The Equinox to Equinox Ascension Gateway

Welcome dear Tribe of Light to the Ascension Gateway! I know that folks are experiencing some new phenomena along with personal challenges this month, so in the interests of clarity, let’s dig in to the Light Intelligence presenting right now. Equinox The Equinox is a glimpse of balance prior to shifting into something new. REmember […]

Ascension Integration News, Events and Support for your journey

Blessings as we enter the Ascension Gateway! There is a LOT coming together as we approach the Equinox-to-Equinox Ascension Gateway this weekend. Be diligent about preparations and honor this unique window of evolution with the highest expression of love and light you can create. I will be walking everyone through this amazing transformation as my […]

Blessings as we prepare for the Gateway

The energy amplifications of the 9/9 had many an awakened one plunging back into the depths of density for a few days. I myself had a very bizarre week colored by euphoric moments of bliss, last looks at old constructs of my identity, brief encounters with absolute zero point, massive downloads of light intel packets, […]

Amplifications and Gateway Markers

We felt it coming on in August; the big ascension speed-up. What an amazing acceleration we are experiencing this week. Wowza! Since the Blue Moon I AM absolutely flying with this energy amplification. The Light Intelligence of Unconditional Love is shining from every particle of my beingness! It’s as if Mama Gaia suddenly floored the […]

Portals and Gateways and Surrender. Oh my …

There are many folks confused about their journey or encountering blocks in their path. That is a common issue in the Shift, but it’s tough to witness folks resist doing something about it. Beautiful people are within an arm’s reach of freedom, but they delay, procrastinate, resist, and let the ego/mind/emotions steer them off the […]

Feeling Source: No interpreters, less filters.

Despite the heavy wildfire smoke blowing in from all directions now, I spent a night on the mountain last week. I wanted to have a conversation with my higher levels about worthiness and gateways; if there was something specific that had to be accomplished or if some were pre-selected for walking through. My Higher Self […]

Upcoming online event: Emotional Clearing

Emotional Clearing – opening your DNA and Subconscious to the Ascension process REPLAY NO LONGER AVAILABLE – now part of The Ascension eCourse Emotional deities, entities and constructs create beliefs which stay trapped in your subconscious. This keeps the carbon-based structure of your DNA locked in density (3D/low 4D). Judgment, repressed emotion, hurt, anger, blame, […]

August Newsletter: Mastery, Revelations, Updates …

Stepping into Mastery I AM full of joy and gratitude for the transition which many of us have made this Summer. Crystalline consciousness activations are popping up all over, and I love the gorgeous emails saying, “I MADE IT! I AM HERE!” This stage is so beautiful to me, and this new frequency of LOVE […]

Olympian games: discernment under pressure

There is a channeling which surfaced last week on Cosmic Vision News and Steve Beckow’s site which reports that an ET landing will occur during the Olympics next Saturday August 4. It’s a long conversation, but the basic idea is that the planet has to be cleaned up in time for her ascension to the […]

A message of gratitude…

Mastery brings freedom from external influence of emotion, ego and mind constructs. Those lower level deities are not you, they were collective agreements which assisted in surviving the dark illusions and survival during our journeys here. That time is over, and the shadow of 3D/low4D which the external continues to play out in the collective […]