Why use the Creator State?

paper hangingReason #1

There is enough mediocrity in the arts and entertainment world. Show us the real thing! Good art is contagious; spread a killer outbreak of brilliance!

Reason #2

You have a unique interpretation to share with the world. You don’t know who your work will affect; art is mystical in this way. You cannot spend time trying to create for the “right” people or audience. Your soul is the right audience. The key is to trust that the universe will work through us for the greater good. And the more artists we have out there creating for the greater good, the stronger our impact will be on the future.

Reason #3

Creativity can be a powerful tool. New possibilities are being revealed for the power of creative thought. This is a time of transformation. You can
see the rapid changes happening in the world. You can help create a better future with your art. Sound too ambitious? Maybe for the average
citizen, but you are an artist. Set your doubts aside and feel the change vibrating in your life.

This is part of a series from the free ebook How to find your Creator State