November Gateways and the 11/11/12 Events

Global Intentions, Waves and Events on November 11, 2012

Many events are planned, here are a few I will be participating in. If you are in Mount Shasta, we’ll meet up at Red Fir Flat on the mountain (so we can build a fire!) for the 10am global wave, through to the 11:11 and beyond.

10-11amPT: Prayer and Visualization for a Beautiful New Earth

11:11am your time zone: Global rolling wave of Unity Consciousness
Meditate, Chant, Sing, Dance, Gather at 11:11

1pmPT – 2pmPT Do As One Events

Per the website: 1PM in Los Angeles, 4PM in New York, 9PM GMT in London, 10PM in Berlin, 11PM in Cairo, 1AM in Moscow, 2:30AM in Mumbai, 5AM in Beijing & 8AM in Sydney, invite everyone at your event to celebrate the qualities of Unity, Oneness and Love. Each event will be unique based upon the choices of its participants. People will be drumming, dancing, meditating, praying, chanting or anything else that powerfully connects them to the celebration of our unity.

2pm Do As One breathing together for 11 minutes

6pm Any time zone Global meditation wave for peace
Get quiet, peaceful, harmonious for one hour.


November 13 New Moon and Eclipse
Last Total Solar Eclipse Before the Closing of the Cycle

11:37amPT – 4:45pmPT

Mayan interpretation: Represents a passing over from the old paradigm of male dominance to a new divine feminine, that of unconditional love and compassion.

This is an opportunity to feel into and fully activate the Golden Sun within. The SUN, Solaris, or Solar Light is the representation of the Christed Light. This is why we have so many SUN Gods and Sons-of-God in our history. The greatest SUN light is within each of us; the Mother/Father Godseed, the Seed of Life which is implanted – and now activated – in every HUman heart center on this planet. The Christed Light was REactivated last year on the 11/11/11. The Divine REturn of the Christed light, in order to fully activate the REturn of the Christ – which is YOU.

The portals which have been activated all over the planet are now aligning with those who have opened to the higher light, the truth of who they are. Your light quotient and awareness will allow for full activation at this time. Align your heart center with the center of Gaia, the SUN, the Central Sun (Galactic center), Universal Central SUN, and Source. Surrender to this Divinity, the will of Source to express through you. We are the Living Library of Source expressing a s a Universe; REmember your Divine role as we go through this magnificent Shift. Illuminate your heart with the Light! Know this is you. You are that Christed being. Speak it aloud: I AM the way, the truth and the Light.

Global Events:

Children of the Sun global meditations 6pmPT/9pmET
Rainbow Bridge Meditation/Whole Earth Meditation: Every 7 seven days since July 25 day out of time.

November 19 Pleiadian Alignment
Sun and Earth align with the Pleiades

For those who have a connection with the Pleiades, this is a three day window of alignment with your ancestors. It also brings in strong activations in 2012; the galactic support is incredible during this sacred year (and beyond). Connect with your star brethren, open to the accelerations.

Gatekeepers and Initiates, here we go

We are here. The big moment of walking through, embodying Crystalline consciousness and serving HUmanity and Gaia from our highest expression has arrived. Expect MIRACLES this month. Not the global Look out there! Proof of the Shift! nonsense.

Expect miraculous changes within; in your experience as a spirit in a body on a planet, in the merge of your Higher Self with your lower expression, in the release of the Soul level (see the video), in the divine gateways and portals opening wide within your self and aligning with the external portals of evolutionary light.

Be aware of the surrender needed to accomplish Mastery. The great unknown. For Gatekeepers, this transition may be surprising; walking through involves learning to let the Higher Realms show you, guide you, share their wisdom with you.

REmember this is just as new to them as it is to us. Have those conversations about what you would like to create as your reality, your service, and then *listen* to what Source and your Higher levels have to say about it. Pushing for a certain outcome may cause disharmony and frustration. Be in love with your ascension, and try not to dominate it with external opinions, thoughts or influence. Speak with the truth of the universe within; it is deeply profound and unique to your journey.

I hold all of us in the light and love of this sacred time. Share your experiences as we begin to walk through these portals and embody our true selves. Wayshowing is not about I told you so, it’s about walking ahead to show others it is safe to be in a state of love, honor and respect for all that is.

I AM in love with Ascension. Unity consciousness is just as it is labeled: Unity. All of you, all of me, all of Source, all at once. Magnificent.

This mission runs on love, light and your support. If my work is assisting your journey, please make a donation.

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About Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.

2 comments on “November Gateways and the 11/11/12 Events

  1. Hi Sandra.
    Liked your video where that girl came out of no where to sit with you on the mountain.
    Anyway my next question comes from a left brain logical perspective because it seems that’s all I’ve got, since I don’t necessarily feel anything. I shape my beliefs by bouncing them off everything I read. It seems that 95% of the ascension information out there doesn’t believe in a split option between 4th and 5th dimension like you speak of. Only a few like George Kavassilas, Free Spirit, Magenta Pixie, and you speak of 5D ascension option for those who align with it. Majority of radio casts, forums, and articles equate the 2012 shift with just an increase in mental / spiritual consciousness, with no speak or belief in physical ascension to 5D. My own belief is that: yes, the collective consciousness is elevating (or ascending), yes, the planetary vibratory energies are elevating / increasing, hence the reason we’re seeing more escalation of tensions (to get all the karmic drama out on the table to deal with it). I believe Dec 2012 alignment ends karmic time, and opens the door with christ-consciousness in order for us to more freely create and manifest. I believe this baseline 3D plane of existence for humanity will reach 50% into 4D on 21 Dec 2012, and then be 100% in 4D by 21 March, 2013. This baseline dimension of existence will then see the slow crumble of control structures and implementation of a new economy, new releases of technology, crystal power energy technology, new medical technology and healing arts. Sounds pretty good. But I further believe: with the help of solar flares in Jan, Feb, March 2013 will trigger some of those who are ready, to physically ascend into 5D. I believe in 5D, there is no economy of money, no technology (because we can instantly create / manifest), no medical or healing industry (because no one comes down with illness).
    Most information I gather seem to define the alignment & shift (or ascension) as only embodying higher consciousness (mental / spiritual) in this 3D/4D baseline dimension of existence.
    I acknowledge people like you, Free Spirit, and George Kavassilas have gone through vesica pisces portals to gather a glimpse of higher (5D) realms to share.
    Why is there so little talk (from 95% of internet based ascension information) of physical ascension into the 5th Dimension ?

  2. Blessings Brian,

    I’ve been discussing this in my course. The dimensional split provides both options for our experience: 4D and 5D. We’re already in low 4D and will move completely into 4D beginning in December (21st). It will take a year to even out the freakiness and rise to a full 4D expression. After all, it is what we know as dream state at the moment. No linear time, a mish-mosh of different expressions, folks experiencing the impact of their own creations.

    5D Gaia already exists, it is up to the individual to make the jump/walk through to her new expression. Eventually the 4D Earth will unite with 5D Gaia; it may take 3 years, 100 years, who knows. 4D is not the 1000 years of peace or the New Eden in my perspective; it is a stepping stone because we were so trapped in nonsense during our 3D days. The 4D-5D merge depends on the collective ability to awaken and embrace a new level of consciousness, it is exactly like merging with our Higher Self. Most folks don’t even know what that is, how could they welcome it forth?

    The 4D expression is an act of mercy; we were supposed to go straight to 5D, but the collective was not ready for it and embraced the old paradigm as reality. Too much fear, waiting, doubt, emotional issues, ego-mind constructs. Most of the population would have been lost (died) in a 5D jump. That’s not the point of this miraculous opportunity to ascend in the body vehicle. So we have options; embrace and activate crystalline consciousness slowly in 4D or walk through if prepared to 5D. There will probably be some embodiment-then-walk-through going on; folks fully activated in their expanded state, then gone when their journey/service is complete in 4D. Depends on how prepared you are for the 12-12-12 trigger.

    In love, light and service,

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