The Next Age artist

What is the first thing you think of when someone mentions “New Age” in a conversation? Meditating hippies? Crystals and incense? Spacey music and inspirational quotes? Getting past these stereotypes can be challenging if you’re involved in the consciousness movement (another term that brings resistance) or an artist (more labels). I’ve never been comfortable with […]

The art of tolerance

The media had a heyday with this year’s anniversary of 9-11. Somehow the pastor of a small church in Florida became their primary agenda and the news spread far and wide, igniting old fears that burned brighter than the possibility of a holy book in flames. As with any of these stories that gain too […]

The creativity dilemma: breaking the habit of low-energy thought

An epidemic is occurring in our country; creativity is on the decline and battling for its survival. Cuts in funding for the arts, standardization in schools, and modifications in our national priorities have caused creativity to be at an all-time low. Europe saw this decline and made immediate amends to try and improve the situation, […]

Conscious creativity for the Shift

I changed the tagline on my banner after a wake-up tweet from Hugh MacLeod about the lameness of the term “empowerment.” He was kind enough to sympathize with my struggle for the elusive all-encapsulating term. “Conscious creativity for the Shift” defines my mission; allow me to share a few details about the shift. What is […]

You are not your fears.

Fear is an obsessive monster. Fear warps the mind with a sense of weakness. Fear sustains a feeling of powerlessness and enforces self-protection. Fear devours more and more of your mind, disconnecting you from perspective, compassion and higher thoughts. Fear keeps you in an incessant loop of righteousness to protect you from illusionary evils. Fear […]

Je ne regrette rien

In the volume of stories about unexplored dreams, Grey Gardens serves well as a cautionary tale. The public fascination with the bizarre life path of the Beales is legendary. The 1975 documentary of a mother and daughter living in their decaying East Hampton home is both curious and heartbreaking. The made for TV film (which […]

What’s draining my power?

On a hot and humid Sunday afternoon in Chicago two weeks ago, there was a loud explosion behind our apartment building. BOOM! and the electricity went off. My boyfriend and I laughed and joked about the air conditioners in the city – that they had finally done it; maxed out the ComEd power grid. For […]

Recognizing your personal evolution

Evolutionary cycles are similar to spirals; ever-expanding coils of progression. Each level of our cyclical path does not return us to the same point where we began, but loops us into the next phase of development. I like this image, and it mimics the spiral pattern found in living matter. The ever-expanding spiral of evolution […]

Meditation and creativity

My relationship with meditation has been a lengthy affair. I’ve experimented with styles, read books about different methods, and listened to guided recordings. Recently I had a revelation that has (finally) made meditation part of my daily routine. When I look back at the intensely creative times of my life; when ideas, synchronicities and opportunities […]

This Saturday: Worldwide Intention for the Gulf

It appears we are making progress in the Gulf of Mexico. The baby step of cap-testing began this week. If it holds, and the relief well works, we are finally going to see the leak stopped. Next step: the massive cleanup and recovery of the Gulf. The healing – and the political and global movement […]