Equinox and the last Night of the calendar

cosmic convergenceNight 6 of the Mayan Calendar – the last night  – begins September 23 and lasts through October 10. Nights are about integration, and this last Night represents our last chance to integrate what we have awakened to: unity consciousness, applied on the deepest levels of our global consciousness. The calendar brings energetic support for this last wave of the calendar. The time is upon us to choose our reality and accept nothing less in our lifestream.

Comet El Enin

Many have coordinated significant earthquakes with El Enin’s alignment with the Earth and Sun, and another is set for the September 23 – 27 window. We can speculate as much as we like about what will happen, but the true lesson here is what is occurring in our own consciousness.

From my perspective, El Enin is not actually a comet but a conscious lightship with a mission to carry out. All it has to do is follow it’s path across the sky; the results of its passing are on humanity. We get what we desire, our free will is absolutely respected. The effects of El Enin are dependent upon what we all collectively hold in our consciousness.

Because we have entered this dimensional split, realities will be manifested in a wide range of experiences. If there is one thing we have learned through this last wave, this is it: we are responsible for everything that occurs in our lifestream. While there is great power in collective intention, the true nature of our experience is within; we must learn to focus our own thoughts, actions, words and spirit toward manifesting what we truly desire. And for the first time in eons, we have cosmic support to learn and integrate this lesson in the last Night of the calendar.

Now or never

I’ve talked a lot about the window from May through October as a time of upgrades, DNA activations, and deep decisions when it comes to being responsible for our own consciousness. This last integration opportunity is upon us to get the full-force energetic support of the Universe in taking our power back. The division of worlds is not about waiting to see what happens. It’s about waking up and being absolutely sovereign in your own power as creator incarnate.


Everything is showing you the window. Tumultuous times in relationships, work, career, family and friends have been mirroring what we need to learn and integrate right now. Avoiding the clearing work, avoiding the resolution of these lessons presented to us is foolish – if you want to grab the chance to evolve. Yes, everyone will eventually evolve; some may take lifetimes, some may go onto other journeys, some may want to go down with the ship of 3D. If you want to choose the direct route to a higher consciousness, you must be responsible with your lifestream during these last days.

Cosmic Convergence on September 23 – 26

Carl Calleman, the genius behind the interpretation of the Mayan calendar, is noting this Equinox as a last-ditch opportunity for humanity to fully anchor Unity consciousness during the window (the last wave). The Mayans were Equinox people, as were many other ancient civilizations, because the Equinox represents balance (even light between days and nights). As our Mother Earth attempts to ascend to a higher frequency, balance all polarity/duality of the past and straighten up on her axis, the Equinox becomes a time when balance is symbolized and energized by the influx of cosmic consciousness. The planet, solar system, galaxy and Universe want to restore balance. Read Carl’s article on the convergence, or watch the interview with Lilou on youtube.

Last call for Unity integration

If the light has reached your consciousness, it is time to get on board with the cosmic plan. Not because something bad will happen if you don’t. Let’s not dishonor our journey with notions of old-paradigm fear. Tap in and realize that something wonderful is happening, and this is our prime opportunity to integrate everything that we desire to create on our planet, and within our own reality.

What to do

  • Join the Cosmic Convergence facebook page. Spread it around.
  • Gather with like-minded people on the 23rd if you can.
  • If that isn’t happening for you, design your own ritual to celebrate integration of Unity consciousness.
  • Meditate. Fast this week if you can. Get clear. Clear the doubts and fears once. and. for. all.
  • Connect with your Higher Levels in a conscious way as often as possible.
  • Get out in nature, sit on the ground, and act as a conduit to anchor these light intelligence frequencies into the Earth and humanity.
  • Stay away from the unnatural in your diet and activities.
  • Assist people, design the new Earth in your lifestream.
  • End all agreements to repeat the past, any disharmonious behavior, emotions, or egoic constructs. Be gone.
  • Demonstrate exactly how you want your life to manifest in everything you do: actions, words, thoughts and spirit.
  • Open your cells with gratitude and feel the absolute oneness available to us at last.

Have I mentioned how important this window is?

This may be our last chance to anchor a cosmically supported collective vibration of unity in humanity. Things are getting stranger, more phenomenon are occurring, and waves of energy blast through us each moment. Some days it feels like standing on a boat, something I haven’t felt since last Spring. It is getting intense for some, and for good reason. We must guide without fear, by being responsible for our own lifestream with the knowledge we have acquired.

The Shift is inevitable, but why should it take any longer than it has to? Why should it be cataclysmic? Why should we lose one bit of consciousness to false agendas? If you’re awake and consciously ascending, you can assist the entire planet by assisting yourself. Do the work. This is when we get everything that our consciousness desires. Choose wisely.


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  1. Yes, yes and YES – that’s mostly all I have to say about this brilliant article. Let’s clear our stuff and hold this light NOW in every moment. Thanks so much Sandra. xo

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