Sacred Preparations – the 121212 Ascension Gateway

As of Thursday, there are 27 days left to prepare for incoming rays of evolutionary light intelligence on the 12-12-12.

The Key: Being open and expanded to RECEIVE the light

This is a brand new type of light coming in on the 12-12-12. We have never experienced this before, nor has any population living on a planet. Gaia is doing something typically achieved by stars, not planets. A dimensional shift is a big undertaking, and we are here to witness it. If we desire to assist her and HUmanity, as well as receive a huge upgrade in our consciousness, we need to prepare.

Gatekeepers and Wayshowers: we must train the body and lightbody to be open to receive this new light.

Not everyone will be capable of receiving the full effect of this light, so let us prepare ourselves to anchor the new consciousness. It is up to us to *catch* these divine rays of crystalline intelligence for HUmans on this planet, and for Gaia’s ascension on the 12/21.

Lightservers, this is what we are here for. To capture the divine codes of a new paradigm, fully activate the HUman crystalline grid of Lightserver hearts (yes, that’s why we are spread out all over the globe) and unify it with Gaia’s crystalline grid prior to the 12/21. It’s a dream 300,000 years in the making. A few short weeks is easy.

For the Gatekeeper/Wayshower/Lightservers called to receive the Crystalline Light – How to welcome this in:

  • Affirm your pure intention to receive the crystalline light encodements for HUmanity on the 12/12
  • Meditate. Your awareness must be in peaceful focus.
  • Cleanse the body, move the body in harmonious ways to balance the energies.
  • Clear the emotions. REmember what I’ve said about density, carbon and emotions.
  • Lower level blocks and baggage have to be surrendered. This is last call.
  • Raise your vibration to match the new light birthing within the planet
  • Be in service, open those hearts
  • Disconnect from the old paradigm. It has nothing to do with your journey. That doesn’t mean hiding from the collective or judging projections in the external, it means BEing the guiding light everywhere you are without fear.
  • Use the Commands below, or create your own.
  • Expand your consciousness/particles as far as you can envision every. single. day.
  • Go to wherever you are guided to be to receive the new light by 12/11
  • The Crystalline Light waves should begin to arrive at 10pmPT on December 11 and continue through late afternoon (4pmPT) on December 12. Be focused, open and ready to receive during this time.
  • Be with people who understand what is occurring/what you are doing on 12/11-12/12.

Commands to open the crystalline structures

I AM a pure conduit of Source. I welcome forth my Higher Self and Christed Self to take command of my Ascension.

I welcome in these cosmic rays of evolution, light codes and photonic light amplifications fully and completely into every particle of my beingness.

I fully accept, capture and hold the Crystalline Light intelligence codes on the 12/12 within my beingness.

I fully activate the Golden Solar Discs within me; light up, amplify.

Internal portals activate, open and expand to receive the highest levels of light possible.

Microwormholes in the highest quality DNA within me, OPEN to these illumination rays.

I invoke, command and decree all of this in the name of the Divine HUman Creator In-Carnate that I AM. So it is.


There are many roles of service during the Shift. Gatekeepers and Pillars currently serve as Wayshowers. Gatekeepers lead during the transitional time of the Shift, teaching others how to achieve unity/Christ consciousness and a higher vibrational state. Pillars stay on through the entire process until everyone has transitioned to Unity Consciousness/5D.


As the Ascension gateways open, Gatekeepers begin to have vivid journeys through the dimensional gates of consciousness in meditation or in visions. It is a profound confirmation that our mission is true; beings greet us, giant gates or sacred geometry present, wisdom is shared. You feel it deeply in the heart.


If you are actively in service to Gaia and HUmanity – that means you are out in the world authentically doing the work – you may see grand gates, the vesica piscis, or emissaries of light (brilliant beings) showing you to the crystalline cities where gates are parting or opening. this may mean you are a Gatekeeper. Chances are you have heard this term in messages or symbols for a few years. I cannot speak for the Pillars; please share if you are having similar visions with columns or other symbols?


November Portals for acceleration


11-19 Pleiadian alignment
11-22 Gateway and USA Thanksgiving – a nice spiritual retreat for those engaging with family. Be the Love.
11-28 Eclipse
11-29 End of photonic shielding; Full photonic light released toward Gaia


Within you is the Seed of Source


The Mother-Father Godseed is planted right in the center of your heart. It is about to experience an activation, if you choose. Source will never judge your journey or decisions. This is not judgment day; it is self-judgment day. You, as Creator In-Carnate, are being presented with a new menu of realities available to experience on this planetary consciousness. It is entirely up to you to receive or reject the new paradigm as it anchors into Gaia.


4D is already here, and will steadily amplify after the 12-21-12. 5D/6D Gaia is preparing for new guests.  The options are brilliant: fighting change to the death, mass confusion, inner chaos, struggle to transition, joy for the new, liberation from amnesia, boundless freedom, creative evolution, deep global peace, the wisdom of unity – all of these expressions are magnificent.

Whatever you choose to experience, know you are loved and supported unconditionally.

About Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.

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  1. Thanks for this helpful and informative page. I will be using the commands during my meditations on the 12-12-12. Love, Light, Peace. – J.

  2. thankyou for your guidance sister… i will most assuredly share it with others… god keep you 🙂 blessings of love and waves of LIGHT!

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