-In-Carnate. Deep gratitude for the opportunity to experience something even more amazing than what we have known off-planet.

While it may feel more peaceful when you visit other star systems, let us admit this dimensional-shift-transformation is really an amazing experience. We are such renegades of spirit! Imagine designing this before we stepped in: Let’s all have amnesia! And bring in all kinds of interference! And restore Divine HUman DNA during a planetary dimensional Shift, an Ascension window, and transform consciousness through a body! We are some of the greatest beings known, creating a Galactic legacy right through our lifestreams. Not in the Pleiades or Lyra, right here on Gaia.

Expand out for perspective on the Source-in-Carnate challenge. Reunification includes honoring what is right here, right now, because it aligns us with the intent and vibration of 5D and beyond. Being Presence, knowing we are here – and there – and facing the fears of becoming a true HUman in order to serve the higher Light and our higher wisdom. Then we are able to bring the peace (and enthusiasm for all that is) into this realm right through a starseeded heart.

In Love, Light and Service,


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