Walking through the Gateways

I AM filled with joy to announce the opportunity for Gatekeepers to begin test-walking through the gates is upon us.

This morning I had an incredible experience and am still a bit in the higher realms, so I’ll be as clear as I can be at the moment. Obviously, I AM excited to share this right away with you.

Session the night before

Last night I had a private session with a dear siSTAR who needed guidance on the current lightserver dynamic of being presented with kharmic flotsam which she thought she had cleared long ago. Many of us have had this, and I explained that construct and what to do about it. During the session, I clarified intel about Gaia and Gaia’s higher dimensional expressions which divided from her lower expression in August 2011. My intel (that’s clairaudience/claircognizance – the hearing/knowing) described the consciousness which has stepped in to maintain Gaia’s 3D/4D form as she ascends to higher expressions. In this perspective, Gaia’s true consciousness is focused on her 5D/6D level – and beyond – but the merging with the Higher Self that we experienced in July this year had already occurred for Gaia. It makes sense that she would go first and provide that experience for us, thank you dear Mother.

We discussed the role of gridwork in this session; whether the emotional states have anything to do with transmuting Gaia’s lower energies. I haven’t been on the clearing out 3D/4D Earth team for a while. Since the clearing phase earlier in 2012, I decided to drop that duty and asked Gaia if I could move on to bring things IN rather than transmuting the lower energies OUT of her body. Free will is honored, she is a perfect Mother, and so it is. This brought me into alignment with her higher expression – what I consider the New Earth – the 5D/6D expression of Gaia. This allowed for work on the crystalline grid, the bridge between her expressions until her ascension is complete. Thank you, dear lightservers, for not dumping your lower level junk into the crystalline grid. Bind it off the planet and through the Sun, please.

When I look at the brave consciousness which has stepped in to maintain/transform Gaia’s lower expressions, I sense the different energy at the helm; someone else is at the control panel. It’s loving, wonderful, and has a different signature than beloved Gaia. I do sense the overlap or overlighting of Gaia, although until last night I didn’t consciously sense that she may all of her focus on her higher levels now. Again, this makes sense. She is the platform for our experiences, and if we are going to the New Earth in our meditations, that means she is already providing that reality in a strong way. If you want to serve as a conduit for transmutation of lower level energies, the consciousness at the helm is happy to use you for that. You don’t have to do that unless you desire that role in the Shift.

Connecting to the Gateway

This morning I began my day by expanding my consciousness, welcoming in the highest orders of light and my entourage who are my constant companions during this journey. Such gratitude for their assistance, thank you dear brethren. I grounded/connected my heart center (appears like a crystalline geometry these days) to the crystalline heart of 5D/6D Gaia. Whether or not the numbers are correct was a non-issue; I intended 5D/6d and beyond so there were no limitations. I felt her welcoming the connection, and a new level of experience began to unfold.

Many guides and higher realm beings gathered. I was honored to feel this, and sensed something new was about to occur. My third eye portal grew huge, disappeared as I went through it. Then a Vesica Piscis presented; you may REmember my experience with this back in 2011 when I was shown my own Ascension. Magenta, gold, white, diamond light are common when I get close to a portal like this. Today was mostly magenta, which I associate with 5D.  I was infused with a high frequency of light and the Vesica Piscis grew closer, clearer. I knew what it was – the gateway/portal/stargate I had seen for the last 2 years. Intel flowed into my awareness: the moment of here it is, this is really happening now.

I continued to move toward the portal and as it grew closer; there was a vague circular eye-like image in the center. That came and went; I had to focus as I moved into it. Everything I had heard, seen, journeyed toward in regard to being a dimensional liaison and concierge to the 5D Gaia was converging in this moment. As I moved through where the rings overlapped, it opened into a huge vision of giant gates opening up. The gates I dreamed of over and over were right there, only much larger, much more grand, the pearlescent crystalline gates of the metaphors and tales of heavenly gates. They opened for me without effort; they were already parting when I moved through the Vesica Piscis. I sensed a crowd of beings welcoming me, then a flood of intel rushed through me:

I AM a Gatekeeper. I AM a dimensional liaison and concierge to the New Earth. This has been co-created due to my pure intention to serve, to show, to walk through in order to assist. This is available now to all true Gatekeepers who co-create with the highest order of light and integrity. Much more will unfold, and quickly; welcome to the unfoldment of all you have co-created between worlds.

The particles of my beingness expanded into this higher realm; I felt like my heart center was everything. The moment I was aware of that hugeness, I sensed my body – then focused on the expansion again. I knew this was an initiation, a glimpse into what it was going to be like from now on. My mind tried to penetrate this realm and sounded like a far-off voice, a memory. I thanked it and held the state of expansion. Then I was overwhelmed with gratitude. To walk through the gates! To feel and sense the new! To fully realize my role and mission! The absence of ego and emotions! To see and experience all that I AM in the right here, right now, without the veils! I thanked everyone in my entourage, thank you, thank you, thank you, dear brethren.

I heard I must return but will carry this energy with me. No more closing portals between my higher and lower realms before returning to the denser planes. No more sealing up, detaching, coming back into the body fully and completely grounded. Enough of that; we have the capacity to hold BOTH worlds now simultaneously, and need the practice.

I sensed all of this it is due to the 10-10 amplification, and the pure intention to experience as much as possible during this Ascension process. I wept with joy, gratitude and overwhelming realization as I opened my eyes, still seeing the sparkles and light beams as I integrated.

Holding both worlds

Gatekeepers walk through to experience the new, the unknown. We open the gates, share what is on the other side, and hold them open for initiates who desire to serve the higher light. Whether it means we will or won’t disappear into the higher frequency this year, next year, or by 2015 is not important. For the moment, my experience is holding a path of light between worlds and serving as a liaison. How quickly or intensely this new aspect of my mission manifests is unknown. I sense it is going to be fast, expansive and beautiful. Lovely that this step presented with 69 days to go until the 12-21 December 21 marker. The Magic is Real.

This mission runs on love, light and your support. If my work is assisting your journey, please make a donation. Blessings and gratitude for your contribution to New Paradigm endeavors.

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About Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.

8 comments on “Walking through the Gateways

  1. Sandra, thanks so much for sharing this experience with us and describing it in detail. I know the higher energy is there for us now and some of us are ready to make a first pass at traversing the bridge to 5D.

    After reading your post, last night I dreamt I was poised to leap into a swimming pool from some kind of diving platform, and I was scared. I was told there would be “two trial runs” for those ready to make the leap now. And I had an audience of Higher Beings watching me!

    It’s gratifying to know that “the time is now.”

    Sandra, I wonder how you dealt with any fear of leaving “yourself” behind which may have felt like DYING in your lower levels, in order to completely surrender to the Light. Or was there any fear at all??

    Lots of Light,


  2. Blessings Thelma,

    Ah, the leap dream! A few of my clients have had that challenge – making the jump into the new paradigm, leaving what doesn’t fit anymore behind. Standing on the edge of the cliff and wavering between Jump, I know it’s amazing and all will be fine and I can’t see if anything or anyone is going to catch me if I jump. This is a good topic for a video, I will create that next week. Love the higher beings watching you aspect; yes, we have a BIG audience for this leap!

    Dreams are quite real; it’s a bit of a mish-mosh of metaphors in 4D dreamstate, but that shows us how creative we truly are (and wise).

    The fear is all in the lower levels, and the training of them has been consistent work. They do think they are going to be left behind, but they are not the true self, just entities/deities/constructs running in 3D. I reached a state of no fear over the Summer. Mostly it is about being conscious with our lower levels, teaching the body to follow the Higher self, not the emotions/ego/mind. Check out the free lower level contract and posts from earlier this year on this site. Specific fears can be cleared with a session or two; I AM grateful to provide this service for those who are stuck in fears/beliefs (same thing).

    The gateway experience feels like birth; nothing like dying or, oddly enough, leaving the body. It feels like a massive expansion: listen to my show on multidimensional consciousness for details on that state. The body can freak out at first because it is a new experience, but comforting our body consciousness through the weirdness as it presents is very helpful.

    In love, light and service,

  3. Thanks, Sandra, for the reassurance and helpful advice. I dug out my copy of your post of 17 Jan. “Retraining the Lower Levels” and am now printing out my contract with Ego, Mind and Emotional Levels (3 Feb. 2012). As you mentioned in the latter post, this is a survival instinct!

    I don’t believe I have any specific fears beyond my survival instinct but that can be very strong. I’m so glad you’ve given us tools to deal with it.

    My ego still wants me to get on with my “creative work” (writing stories) but this whole ascension process has taken precedence. And, really, what could be more creative than our own spiritual evolution now???

    Wishing you continued Light,


  4. Hi again Sandra,
    I love your work. Your news and work; I resonate most closely with. I thank you super deeply. I too, feel a deep down smile from my soul essence, and feel a certain degree of confidence, yet uncertainty of time (“when”), even though in all truth, there really is no time anyway; but I speak of ‘time’ in our 3D world -sense. Should I be concerned if my mind and body feels absolutely nothing? -feels no vibrational change, feels no increase/ intensity. It’s wierd because my confidence mostly comes from wayshowers (like you), and the good news they disseminate. Well, I do eat less now, stare at the sun more, ground my feet on earth more, and try to relax and connect to earth, sun, and inner/higher self. I think I’m on the right track. I’d love to get a glimpse or peek through a portal/gateway/doorway into 5D Gaia, to pacify my 3D mind. But my higher mind keeps saying “patience.” I feel no emotional hang-ups, blockages, or karmic problems at all. I think and feel like ‘just me’ and free. I hear from “Free Spirit” that he expects waves of ascensions in Feb & March. Thanks again. Oh, since you’re in a hightened state of vibration, can you like send me a beam of that good stuff to give me a taste, thanks; lol 🙂

  5. Blessings Brian,

    My interaction with Source back in February – and since then – has consistently been about co-creating a new experience for HUmanity, for those who desired it, to get a glimpse at 5D and beyond. I saw the main issue with ascension was the invisible staircase aspect – many won’t go up because they don’t see anything there in 3D/low 4D to ascend *to*

    This co-creation involves stargate portals within me and between dimensions. It has unfolded throughout the year under the words *dimensional liaison* and *concierge to the the 5D Earth* This means I AM a Gatekeeper, one who opens the gate when the initiates are ready, and shows them around. How quickly that occurs is up to many factors, including the collective consciousness, Gaia herself, and the ascension tribe. Cosmic timing is also involved, but we’re speeding through these last days and it is powerful.

    Don’t worry about your vibration or sensations. It isn’t the ascension olympics! Whatever is your choice is your choice. There is no judgment on this journey; it’s simply the empowerment to experience whatever it is you truly desire without ego, emotional states, or the chatter of the mind.

    I agree that out-of-3D/4D reality Ascensions will be occurring; that should be a very interesting – and difficult – phase for HUmans on Earth. As a guide, all I can do is prepare myself as best I can, share what presents, and set up services for what I sense may happen.

    Thank you for your donation, I truoly appreciate your support and enthusiasm. I’ll send you some light via your higher levels tonight oxoxox

    In love and light,

  6. I hear you, siSTAR. Novel #2 has dissolved, my easel has had the same untouched blue canvas for months, all of the light intel isn’t getting posted … and all is well. Surrender to the now, it’s very exciting!

    I keep a light-grounding journal with all of the creative ideas and inspiration. This way it is available for the collective to use, or myself later on. It grounds it into this realm so that it gets created or at least fuels another creation through someone else. Just little notes, sketches, anything – no matter how big, small or difficult to create. The amount of creative ideas is incredible during ascension. I have sketches of 5D tree leaves, poems, ideas for new paradigm services …

    I’m going to connect this with timeline work in the course – very fun to play with manifesting in this new energy.

    In radiance,

  7. Thank you, Sandra. This post really hit home for me. On Saturday, the 13th I was doing my typical session of ‘translating’, where I write the messages my teachers on the other side are sharing with me, when my guides stepped in and delivered a message that began with these sentences: “We are so proud of you! You have come through the gates! Your new life begins now.” I really had no idea what this reference to “the gates” meant. I have been feeling a nudge since yesterday to visit your site and so I did this morning and saw your post about ‘walking through the gateways’–beautiful! I’m still not sure exactly what’s going on, but I know it’s powerful and I know it’s beautiful. Thank you for helping me understand my own process and being the voice of confirmation and validation! I am grateful for you and your work.

    In Love & Gratitude,

  8. Blessings Heather,

    I know many of us have had dreams and messages about walking through the gates in the last few years. That makes this latest experience even more profound – to be greeted by the beings who have guided me and feel that absolute purity, true ascension, is magnificent. Such overwhelming gratitude! It seems that this is practice for upcoming all-the-way walking through; a complete merge with my higher expression. How soon that will occur is unknown. I AM going to write about being presented with 5D Ascension after the Advanced course is up and running next week.

    In love, light and service,

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