Support and clarity for the Ascension Process

Ascension CounselingI am deeply grateful to be an Ascension Counselor during this amazing time. To be a busy Ascension Counselor is even more of a blessing; it is miraculous to see so many awakened souls asking for more and seeking answers to their Higher Self’s desires.

The Ascension Process is beautiful and is getting downright intense. This can be challenging as conventional patterns dissolve and the new paradigm begins to drastically affect your lifestream. It can feel completely foreign and completely natural all at once.

The bridge is a difficult place to be.

You know there is more, you know your old habits don’t serve you anymore, but crossing the bridge to the new way of living feels like the longest journey ever. You might question why others seem to be zipping past while you seem to be standing still.

There are many blocks, hangups and constructs that keep us from crossing that bridge to the new paradigm. Fears, habits and a whole lotta interference from the external world make it their mission to keep you in an illusion of safety. But in order to access and integrate the new – to cross that bridge and ascend to the highest level we desire – we must break free of old programming.

Ascension Counseling may assist your journey

Clarity is key when you are manifesting a new reality. I offer my services as a guide, empath, intuitive, teacher and researcher because it is my given mission at this time, and because I deeply care about a speedy and complete integration of higher frequencies on this planet.

Ascension is about creativity and personal choice. It’s vital to re-engage your free will in its complete sovereignty during this journey.

Ascension Counseling can provide clarity on:
– The Ascension process; moving to crystalline structure – how does this work?
– Preparations for the richest experience possible; what are your options?
– Your Ascension symptoms and body changes
– How to move out of polarity and use discernment
– Receiving activations in 2011 and beyond
– DNA activation
– Diet and physical care; support for the body consciousness
– Preparations for the height of the Shift
– Releasing kharmic contracts, entities and energy drains
– The truth about the Human race and where we are going
– Activating your third eye and rainbow bridge
– Connecting with your Higher Self and divine entourage
– Activating your Infinite heart consciousness – the Universal Law of love
– Creating your new life while the world appears chaotic
– Becoming a conduit for higher consciousness and lightwork

How to book a session

My sessions typically run 2 hours, but I only charge for the first hour and let you decide if you want to donate a little extra afterward. Topics have been as diverse as the human experience. We can communicate via phone or Skype webcam. Ascension Counseling sessions are a $55 per hour donation via Paypal (link below) or email me at sandra (at] sandrawalter {dot] com.