Universal Underworld – Day 2

spaceWe are entering Day 2 of the last seven days of the Mayan Calendar. The Universal Underworld or Unity Wave, is a short nine months. Each day lasts 18 days, and each night lasts 18 days. The Days present new lessons and actions, while the Nights integrate this new knowledge. The first Day and Night were “seeding” – a time to plant new creativity and new consciousness concepts. Day 2 is from April 14 – May 1, with a theme of “germination.”

March was rough on lightworkers, and the beginning of April continued to smash apart anything that keeps us from evolving to higher states. Attachment to anything brought distress. This is teaching us to be open to fast and dramatic changes. As our concept of time collapses, there is no room for dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Decisions are made in the moment by our infinite self via the heart center. Learning how to exist, create and manifest in this state of divine I AM presence is what raises our vibratory frequency to ascension level.

We can avoid the turmoil and drama of lower frequencies by quickly and fully integrating lessons when they arise. There is literally no time to cling to what worked yesterday, or an hour ago, or a minute ago. Let it go! By embracing and integrating the divine skill of unconditional love, we are preparing ourselves to be the guiding force of love, light and compassion for humanity through the Shift.

If you have had difficulty integrating these lessons and new energies quickly, there are many methods which can help. Kharmic and emotional clearing get rid of the old baggage. Grid work will reconnect your heart center to the mission of the Shift, and enable you to be of service to the collective consciousness.

Part of my service work is Ascension counseling; if you would like to discuss your journey or need some guidance in coping with these changes, I am here to help. Visit my service page for details.

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